• Published 7th Mar 2015
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My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still - Thunderwing250

A mysterious Alicorn of Unknown Origin threatens the very safety of Equestria. Join Twilight & her friends on this perilous journey to uncover Equestria's darkest secret kept from its inhabitants before it falls to the Bronco of Conquest.

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Chapter 3: The Alicorn and the Archivist

Twilight looked out the window, as meteors continued to crash to the ground, creating explosions and making craters in the ground. The worst part though, apple trees caught fire, burning one by one throughout the orchard.

After a few minutes, the meteor showers subsided, leaving nothing but devastation behind. And that, unfortunately, was just the beginning.

Twilight and her friends began slowly investigated the area around the farm, as well as the sky, signaling an all clear from the front of the house. Without warning, a loud bang was heard from behind the house. Quickly, they ran to see one meteor blink as it pierced the ground. Pinkie Pie hopped over to the rock and became wide-eyed with glee as the rock crystallized itself. Turning a bright orange, Pinkie Pie made silly faces to watch her own reflection on the crystal's sides. Rarity, impressed by the crystal, walked over to it. Getting closer and closer, the crystal flashed, firing an electric pulse towards Pinkie Pie and Rarity, throwing them backwards with incredible force. Stunned by the crystal's power, a beam fired vertically up into the dark sky. Within seconds, the sky lit up brightly as a giant fireball slowly descended to the planet’s surface.


In Canterlot, both Celestia and Luna witnessed the beam and saw, from a long distance, the great fireball. The object crashed, creating a mushroom cloud and a sound so loud it shook the planet's surface. It cracked windows, shattered glass, and knocked small objects off the shelves. Princess Celestia turned to a royal guard.

“Send out an alert to all guard posts, and if any of them saw where it landed, inform them to send a regiment out to investigate it,” she commanded.

The royal guard complied and quickly ran to his duty. Luna squinted.

Why do I have this feeling that someone caused this meteor shower, she thought to herself.

“Is there something wrong, Luna?” Celestia asked.

“Oh. It’s nothing, Celestia,” Luna quickly replied.

Celestia raised her eyebrow.

“Luna?” she responded with curiosity.

“This is very odd, sister. I just can’t figure it out. What must we do?” she said with a sigh.

“I don’t know. I fear for the worst, but we must project our subjects at all costs,” Celestia responded.

There was a long silence between the two sisters. Soon, a royal guard charged in, breathing heavily.

“Your Majesties! I have news! Guards are about to investigate the meteor, they need your permission to proceed?” he reported.

“Yes. They may proceed,” Celestia replied.

The royal guard bowed and immediately ran to the signal tower, as the guards lit up each tower through Equestria.

Down south, the leader of the regiment witnessed the signal and proceed towards the crash site. As they slowly crept up towards the crash site, fire spread rapidly trapping the regiment inside. In panic, each one tried to use their magic to break free, but to no avail. As the fire got worse, smoke began to cloud their vision.

Suddenly, something passed each and every one of them, knocking them off their hooves and slamming them to the ground with incredible power. Cries and screams were heard as the mysterious object flew at indescribable speed. Nearby, several guards at the communications post, just under the signal tower, heard the commotion and began to prepare for the unexpected. Though the danger gave them pause, one guard was ordered to send out an emergency message to Canterlot, alerting about the mysterious object attacking them.

As the sounds of terror subsided, silence fell, leaving guards shaking at the knees. Within seconds, hoof steps were heard on the roof, slow and heavy. They stopped, then bang, the mysterious figure dropped through the roof, slamming guards against walls, doors, and furniture. Scared to death, one guard flew through the door and ran as fast as he could with the letter to Canterlot.

Lightning struck in front of him, leaving the guard surrounded in flames. Crouching down in fear, a mysterious figure walked towards him slowly. However, due to the smoke, vision was at minimal, making it difficult to identify the creature. A hoof stepped down heavily in front of the guard’s face. From what he saw, the creature had a strong and powerful armor with lining that glowed orange as bright as the sun. He also noticed that the creature was tall, taller than the Princesses themselves. He watched as it lowered its head from the thick smoke. Shocked by its appearance, he realized quickly that it was an Alicorn, but a very unusual Alicorn he had never seen before. Its bright orange eyes glared at him.

“Are you afraid?” the Alicorn asked with a deep, echoing male voice.

The guard was too frightened to respond. The Alicorn’s eyes brightened up like fire.

“Good!” he responded, before disappearing before the guard’s very eyes.

