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A Dazzling Reformation - Thunder Roller

The Dazzlings run into hard times and gets help from someone unexpected.

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Five Nights at Pinkie's: Night 3

Once again, The Dazzlings, Pinkie, and Sunset were in Pinkie's bedroom. But, there was an addition to the group now. Mr. Feathers was perched inside his cage, on top of Pinkie's night stand.

Adagio was hand-feeding Mr. Feathers some nuts when Pinkie spoke up, as usual.

"I have a super duper fun idea!" Pinkie said as she bounced in place, holding something behind her back.

"Not another makeover." Aria groaned. "I really don't feel like having that crap all over my face again."

"Nooooo-." Pinkie said. "Not a makeover, silly!" Pinkie then moved her hands to her front, revealing an empty, glass bottle. "We should play, Spin The Bottle!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Sunset said, holding her hands up defensively. "We're in a room full of girls, and frankly, I like guys."

"Not that version of Spin The Bottle." Pinkie giggled. "The truth or dare version!"

Aria shrugged. "I'm willing to experiment."

Adagio stared at Aria with cooing eyes. "Well then, you can kiss Sonata when it comes to your turn."

"Truth or Dare version it is!" Aria said, quickly taking a spot on the floor.

The rest of the girls also took a seat on the floor, making a small circle. Adagio even put Mr. Feathers next to her, just to make things more interesting. Aria raised an eyebrow at Mr. Feathers.

"Really?" Aria asked. "The bird is going to join us?"

"He is a very intelligent bird!" Adagio defended. "I'm sure he knows enough words to play."

"I doubt it."

Mr. Feather's squawked. "Shut up, Pigtails!"

"You shut up, you Rainboom Reject!" Aria retorted.

"Go kiss Taco Breath!"

"Save that dare for later!" Pinkie told Mr. Feathers, giggling.

"Don't give him any ideas!" Aria yelled.

"Woo hoo!" Mr. Feathers cheered.

"Ugh! I can't believe I'm arguing with a bird!"

"A very smart bird!" Sonata pointed out.

After a few giggles from everyone at Aria's expense, Pinkie wiped a tear out of her eye and placed the bottle in the middle.

"All right, I'll go first." Pinkie said, spinning the bottle. The Bottle spun in a circle three times, and stopped, pointing at Sunset Shimmer. "Okay, Sunshine, Truth or Dare!"

"Well, I guess I wanna play it safe." Sunset said, before nodding. "Truth."

"Boring!" Sonata said before booing.

"Hold on, I'll make it interesting." Pinkie said, smiling. "Sunset, who do you think about in your private moments, alone?"

Sunset's face immediately turned as red as a cherry, but she tried to keep her composure. Everyone leaned in toward her, making her lean back slightly. Even Mr. Feathers was leaning closer, his head sticking out of his cage.

"Tw..." The rest of her answer was inaudible.

"What was that?" Pinkie asked.

"Twilight Sparkle!" Mr. Feathers yelled out loud, mimicking Sunset's voice.

"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!" Pinkie Pie screamed, bouncing up and down.

"I thought you said you liked guys!" Sonata shouted, smiling ear to ear.

"I do!" Sunset said. "I just... just..."

"How did that even start?" Adagio asked, genuinely curious.

"Hey, one question per turn!" Sunset snapped, immediately regretting it.

"Oh, trust me. We'll find out." Adagio said, a smile creeping on her face.

"Its your turn to spin the bottle!" Pinkie told Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer hesitantly placed her hand on the bottle, and gave it a hard spin. For a moment, the bottle looked like a glass sphere, but eventually slowed down, and stopped on Adagio. She began to sweat heavily as her eyes darted around.

Sunset smiled sinisterly. "Truth, or Dare."

"I-I'm not scared!" Adagio stuttered, proving that she was lying. "D-dare!"

"Adagio Dazzle," Sunset began. "I dare you to go through the rest of the game, without a shirt or jacket on."

