• Published 4th Mar 2015
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A Dazzling Reformation - Thunder Roller

The Dazzlings run into hard times and gets help from someone unexpected.

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Five Nights at Pinkie's: Night 1

An hour or so later, all three Dazzlings had their showers, and was now wearing clothes from Pinkie's closet. It completely clashed with their natural looks, but at least they were wearing clean clothes that oddly smelt like candy. Adagio and Aria completely hated it, but Sonata seemed to not mind the outfit at all.

All three of the Dazzlings, plus Sunset and Pinkie, were downstairs in the living room. Pinkie was shaking excitedly were she stood, looking at the Dazzlings with a smile plastered across her face. Aria looked at Adagio with a worried look, who returned the same look.

"You know what would be really really really fun?!" Pinkie Pie asked.

"For you to sit still?" Aria suggested, knowing this wasn't the answer.


"Making a really big taco?" Sonata suggested, drooling a little at the thought.

"That would be fun, but no."

"I have a feeling I'm not going to like this." Adagio said, slouching a little.

"Probably not." Sunset agreed, chuckling slightly.

Pinkie Pie inhaled deeply, before yelling- "MAKEOVER!!!"

Aria gave a deadpan stare. "Yeah, how about, no."

"Oh, come on, your make-up washed off in the shower!" Pinkie Pie complained. "It'll be really fun, and a good way to build trust!"

"You mean building non-existent trust?" Adagio asked, putting one hand on her hip.

"Isn't that what I said?" Pinkie Pie asked, scratching her head.

Sunset then whispered in Adagio's ear. "Its Pinkie being Pinkie. Just drop it."

"I've applied my own make-up for years." Adagio said out loud. "I don't need someone to do it for me."

"It'll make you look more adorable~." Pinkie sang while pinching Adagio's cheek.

She then smacked Pinkie's hand away. "I don't need help with that."

"I think its a good idea!" Sonata said, bouncing slightly.

"Of course you would." Aria said with a roll of her eyes. "You are just, the worst."

"You are!" Sonata snapped back.

"I am!" Pinkie said, jumping between them.

"... What?" Sonata and Aria asked, confused.

"Pinkie being Pinkie," Sunset said. "Don't question it if you value your sanity."

"Sonata has no sanity." Aria said.

"I do too!" Sonata argued.

"Come on girls." Sunset said, stepping in before an argument could start. "We're here to try and have a good time. Just give it a try; You might like it."

"I know I will," Sonata said. "But these too might not."

"Ugh, fine." Aria said, throwing her hands in the air. "But no pictures, and no telling anyone."

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" Pinkie Pie Pinkie Promised, doing the appropriate hand movements.

"Uh... what?" Adagio asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Its the Pinkie Promise." Sunset said. "Its a promise Pinkie invented, which means if it is broken, it will end the friendship forever."

"FOREEVVVVEEEEERRRR!" Pinkie said creepily, eyeing the Dazzlings while pointing her index finger at each of them. "Now lets get started!"


A couple of hours later, the girls sat in Pinkie's bedroom floor, wearing make-up that looked more like face paint. Pinkie Pie looked like a clown with a curled moustache and a goatee. Adagio had lipstick all around her mouth, a fake tongue by her lips, eye-liner eyebrows on her forehead that made her look angry, a full moustache above her lips, and a goatee.

Sonata looked normal except for a blue lightning bolt under her left eye, which made her look like a rock star. Aria's make-up made her look more grumpy than normal, and Sunset had every color imaginable spread out across her face. Adagio looked at everyone in the room, giving them all death glares.

Everyone except for Aria and Adagio looked happy.

"You all have to sleep sometime." Adagio warned.

"So do yoooou." Pinkie Pie said, extending the 'O' in 'You'.

"Speaking of sleep." Sunset said, looking over at the clock. "Its half-past ten. We should probably call it a night."

"Aww." Pinkie Pie complained. "But we just started Spring Break!"

"Its Spring Break?" Aria asked. "Wow, you'll be surprised how fast time flies when you don't leave home often."

"What DID you girls do after the battle?" Sunset asked. "I mean, other than getting evicted."

