• Published 6th Mar 2015
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The Cherry Job - A Dazzlings' Story - xoxPinkiePiexox

After being humiliated, the Dazzlings go in a search for a new talent and a new identity, but can they be successful in starting a new life?

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Beneath the Cherry Trees

Sonata sat outside staring at the cherry trees. As she slowly started to doze off, Ms. Jubilee came and sat beside her. "Are you alright?"

"Not really. My friends are acting strange. I just don't get it," Sonata said, "We came here to change. At first they seemed to like the idea but ever since earlier, they started acting strange."

"Why would you ever want to change in the first place dear?" Ms. Jubilee asked.

"People don't really like us, so we thought we should try to be different."

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks," Ms. Jubilee added. Sonata started to get confused.

"We aren't old! And what does a dog have to do with anything?" Sonata asked. Ms. Jubilee laughed.

"It means you can't change a someone's personality." Ms. Jubilee said. Sonata jumped up.

"That's it!" Sonata yelled, "We shouldn't try to change who we are. We should just be ourselves!" Sonata thought for a moment. "But if we be ourselves nobody will like us."

"But does that really matter?" Ms. Jubilee asked. Sonata though for a moment again.

"We don't wan't everyone to hate us."

"I am pretty sure nobody hates you," Ms. Jubilee said reassuringly.

"But they do! We've done pretty bad things in the past," Sonata said. As she thought again she came up with an idea. "What if we did something to make people see our good side." Sonata thought.

Sonata jumped up and took off towards the barn. "Thank you Ms. Jubilee!" she yelled.

Sonata ran eagerly to the room where the three were staying. In the newspaper where she found the want ad she also found an article on Sugar Cube Corner that stated 'Sugar Cube Corner is raising money for renovations'. Once Sonata crawled in her bed she stared at the ceiling wondering if her idea would ever work. Adagio and Aria were already asleep. Five minutes later Sonata was sound asleep confident in her idea.

Author's Note:

This is mainly supposed to tell how Sonata gets an idea to change their image. I hope I got the point across. I also hope you enjoy it. Sorry the chapter is a little short though. :twilightblush:

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