"I like that Dare!" Pinkie busted out, quickly covering her mouth.

"For some reason, I am not surprised." Aria said with a straight face.

Adagio ignored all of them. "Why do you want me to go topless?!"

"I never said Topless." Sunset pointed out. "I just said without a shirt and jacket."

Adagio took a deep breath, and walked into Pinkie's closet, shutting the door behind her. Every one watched the closet door, waiting for Adagio to come out. They could hear some rustling, but nothing else.

Moments later, the closet door slowly opened, and Adagio walked out. She had her shirt in one hand, and her jacket in the other. The only thing covering her chest, was a black, frilly bra.

Everyone stared at Adagio for a moment, shocked that she actually went through with the dare. Mr. Feathers whistled at Adagio, and everyone busted out in laughter.

"Mr. Feathers, hush!" Adagio snapped, only for Mr. Feathers to shake his head. "Whatever, this means its my turn, right?"

Pinkie nodded, but continued to laugh. Adagio set her shirt and jacket on the ground, and sat in her previous seat. She took the bottle, and spun it hard.

The bottle spun countless times, before slowing down, and pointing in between Pinkie and Sonata, and to the door where Maud was standing.

"You left your door open." Maud said in her monotone voice. "I could hear you in the kitchen."

"Sorry about that, Maud." Pinkie said. "We were just playing Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare version! Wanna join? The Bottle landed on you!"

Maud took a few steps into the room, and observed the bottle, which had indeed stopped in her direction. Maud shrugged.


Maud then sat down where the bottle was pointing, and looked up at Adagio. Before she could say anything, Adagio spoke the question.

"Truth or Dare!"

Maud blinked. "Dare."

"Um... okay." Adagio said. "Uh, I dare you to come up with a joke."

Maud thought for a moment. "You."

The room exploded with laughter, and Adagio looked at the expressionless girl with anger. Maud didn't show any signs of fear, waited for the laughter do die down.

"That was a good one, Maud!" Pinkie said, patting her sister on the back. "Now, spin the bottle."

Maud nodded, and did as her sister said. The bottle spun for a few moments, before landing on Aria. Aria just simply shrugged.

"Truth or Dare?" Maud asked.

"Meh, Dare." Aria said.

"Kiss Sonata," Maud said, not missing a beat. "On the lips."

Aria's eyes grew as big as dinner plates, and look at Sonata's. Sonata smiled, and winked at Aria, who's cheeks blushed red. She swallowed hard, and leaned over to Sonata.

She slightly puckered her lips as Sonata did the same. Slowly, she leaned closer and closer, until their lips made full contact. Aria tried to immediately pull away, but Sonata grabbed her by her shirt, and held her in place.

Her eyes darted to everyone who was watching, begging for help. But they were too shocked to do anything, except for Maud, who continued to show no emotion. After a few moments, Sonata finally let her go.

Mr. Feathers Squawked. "Hot! Hot!"

"That was..." Sunset Shimmer said, blushing. "Interesting."

Pinkie shrugged. "It needed some tongue action."

"I give it a seven out of ten." Adagio said, smiling seductively.

"I liked Sonata's spirit, but Aria was a little dull." Maud pointed out.

"Says the human rock!" Aria retorted. "Now, its my turn to spin."

Aria spun the bottle, watching with intent. The bottle slowed its pace, before stopping at Mr. Feathers, who squawked in shock.

"Uh Oh!" Mr. Feathers Squawked.

"Mr. Feathers," Aria said, smiling at the nervous bird. "Truth Or Dare."

"Errrr. Truth!" Mr. Feathers said, not wanting to do anything embarrassing.

"Why do you like Adagio so much?" Aria asked. "I mean, why do you really like Adagio?"

"Uh..." Mr. Feathers looked at Adagio, who watched him with interest. "She's really sexy."

Adagio blushed, and everyone erupted in laughter, expect for Maud, who half-heartedly chuckled.

