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This story is a sequel to New beginnings: High School

After Graduating college in Fillydelphia Button has opened his own game company EPA (Electronic Pony Arts), Prokun had skipped college but visited his fiancé Dinky and Friend Sweetie Belle in Baltimare University when he does have a tour. Crimson Sun had Twilight turn him into a Pegasus so he can live with Snowdrop in Cloudsdale and also live next to Scootaloo and Rumble. Art made by Moonlight Ki

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like i said in my PM.

it's reading time.

Good start! Is any of the planet ponies going to be in here?

Comment posted by Mr mustash deleted Mar 9th, 2015

time is the greatest troll of all. don't you agree? :duck::trollestia:

Wow already one dislike! Hater gonna hate'

5715376 okay! I can't get on it right now though...

5715394 oh good i was running out of targets on my bucket list.

5715456 oh ya know the targets, on the list, for the ponies, that p**s me off

5715491 oh... Oh! I'm actually glad I made Silver nice now the problem is Diamond...

so we have had .1 .2 .3. deaths in this timeline so far? dang.

good chapter.

Wow... mating... is the new baby's name a reference to a footaballer? Just asking?

5998367 Just a hunch... oh my tail is twitching... watch out something's gonna fall!!!

6495718 I'm kinda going to re write this part and connect it with the Next Generations Saga

no offense but, what country are you from? cause, again no offense, the names are kinda weird? yaya? lilo? I my country yaya is considered a girl's name

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