Adagio sighed. "Well, first we retreated back to our Apartment. Then we spent months there, waiting for everyone to forget what happened. We only left to get food. I don't know why our Landlord didn't come to evict us sooner, but we just stayed."

"Maybe he travels a lot." Pinkie suggested. "So you just stayed at your apartment? That doesn't sound very fun."

"Yeah, it really wasn't." Aria agreed. "Have you ever heard of Cabin Fever?"

"Yeah." Pinkie said, nodding. "Its when someone stays at home for too long and gets really really grumpy."

"Well, we all became victims of Cabin Fever."

"Oh boy."

"On a happier subject!" Sunset chipped in, not wanting things to get too depressing. "Do you guys plan on returning to school soon?"

"And go back to everyone we put under our spell?" Adagio asked. "No thank you."

"Then what will you do?" Sunset asked. "Since you're normal girls like us, you should get an education so you can get jobs that pays a lot."

"We don't have a need for an education." Adagio said. "We've been in this world for a thousand years, remember?"

"Right. But in that time you used your magic to get what you want. Now, you don't have that magic. Why do you think I'm still in school, even after what I did?"

"True, but during those centuries, we've learned how to play many different instruments. In the early 1900's, I first learned how to play the Piano. Though, I've learned many other instruments, I still prefer the elegance of the Piano."

"Really?" Sunset asked, intrigued. "What about Aria and Sonata?"

"Aria also learned many instruments, but she couldn't find one that suited 'her style' until the early 80's, when she decided to learn the Electric Guitar. As for Sonata, she often plays the Violin, but she will occasionally go to the Piano for certain songs."

"So, you're going to make careers in music?" Sunset asked.

"That is the goal." Adagio said with a nod.

The conversation was interrupted with a loud yawning sound. They all shifted their gaze at Sonata, who was staring at them, eyes half lidded, before falling backwards. She was snoring before her head hit the floor.

"I... guess its time to go to sleep." Sunset said, a little surprised.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Pinkie agreed. "I've got some sleeping bags in my closet."


Later that night, Adagio laid in her sleeping bag, still awake. She and everyone else had already washed their 'make-up' off, even though they had to help Sonata as she was sleeping. She was still angry about how they made her look, so she knew she needed revenge, even if it was something small.

A way to get back at them, but how? She considered putting all their hands in a bowl of warm water, but then that would mean a messy clean-up. She even considered putting whip cream in their hands, and tickling their noses with a feather, but that would involve doing them one at a time, and it would wake them up, so that was out.

Then it hit her. She would write an embarrassing message on their foreheads, that way they would be as humiliated as her with the make-up. Smiling, she got out of her sleeping bag and sneaked over to Pinkie's backpack which was next to her bed.

Surely she would have something that would write on skin in there. She zipped open the first compartment, which was filled with many different writing tools. She first picked up a wooden pencil, and brushed it against the back of her hand.

Sure, it did cause a small dark brown streak, but it caused a small amount of pain, which would definitively wake them up. She put it back, and pulled out a black pen. She took the cap off, and brushed it next to the pencil mark.

It did cause a black streak, much more noticeable than the pencil, but it required pressure that would, again, wake them up. She grunted softly before putting the pen back. She then pulled out a black Sharpie, and pulled the cap off.

She lightly brushed it on the other side of the pencil mark, and a very noticeable black streak came out of it. She smiled, seeing she found her tool of revenge. She turned back to the sleeping girls, a sinister grin pastured on her face.


Early morning, the Dazzlings and Sunset woke up to the sound of giggling. Adagio sat up, and looked to Pinkie who was giggling at herself in the mirror. She instantly remembered what she had done last night.

"Whats going on?" Sonata asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Adagio got us." Pinkie said, giggling.

"What do you mean?" Aria asked, slightly confused.

"She wrote on our foreheads!" Pinkie busted out in laughter.

"Now, why would you assume it was me?" Adagio asked innocently.

"You're the only one without writing on your forehead." Pinkie pointed out, still smiling.


"What did she write?" Sunset asked.

