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While restoring Canterlot's stained glass windows to their original glory, Discord reveals the reasons behind his betrayal to Celestia.

Takes place between "Twilight's Kingdom" and "The Cutie Map."

*Feedback is strongly recommended.

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Okay. To be honest, I kinda had to stop myself from reading this,
my fellow writer.
Discord here was just way to OOC here, my friend.
Do you really believe that Discord would hunker down to
his knees and beg to Celestia? Please,
rewatch all the episodes that has had Discord in it
and ask yourself "Would Discord really do this?" okay,

Otherwise, great story. :3

Thank you.

Comment posted by twilightsparkle3562 deleted Mar 10th, 2015

5718008 I took that bit out for you.

5718577 Oh, thank you. I will read it as soon as I start get to writing my own rewrite for a story of mine.

twilightsparkle3562, this was a truly nice idea! I enjoy how hard Discord is trying to make up for in his mistakes in this! Great job writing this!

Stand in shadow.
Revel in glory.
Suffer together.
Fall alone.

Which will you pick?

Of course power, it is greater than friendship. I mean, without even looking at anything else, let's look at direct comparisons:
Power destroys friendship. That act also benefits you.
Friendships destroy power. Unfortunately, it's yours. That's bad for you, and it fails to destroy its enemy.
Power: 1, Friendship: 0.

Comment posted by XxxDead EndxxX deleted May 17th, 2015

It definitely seems that Discord is out of character here.
This story also got me thinking of how Tirek was offering Discord a sort of friendship which is ironic because he clearly despised the idea of friendship to begin with.
What did Discord think he was offering? Trust? Loyalty? Sharing their found power? That all sounds like friendship to me.


The only explanation for his actions that I see fit is a sort of compromise were the two would quickly go there own way after. Discord would be free from any restraints and would at least be certain of what he was doing.
But It really wasn't a very smart choice in the end as I mentioned above.

Sorry, I must have been tried or something because I thought I read the title as "Windows Repair"

There are no repairs once you reach this: fixedbyvonnie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/windows-blue-screen-of-death-pfn_list_corrupt.jpg

Discord is very much out of character here. Discord can turn invisible. Discord can teleport. Discord is a god. He doesn't need to pretend to be a guard, to go wherever he wants to go, and sneak past Luna. He's kind of a jerk. And he's not very chaotic in this at all. Whenever discord is around something crazy happens. Something absolutely bizarre and twisted and insane. In EVERY episode. Without it, I just can't see this being Discord. And he doesn't do anything with his chaos magic other than fix a window? And then cry about it?

But, Celestia didn’t respond right away and instead looked up at the melted window. A small tear came into her eye as she stared up at the window. To her, this window was more just than a depiction of Twilight’s ascension, this was representing the most important moment in Celestia’s life since she reunited with Luna after she was freed of her Nightmare Moon persona.

There are, in fact, other ways to describe a window. Imho, it shows a lack of creativity to repeatedly use the same word in such a short amount of time. I would change it to, "Stared in pain at the panes" or "Peered through the glass" or anything other than window, window, window, window.

I understand Discord is restoring pictures and this is supposed to be an emotional scene, but you're kinda over doing it with the emotional inner monologue. Discord, at his core, is 'good' but his attitude represents him as a haughty jerk. He's sarcastic, witty, and a narcissist. He probably has those emotions that you depicted, but (I doubt) he wouldn't start crying at the sight of a window, or grovel to Princess Luna.

Imagine you are looking over an anthill. You are bored. There is nothing to do for miles around. You are looking down at the ants watching them toddling about though their little tunnels going about their daily tasks and chores. You, as a human, are unto a god to them. Whatever it is you want to do to them, you can. If you want to send burning fire from the sky (A magnifying glass) You can. A flood? (handful of water) You can. Earth quake? No problem. Blow some wind on them to create a hurricane. But after a while, you get tired. It's no fun just killing ants over and over and over again. Instead, you decide to start screwing around with them. You add little passages to the tunnels here and there. You block off open doorways and pick up ants and put them into other rooms so they're super confused. This is much more fun, then say instantly murdering all these other ants. You do not care about them. They do not understand your emotions, and you could care less about theirs. They're ants, after all. Pointless, little wiggling, tiny, ants. Worthless. Imagine that, and then write Discord.

Discord had dodged a bullet with Equestria’s elite and promised to continue to be a better friend to all the inhabitants of Equestria, no matter how hard it takes.

You mean "how long it takes.

6131311 KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!:flutterrage:

I actually never understood the reason for discord’s betrayal.

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