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Tyler was a fairly average Pokémon trainer from Hoenn. All he really wanted was to explore, battle, and grow stronger. But all of that is interrupted when Arceus escapes his ancient prison and brings him, his team, and many other inhabitants of his planet to Equus.
Now, with the help of Fancypants, a rich noblepony, and Valerie, an unique Poison-type eeveelution, he must face a variety of challenges with help from his friends, new and old, as he learns to live with his new body, in this brand new world.

Based in the "A New World, A New Way" verse, by ZeusDemigod131

Cover art by VotedDerpyCauseMuffins

Chapters (19)
Comments ( 101 )

I promise to give this a look in the morning.

Well then read it tomorrow I don't need to know yo business

Not too bad so far.

Chapter 1 was good. It moved at just the right pace while not revealing too much of his past too soon.

Too bad Zeus doesn't allow fake pokemon, this is really good.

Actually I'm working with him a little on this (mostly with Thadius0) so there may be a crossover some time in the FAR future

5717725 cool. I'm doing the alternate universe thing so I could fit her in somewhere.

Good story so far.
There is only one thing I don't like is the death of the pony at the end of ch 3.
If the pony was just bedridden for a time then got better sometime after by a Pokémon that be better.

The effect wouldn't have been as strong then, and the important plot development wouldn't happen later on

great chapter as usual
keep up the good work

5717725 Maybe we'll get a real poison type Eeveelution like Valerie someday!

great chapter as usual
....Valerie will be great help dealng with the great mighty Smooze...won't she?

nice story so far, and i love that you have a new pokemon in your fic
i never thought i would see one in any of these
though the not knowing about pizza thing kinda threw me off since they should know about that

5815797 whatever, I'm going off of Thadius's canon, and in that canon the Griffin that Mary works with didn't know what pizza was, along with all of the ponies it's mentioned too. The mlp universe doesn't always make sense and as such we must sometimes omit things from the canon we attempt to piece together

now i wanna see what would happen if she met Angela from my fic
she's an absol who ended up killing her brothers and sister

5823719 I wouldn't be adverse to a crossover in the future

5823734 well if your characters will still be in canterlot come day 47...

5823851 I have no idea what the timeline is on here. Iv'e been trying to piece it together, help would be appreciated.

5824381 you might want to talk with ausbrony about that
he has the other story taking place in canterlot
but i do know the leader's summit takes place on day 14-16 and the wedding on day 17 followed by the gala on the 18th day
other than that, i can't be that much of a help. i'm sorry :fluttershyouch:

Needs moar grass types :trollestia:

5824478 Derpy, your story is so freaking long like seriously how do you even read all the side fics while continuously pumping out chapters. Are you a god!?


5831412 No, but i can make really convincing cat noises in real life!


cult...of...helix? 0_0

In case you don't get the reference just look up twitch plays pokemon on wikepedia.

oh, i understand the reference..i just wasn't expecting it..

Expect the onyx-pected[img]

Well that image didn't work

maybe a link would work better?

For those wondering, my POV won't be up until later. Because lazy me does not write fast >_>

Still, this was pretty fun. AND ALSO

Dis gunna be gud

I somewhat think the pace was a bit fast and that fancy pants reacted a bit too calmly but I'm okay with it so far :pinkiehappy:

Meh, too lazy now

Part of the definition of being noble is being nonreactive, thus the group on the periodic table

5876490 Nah m8. Of all the potential ships that aint one that's gonna sail. There are others, some with characters that haven't even been introduced.

Hmm... Maybe I was too hasty. Ill wait and read on then :twilightsheepish:
Still though i.imgur.com/EDknjbt.gif

What? Do you think I’ll just leave Pockets and Valerie to investigate whatever that was by themselves? As much as you hate the idea, I’m his sister, and I’m also Pockets’ Pokémon.

I think that should be her brother instead. Other then that good Chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Heh, woops. Guess that's what you get for writing with a guy who's first language isn't english at one am

i'm glad you love the cover art i made you
but, i do want to point out

Cover art by VotedDerpyCuzMuffins

is actually Votederpycausemufins (1 d, 1 f, cause not cuz)
and if you want to, just call me causemufins :twilightsmile:
can't wait for the next chapter


Arceus! Please send Uxie to give that Omastar and the other cultists a good mind scrub. Though, in the case of that Omastar, check if it HAS a mind to begin with.

That Omastar, if Arceus ever finds out....

Scratch that, if Seth finds out this is going on in his city. Well, I hope 'God' has lightning insurance~

Arceus: OKAY! Someone want to explain to me how that got to Equus!?

*several Legendaries shrug*

No? Fine. Then I'm going to go vaporize some heretics.

5833651 Actually Fancy acted out as he should considering what little canon and ALL but a few stories we have

Poor Tyler, there are some people that life simply hates

Your portrayal of Fancy, SO matches all I know of him

Huh, now that you mention it there really ISNT much info on fancy is there?

too bad the pigiot's minions werent behind him when he spilled the metaphorical beans....
finding out that years of your life have been a lie...well..that can't be nice...

Most of the stronger guys at the end were in on it and helped make helix and the others believe that he has a slew of powers that aren't normal.

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