"Well, that explains a lot!" Sunset laughed. "This isn't a part of your truth, but why don't you like Aria?"

"Grumpy Bitch!" Mr. Feathers squawked.

"I get that, but there has to be more than that."

"Turn off." Mr. Feathers said before whistling, and lowering himself on his perch.

Everyone laughed again, except for Aria, who's face lit up red in anger.

"I'm not a turn off!" Aria snapped at Mr. Feathers.

"My turn!" Mr. Feathers said, before looking at Adagio, expectantly.

"Sure." Adagio said, putting her hand on the bottle.

The bottle spun around a couple of times, and stopped at Sonata.

"Truth or Dare?" Mr. Feathers asked, squawking.

"Um... Truth?" Sonata said, shrugging.

"Lesbian?" Mr. Feathers asked, tilting his head slightly.

Sonata blushed, as she looked around the room. She felt the back of her neck growing warm, and her nervousness only grew when she seen everyone staring at her, waiting for her answer. Mr. Feathers nearly lost his balance on his perch, due to him leaning too far.

"I... uh... actually like both." Sonata answered, turning her head away from everyone.

No one looked to be surprised.

"Meh." Pinkie said, shrugging. "So do I."

"Really?" Sonata asked, looking at Pinkie, a little more confidant.

"Yeah." Pinkie nodded. "I mean, its a little boring, liking just one sex."

"Totally!" Sonata agreed.

"Now, go ahead Sonni!" Pinkie said, pointing at the bottle.

Glad she wasn't alone, Sonata put her hand on the bottle, and confidently spun it. The bottle spun for a few moments, and stopped at Pinkie, who excitedly bounced where she sat.

"Pinkie, Truth or Dare?" Sonata asked.

"Hm..." Pinkie hummed, rubbing her chin. "Truth."

"Have you ever had a girlfriend, and if so, who?" Sonata asked, curious.

"Yeah, I used to have a girlfriend." Pinkie admitted, nodding her head. "Her name was Floating Surprise. We met in Manehattan a few years back while visiting some family.

"I met her in a Café, and we decided to keep in contact over the Internet. We eventually broke up sense we couldn't see each other enough. We still message each other every now and then."

"Aw, thats so sweet!" Sonata said, hugging herself. "Well, except for the break up."

"Its all right." Pinkie smiled. "She's still a good friend to talk too!"

"Thats great and all," Aria said with a yawn. "But its getting late."

"Yeah, it is." Maud agreed. "Boulder gets cranky if he doesn't get a good night's rest."

"Boulder?" Adagio asked.

"He's my pet rock." Maud informed before getting up, and leaving the room.

"We should get some sleep too." Pinkie said with a nod. "I'll get your sleeping bags."


The next day, The Dazzlings, Pinkie Pie, and Sunset Shimmer were standing outside of a two story house, painted white with blue curls, making it look like a cloud. Adagio was carrying Mr. Feathers in his cage, who was observing his surroundings. Pinkie bounced up to the front door, and knocked on it three times.

A few moments later, a Rainbow haired girl came to the door, wearing blue pajama bottoms and a white Tee shirt with red sleeves and a rainbow lightning bolt on her chest. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before looking at Pinkie.

"Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asked. "What are you doing here so early? Its not even noon."

"Because its your turn, silly!" Pinkie said as if it was obvious.

"My turn for what?"

"Like, the Dazzlings are good now, so I want all our friends to see them!"

"The... Dazzlings?"

Rainbow looked behind Pinkie, and seen the Dazzlings standing next to Sunset. She looked back at Pinkie with a serious expression.

"Pinkie, this is a serious question." Rainbow said, and Pinkie nodded. "Have they sang to you?"

"Oh, Dashie." Pinkie said, wrapping one arm around Rainbow's neck. "They can't sing any more, remember? Besides, their magic didn't work on us!"