"See for yourself!" Pinkie said, bouncing out of the way.

Sunset stood up and went to the mirror. She looked into it, seeing that the writing was backwards in the mirror, so she had to read it backwards. On her forehead, was written, 'The Sun is Shinning on my Butt'.

Sunset blushed brightly before turning to Adagio.

"Really, Adagio?" Sunset asked. "Really?"

"I couldn't think of anything else, okay?" Adagio admitted.

"So you wrote something about my butt?" Sunset said, smiling but still blushing. "I didn't know you liked it."

It was Adagio's turn to blush. "I- I don't!"

"Adagio and Sunset, sitting in a tree!~" Sonata began to sing in a flat tone. "K-I-S-"

"Sonata, if you finish that, I will literally, kill you." Adagio said, blushing madly.

"Lets change the subject here." Aria said with a grunt. "I really don't like this touchy-touchy crap."

"Well then, see what is written on your head." Pinkie said, pointing to the mirror excitedly.

Hesitantly, Aria stood up from her sleeping bag, and made her way to the mirror. She moved the bangs out of her forehead, and began to read the message backwards. Upon her forehead read: 'I love Sonata'.

Aria's face grew red, more out of anger than embarrassment. She spun around to glare at Adagio.

"Do you think this is funny?!" Aria asked, shouting.

"Correction: I find it hilarious." Adagio said, smiling without fear, her own embarrassment forgotten. "Sonata, your turn."

Not fearing anything, Sonata stood up from her sleeping bag and moved to the mirror. She moved her own bangs, and tried to read the message.

"I can't read it..." Sonata said, struggling. "I don't know how you did it, Adagio, but its backwards!"

"I'll read it for ya!" Pinkie said, turning Sonata to face her. "It says: I love Aria!"

Sonata's eyes grew wide. She quickly rushed over to Aria before giving her a tight hug.

"Were like, total lovers!" Sonata said, completely clueless to the meaning.

"No, no no no." Aria said, pulling away from Sonata. "I don't think thats a good idea."

"Aw, why not?"

"Yeah, Aria," Adagio cooed. "Why not? Trying to hide something?"

"No, I'm not trying to hide anything!" Aria shouted, blushing.

A knocking came to the Pinkie's bedroom door. Pinkie winced slightly before hesitantly opening the door. There stood a grey skinned girl with messy purple hair, wearing an oversized Tee Shirt.

"H- Hi Maud." Pinkie welcomed, smiling sheepishly.

"Pinkie, its not even six in the morning," Maud said, speaking in an emotionless tone. "And more noise is coming from your room than your weekly parties."

"Sorry Maud." Pinkie said, putting her arms behind her back. "I guess we got a little excited."

"Whats that on your forehead?" Maud asked, moving Pinkie's curly bangs out of the way and reading the message out loud. "I consume too much sugar." She huffed slightly. "Thats an understatement."

Maud let the bangs fall back into place before walking away. The Dazzlings stared at the doorway in shock, wondering what had just happened.

"What... was that?" Aria asked.

"That was my sister, Maud." Pinkie said, chuckling slightly. "Without her morning coffee. I probably should of warned you about her."

"She's your sister?" Sonata asked. "But she is like, so much different from you! She's the scariest thing I've ever seen!"

"She gets that a lot." Pinkie agreed. "But she's really sweet when you get to know her!"

"Sweet as what?" Aria asked. "A rock?"

"Rock Candy maybe." Pinkie suggested, unsure what else to say.

Adagio sighed. "I think I'll join her with the coffee."


Later that morning, The Dazzlings' clothes were clean and they had on their normal make-up. They stood outside of a rather elegant looking boutique, looking up at it questioningly. Adagio looked over at Sunset and Pinkie.

"Remind me why were here?" Adagio asked.

"Getting you new clothes, and to visit a friend!" Pinkie said excitingly.

"And which friend is this?"

"Her name is Rarity. She played the Guitar key!"

"You mean the Key-tar?" Sunset offered.

"Apples, oranges." Pinkie said with a shrug. "Their both fruit."