The creature's wind speed threw the guard nearly half a mile away from the site.

Cloaked by the smoke, the Alicorn aimed for the planet’s oceans, absorbing the water and creating atmospheric clouds, covering the planet. In doing so, thunder and lightning rumbled throughout world, causing its citizens of all kinds to erupt into chaos.

As Twilight and her friends watched from below, they realized that this was no ordinary storm. Something else was coming, and he was not in a good mood.

Smoke began to fade as did the flames, subsiding from the destroyed area. Awakening a few seconds later, the guard soon realized the creature left nothing but rubble and dirt. However, not only did he feel relieved that he survived, he felt deeply frightened. Frightened that this creature of unknown origin was on a brink of destroying everything. Injured, limping, he slowly made his way back to Canterlot.

There, the Princesses watched as the clouds began to thicken and the sky darkened, covering the Sun and Moon. Sensing danger, Princess Celestia summoned the weather captains to maintain and disperse the clouds.

While they attempted to remove the clouds, lightning struck uncontrollably and naturally, causing the weather captains to back away from the clouds. It was if the clouds had minds of their own and that it was only nature that was controlling it. After a few minutes of planning, the captains charged, full force towards the clouds, until a bright, reddish colored, electrical beam flashed in a bolt of lightning, striking them and causing them to fall from the sky.

Quickly, the royal guards swooped in and caught the injured captains to bring them safely to the ground. Medics hurried to the scene. Determining the cause and after effects of the electrical shock, the doctors looked up to the royal guards.

“Let’s take them to the hospital. Quickly!” One of the doctors said.

Above in the castle, Celestia and Luna watched as the weather captains were carried away. They knew now that this was no ordinary storm. Something was out there, but what?

They took flight, hoping to pass through the clouds. Yet, that all changed as soon as another powerful beam, struck down towards them, which they dodged safely. They halted their advance as the skies continued to darken. Instead, they took a safe route by flying over Canterlot, alerting their subjects to seek shelter and avoid being outside at all costs. As they flew over, Luna began to wonder. She started to think twice about what they were doing, for it was a Royal Guards' duty to alert their subjects, not for Princesses to do it themselves, for their duty was to defend their subjects.

By the time both Princesses returned to the castle, they were surprised to find a mysterious unicorn stood in the throne room. Guards rushed in to protect their Princesses from this mysterious figure.

“Halt! Identify yourself!” One of the guards yelled.

The unicorn walked into the light, revealing her face, with freckles on her cheeks. Her skin was gray and pale, her hair was white, and wore glasses. She almost looked like a Librarian, to the ponies.

“Forgive me, Princesses for barging in. Since your guards demand my identity, I am known as the Archivist. I have come to you to bring news about this phenomenon, yet, I am not able to speak the whole truth, for it is against the ancient laws,” the Archivist said.

The guards felt uneasy by her sudden appearance, yet wondered about her name. Celestia and Luna began to think about this unicorn, wondering if she has a possible explanation to the strange events. However, doubt clouded Celestia's mind. How could this unicorn be The Archivist? She had never heard of such a pony existing in real life, only in old Pony's tales. Celestia stepped forward.

“The Archivist is nothing but fiction and this is no time to come here telling us while we are in the middle of a catastrophe, that you know the issue and yet cannot tell us the whole truth. And if this is some sort of a treasonous act, I ask you to leave this castle,” she replied with suspicion.

The Archivist stepped forward. At that same time, she studied Celestia and Luna, realizing something was wrong.

“You don’t know, do you?” she said.

Luna walked alongside her sister, frowning.

“Don’t know what? I command you to say what you need to say. This is no game!” she yelled out.

There was a silence. Fearing that this unicorn maybe involved in a treasonous plot, Celestia turned to her guards.

“Arrest her, hold her on trespassing and suspected treason,” she ordered.

The guards walked to the unicorn, pointing their spears as they lead her away. Before leaving the room, The Archivist stopped and turned to the Princesses.

“I warn you, Princesses. With your lack of knowledge will come with a heavy paid price! A price that will cost you your own throne,” she said.

Luna stomped her hoof to the floor, cracking the surrounding tiles.

“Get this unicorn out of our throne room,” she yelled out.

Even though Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thought of this imposter as a possible traitor, they recorded her words as a warning. The sisters looked at one another in curiosity.

“Do you think the Gryphon Kingdom is behind this?” Luna asked.

Celestia squinted to the sky.

“I don’t know, but we are going to get to the bottom of this,” she whispered.

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