"I just want to be safe." Rainbow said before removing Pinkie's arm. "Rarity told me that they were being reformed, but I'm not buying it."

"They've been staying at my house. They haven't done anything bad, and we've been having a lot of fun!"

"They've been staying at your house, and haven't done anything bad?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

"Well, Dagi did write on all our foreheads," Pinkie admitted. "But only as a small piece of revenge."

"We took away their ability to sing, and she writes on your forehead?"

"No, not because of that." Pinkie said, shaking her head.

"Then why?" Rainbow Dash asked, curious.

"I can't say."

"Why not?"

"I Pinkie Promised."


Rainbow threw her hands up in aggravation, walked in a small circle, and looked back at Pinkie.

"So, what do you want me to do?"

"Well, I was hoping we could hang out for a little while." Pinkie said, still in her happy mood. "So, can we come in?"

"Uh... You and Sunset can. I need to talk to the Dazzlings for a moment."

"Okie Dokie!"

Pinkie bounced into Rainbow's house, and Sunset followed. Rainbow closed the door behind them, and looked at The Dazzlings. Sonata had her hands behind her back, and was drawing circles in the dirt with her foot. Aria simply had her arms crossed, looking at Rainbow, and Adagio was playing with Mr. Feathers.

"Whats with the bird?" Rainbow asked.

Adagio looked at Rainbow, a little startled. "Uh... His name is Mr. Feathers."

"Mr. Feathers?" Rainbow asked. "Not exactly a name I would expect three villains to come up with."

"We're not evil any more!" Sonata complained. "Besides, he already had a name before Dagi adopted him."

"Now that makes more sense." Rainbow nodded. "Him already having the name, not you not being evil."

"Its true." Adagio said. "Sunset promised to help us if we gave up on being Sirens."

"Really?" Rainbow asked. "Thats it? Sunset promised to help you, and you stop being evil. Just like that?"

"We weren't given any other choice." Aria pointed out with a groan. "We got evicted, so we had to stay under a bridge for a couple of days. Under a freaking bridge for crying out loud!"

Rainbow flinched. "Well, I guess that would do it for me." Rainbow sighed. "Alright, come on in."

The Dazzlings followed Rainbow inside, and into her living room, where Pinkie and Sunset were waiting. Rainbow's indoor decorations weren't very fancy, but it wasn't dirty either. She had a white, wooden coffee table, a white sofa, white carpet, and white walls.

Everything seemed to be white inside her house, other than the pictures of her family, and a couple of Wondercolts posters on the walls. Rainbow sat down on the couch, and propped her feat up on the coffee table. She looked up at Pinkie, and shrugged her shoulders.

"So, what ya wanna do?" Rainbow asked. "We can play some video games, go out back and play some football, do some sick shreds on the guitar, or maybe shoot some darts."

"You know," Aria said, her attention caught at the mention of guitars. "I never got a good look at your guitar."

"Now you're talking my language!" Rainbow said, jumping off the couch.

Rainbow ran up the stairs, and soon came back down with a gloss blue Axe Electric Guitar. She held it up so Aria could see it, a smile on her face. Aria had the urge to grab the guitar to get a feel for it, but resisted so she wouldn't give a bad impression.

"You know, Aria plays the guitar." Sonata pointed out to Rainbow.

"Oh, really?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow with a confident smile. "I've got a spare guitar upstairs. If you can impress me, its yours."

"You have a spare guitar?" Pinkie asked. "Why didn't you use it instead of buying a new one?"

Rainbow shrugged. "Eh, it doesn't really fit my style. Thats why I used to play my Acoustic. I'll go upstairs and get it."

Rainbow laid her Axe Guitar down on the couch, and went upstairs. Moments later, she came back down, holding a slightly dusty, gloss black Spectrum Electric Guitar. She then handed Aria the guitar, who gladly took it.

"Its been a while since it was played," Rainbow said. "So you'll have to tune it. But before you do, let me get an Amplifier."

