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It's been a very, very long time since that first time Twilight Sparkle first stepped foot into Ponyville. It's been almost as long since the day of her wedding; a day nopony saw coming. The part they saw coming less than that was that the lucky "stallion" was Rainbow Dash, of all ponies. Of course, they lived the happiest lives they could possibly live together. But what happens when that life ends?

Twilight Sparkle is dead. Rainbow Dash has had this fact pounded into her skull over and over again, and on the day of her funeral it can't be denied any longer. As all her friends' attempts to console her go awry, the widow Dash is forced to confront the hole left gaping in her life with Twilight's absence. As Dash's thoughts spiral downward further and further towards the unthinkable, Applejack leads a last effort to re-kindle the spirit of her old rival.

(Image taken from primedawg9170 on Ponibooru)

So, uh, yeah! This is my first pony fic, ever. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Pretty good first chapter. I'll track this to see where it goes.

In your summary, 'It's been even longer since the day of her wedding'; this implies she married Dash BEFORE going to Ponyville :l
In that case, this would be AU.

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Not perfect technically, but quite good. Good atmospheric/mood work.

At first I was all :fluttershysad: but then at the end i was all :raritydespair:

This Story is well written, im an tracking to see what happens

at least they live a full life.:fluttercry:
the ones where they are young are the worst.


I... I don't know how I missed that. :rainbowhuh:

Fixed it now.

:fluttercry: wahhhhh poor dashie. :*( will track 2 c where it goes

I'm tracking, but that... is sad. I need to stop reading these sadfics before I become depressed. I;m gonna lift the mood-

:unsuresweetie:what are you up to rainbow?

so clearly the author is a fan of the Fluttershy X Caramel.

if i had the pic i would post it.

and to the actual story:
interesting...i will watch and continue.:trixieshiftright:

572381 Is FluttershyxCaramel a popular pairing? I didn't know at all :derpyderp1:

I just went looking through the stallion lists and Caramel seemed like an okay choice. I'm actually VERY new to this fandom beyond the show itself, I am unfamiliar with these shipping intricacies.

Ooh rainbow's in luv!! I do love a good story, Pracca you have. Good story going here,

Can i call supporter #2?

great chapter

That is all:moustache:

Oh well done! Bravo! I like that ending especially, very well written. I'm looking forward to more!

Oh Rainbow Dash, you are a crafty piece of work. Well done once again, and looking forward to more.

TSUNDERE!:pinkiecrazy: Oh Celestia... There is no kill like overkill.

"as Twilight Sparkle clamped a hoof over each of their mouths"

One ... two ... three ... so she was balanced on one hoof while shushing all three of the CMC with the others? That's impressive! :derpytongue2:

597286 Precisely the image I had in mind, actually. Impressive... yet impossibly stupid.

I've gotta ask (before reading this), how in the hay are you writing this so fast? Presumably you wrote it all and are just doing final reviews before posting? If this is basically off-hand writing, you must be some kind of wizard. I actually feel a bit ashamed at how godawfully slow I am :rainbowlaugh:

604463 I update chapter by chapter as I write it. So what is posted right now is all I've written. I DO have a plot summary that I've written to the end, and it itself is about ten pages hand-written. But that's subject to change on my whim.

That said, I do lack an editor so that probably cuts out normal time as I just do a single run-through before I post, correcting my various mistakes, usually involving person-->pony grammar. And as I have about as much pride as the theoretical child of Fluttershy and Piglet, it's not like I'm writing anything particularly amazing either.



I think my brain just melted. The notion that somebody could write something of this quality at this rate is almost incomprehensible. I agonize over every paragraph, it takes me months to write just a few thousand words. I am humbled by your talent.

Dawww the story about how they got together is amazing:rainbowkiss:

"Sorry Applejac, but" → "Sorry Applejack, but"

Sound's good, I can't wait to read it once I have some time.:twilightsmile:

This story can only be described as epic.

604606 It ees fixed.

And wow, I guess I should probably thank everybody! I didn't think this many people would like this thing!

That was some damn brilliant writing and the execution of this narrative is brilliant. Excuse me, I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

604491 You're writing something..beautiful to me in least, everypony is at that old age. RD just lost a true love to fate or something else.

Don't put yourself down :ajsmug:

So yeah, this one's kinda short. Hopefully not too unpolished. I'm not quite so happy with the last half, and I'd intended some flashback to be added onto the end of this chapter, but I wanted to get this out now to claim I did something, as I'm gonna be out of state for a week. So no updates from now until the Saturday after this one.

Also hope you guys are OK with the inclusion of OC family ponies I put all of five seconds consideration into.

Amazing nevertheless, keep it up Pracca :)

I'd be kinda surprised if you didn't have OC family ponies given the age of the Mane 6 :twilightsmile:

And yikes! :twilightoops: Fluttershy's Stare..... poor Rainbow never stood a chance.

Every time I think you can't mess with my emotions any more than you already have, this story surprises me. I honestly expected RD to haul off and smack Fluttershy around. Glad you took the high road.

amazing, you got Fluttershy's and Dash's relationship exactly how i picture it. and i cant wait to find out what happened to Twi and Rainbow's daughter.

609353 well your a whole lot better at names than i am, i have a tendency to just go "to hell with it he's called 'Unnamed pony 1' and noponys gonna tell me different"

Now I got yet ANOTHER fic to follow :twilightangry2:

...what am I whining about? :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome fic, looking forward to more!

Gawd, this is so sad. Well, time to keep reading!

Phew. Back from Florida for about four hours now, and whipped this up since then. Feels kinda shaky to me, it's been a whole week since I wrote anything so I'm going to try and get back into the swing of it.


Must think of name

Doctor Jack: Rubbish

Applewhooves: BRILLIANT

*Ponders the Applewho match-up scenario for a good 5 min.*
Its quite good for a 4 hour time frame, nicely done.

:fluttercry:SOMBODY just hug rainbow tight ok, that's all she needs.

I would take a guess and it is Scootaloo.

That's new... This could be a great idea a spin-off after end of Even Rainbows Fade.

Really sad but sweet. Love the atmosphere.


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