Sunset shook her head and opened the door to the boutique, causing a ring of a bell.

"Just one moment!" Rarity called from another room.

"Yeah, I remember this one." Aria said, unenthusiastically.

Moments later, Rarity came rushing into the main lobby with red glasses on her face, and a tape measure around her neck.

"Hello Darli-" Rarity said before cutting herself off at the sight of the Dazzlings. "Whoa Oh AH!"

"Rarity, before you say anything," Sunset said, trying to calm her down.

"Wha- wh- What are they doing here?!" Rarity asked, stuttering.

"Believe it or not, they're wanting to be reformed." Sunset said, trying to defend them.

"Hold on a second." Adagio said. "We're not WANTING to be reformed. We have no other choice."

"Not helping!" Sunset said through gritted teeth.

"And... What does this have to do with bringing them here?" Rarity asked.

"Well, we were hoping," Sunset began, rubbing the back of her head. "If you could make them new outfits?"

Rarity stared at the Dazzlings for a moment, thinking the offer. Of course, these were the three girls who turned what was supposed to be a Musical Showcase for Charity into a Battle of the Bands for popularity, but the offer was tempting. If these girls were really trying to become reformed, then it wouldn't hurt to offer her generosity.

Rarity nodded. "Very well, I shall do it. Follow me into the back room, and I shall begin."

Rarity lead the girls into the back room, and sat them down at a short row of chairs. She tapped her chin, observing the three girls. She kept their skin color, hair color, eye colors, and how they normally wore their clothes in mind while thinking of the outfits.

"Alright, Sonata, is it?" Rarity said, Sonata nodding her head in confirmation. "Good, come with me behind the curtain, and I will take your measurements."

"Why do we have to go behind the curtain?" Sonata asked.

"For Privacy, of course." Rarity said, taking Sonata by the hand.

Rarity lead Sonata behind a curtain that was on the other side of the room, and closed it behind her. She then turned to Sonata, and took the tape measure off her neck.

"Okay, Darling, please remove your jacket and skirt."

Sonata peeped in response. "Do I have too?"

"Of course, Darling, why are you so hesitant?"

"I'm... not used to that." Sonata said, rubbing the back of her head.

Rarity chuckled. "We're both girls here, I've seen it all before."

Sonata nodded before hesitantly taking off her jacket and skirt. She wore a pink Tee Shirt and blue and white stripped panties. She crossed her arms in a small attempt to cover herself, and Rarity took no notice to this.

"Please spread your legs." Rarity said, kneeling down. Sonata hesitated, but did as Rarity said.

The rest of the time, Rarity kept giving Sonata instructions for easier measurements. On the other side of the curtain, Pinkie and Sunset were chuckling, while Adagio and Aria were staring in the curtain's direction, wide eyed and blushing.

"Are we going to have to do that?" Aria asked, nervous.

"Yep!" Pinkie said, smiling widely. "You better be wearing something under those pants."

Sunset chuckled a bit more. "Don't worry, we've all been through it."

Adagio and Aria slowly turned their heads to Sunset, their eyes still wide.

"She's seen you..." Adagio said, a bit shocked.

"Oh, no no no." Sunset instantly defended. "Its just measurements. Besides, she always reuses the measurements when making new outfits for someone she's already measured. Sometimes she will take a few remeasures if a bit of time has passed, but nothing major."

"Oh, thank the creator." Adagio said, exhaling a breath she didn't know she was holding. "I was fearing we would have to go through this every time."

"Okay, you can put your clothes back on." They heard Rarity say.

"Was she...?" Aria asked, her mouth hanging open slightly.

"No, she wasn't." Sunset quickly corrected. "She just has people take off any baggy clothing, such as skirts, lose shirts, jogging pants, stuff like that.

"Next!" Rarity shouted from behind the curtain as Sonata was walking out, blushing harshly.


Many hours later, Rarity had all three of the Dazzlings' measurements, and created each of them a sketch of the clothes she was making. She even had the bases of their new outfits ready, and she was just making sure they fit snugly before adding any decorations. Currently, she had Sonata wearing the base of her new outfit, which was a pair of blue knee-high boots, casual blue jeans, and a purple jacket.