Aria nodded, and Rainbow walked to her living room closet. She opened it, and rolled out a small amplifier and some cords. She plugged the Amp into the wall, and hooked it up to the Spectrum Guitar before taking a step back.

Aria strummed each cord individually, and tuned each one that sounded off key. Once she was confident with their strings, she adjusted the knobs, and strummed it again. Once she done this, she knew she was ready.

She let her mind go blank as she let the pick strum against the cords at amazing speeds. It sounded like something that would be in a fighter jet battle scene. She then began to strum the cords even faster, her hand sliding up and down the neck, occasionally gliding the jack.

When she stopped, she looked up to see Rainbow, Pinkie, Sunset, and even Mr. Feather's mouth open. She smiled at this, and went back to playing. This time, it sounded like a heavy metal version of a western intro. Her strumming got faster, heavier, and more metal than thought possible for a single individual.

She finished with a strong, rough glide of the jack. She smiled, and looked back at Rainbow.

"How was that?" Aria asked, confidence plastered across her face.

"How did you do that?!" Rainbow asked, shocked by Aria's performance.

Aria shrugged. "I've been practising sense the early 80's."

Pinkie bounced in place. "THAT WAS SO AWESOME!"

"Why didn't you play the Guitar in the Battle of the Bands?!" Rainbow asked, slightly confused.

Aria scoffed. "Adagio wanted it to be a vocals band. Something to do with elegance or some crap like that."

Rainbow's eye twitched, but she let out a slow breath, and looked back at Aria. "Well, I guess you can have the guitar; I don't play it anyway."

"Thanks." Aria said. "I'll put it to good use."

"Just don't brainwash anyone with it." Rainbow teased. "And take that Amp with you. I've got, like, three others."

Aria nodded, and unplugged the Amp from her guitar and the wall. She rolled the cords up, and leaned the Guitar against it.

"You know," Pinkie said, turning Rainbow's attention to her. "Rarity will probably kill you if she finds out you had another guitar all this time."

"She's always about color coordination." Rainbow said, flopping her hands around. "That guitar is black, and I've got rainbow hair. I'll just say it clashed with my hair, and she'll stop arguing instantly."

"Funny thing is," Sunset said with a chuckle. "She's probably right."

"Of course I'm right!" Rainbow said, pointing her thumb at herself. "When am I ever wrong?" Pinkie and Sunset raised an eyebrow, causing Rainbow to chuckle sheepishly. "He he, okay, I can be wrong sometimes."

"No one is ever always right." Sunset pointed out. "Its only natural to make mistakes."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Rainbow said, rolling her eyes. "How about we play some Video Games before you guys have to go. I've got some killer multiplayer games!"


After a few hours of constant Video Games and a quick lunch, The Dazzlings, Pinkie, and Sunset decided it would be best to start heading back to Pinkie's house. Rainbow waved them goodbye, showing her seal of approval of the three Ex-Villains. Aria had her new guitar strapped to her back, and pulled the amp behind her.

"That was pretty fun." Aria said, letting her grumpy attitude drop.

"See, we're not bad." Sunset said, giving Aria a light punch on the arm.

"All right, fine. You're not THAT bad..." Aria admitted. "Still pretty bad though."

"Oh, come on." Pinkie said, wrapping an arm around Aria. "You know you love us."

Aria pushed Pinkie's arm away. "No, I'm pretty sure I hate you."

"You looove us."

"Do not." Aria retorted.

"Do too." Pinkie said with a large smile.

Aria groaned. "Lets just get Night 4 over with."


Author's Note:

Alright, first of all, this was the guitar I imagined Rainbow giving Aria. The picture is too big to put on here, so here is a link to it: http://ashleyentertainmentcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/AIL-79V-S_A.jpg (Warning: If you have a slow computer, then this image will load slowly)

Also, this was the solo I imagined Aria playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZHddMFoEcg

If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.

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