Rarity even gave Sonata a white tank top to wear underneath the jacket, sense her pink Tee Shirt clashed with the purple jacket. She observed Sonata, looking over the outfit.

"It looks nice, but its missing something." Rarity said, before an idea came to her head.

Rarity quickly rushed over to Sonata's other jacket, which was hanging loosely on one of the chairs. She grabbed it, and rushed over to her electric sewing machine. She never placed the jacket in the sewing machine, but she did something on the touch screen before looking back at Sonata.

"Sonata, dear, could you please take the jacket off for a moment?" Rarity asked.

Sonata complied, and handed the jacket to Rarity. She then placed the new jacket in the sewing machine, and went to work. A few minutes later, she made a satisfied sigh, and gave the jacket back to Sonata.

She put the jacket back on, and buttoned it back up. Then, Sonata observed the new design embroidered just below her right pocket. It was a heart, with an electric musical note on top.

"There, your outfit is complete." Rarity said with a satisfied smile. "What do you think, Darling?"

Sonata continued to look down at her outfit, her eyes beginning to water. She lifted her head to look at Rarity in the eyes. By the time she made full eye contact, tears were starting to stream down her face.

"Oh no, you don't like it, do you?" Rarity said, starting to get worried.

Sonata quickly wrapped her arms around Rarity's neck, pulling her into a tight embrace.

"I'm so sorry!" Sonata cried out loud.

"About what, Darling?" Rarity asked, slightly confused.

"I'm sorry for trying to make this world adore me!"

"Darling, darling," Rarity said, patting Sonata on the back. "Theres nothing wrong with wanting to be adored. You just went at it the wrong way, thats all."

"I'm Sorry!"

Sonata continued to cry, burying her face in Rarity's shoulder, while Rarity continued to try to comfort her.

"Over reaction much?" Aria mocked, rolling her eyes.

"She's feeling guilt!" Sunset snapped, trying to defend the crying Sonata. Sunset breathed deeply to calm herself. "I cried when I felt the guilt for what I did. I even cried more afterwards."

"Is this world filled with emotional people?" Aria asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll remind you that all four of us come from the same world." Sunset said, eyeing Aria.

"Whatever." Aria said, waving Sunset off. "I still think Sonata is too emotional."

Just then, Sonata's sobs came to a complete halt. She slowly pulled away from Rarity, who looked at her in complete shock. She then slowly turned her head to Aria, revealing her mascara running completely down her cheeks, a creepy smile across her face, and her bangs causing a dark shadow over her eyes.

"Oh, Aria~" Sonata said creepily. "You're the one saying I'm emotional, yet you were the one who told the others to go easy on me when we were doing the makeover." Aria's eyes got wide. "Yes, I heard that. Tonight, no one will save you from me~."

Aria leaned back in her chair as Sonata grew closer, her hips swaying as she walked. Sonata put her hands in Aria's lap, and leaned close to her face. Sonata's smile grew larger, and she locked her eyes with Aria's.

"You're mine now!" Sonata said, smiling evilly.

Sonata then stood straight quickly, and turned back to the others, her mascara no longer running, her bangs no longer causing a shadow, and her smile was more innocent.

"Thank you for the outfit, Rarity!"

"Uh... Darling?" Rarity said, a little scared. "What was that about?"

"What was what about?" Sonata asked, confused.

"You just got, like, really really creepy!" Pinkie said, just as scared as Rarity.

"I did?" Sonata asked. "I don't remember being creepy."

"What was the last thing you remembered?" Sunset asked, leaning back in her chair with an eyebrow raised.

"Um... I was hugging Rarity."

"And your not confused to how you're now standing in a completely different place?" Rarity asked, looking at the distance she walked.

Sonata looked around. "Huh, I am aren't I?" Sonata then shrugged. "Oh well."


Later that day, Aria and Adagio had their new outfits. Adagio had a light purple jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her forearms, a black tank top, a golden belt, ripped black pants that went down to her knees, black shoes with golden high heels, golden straps with a golden diamond on them, and grey socks that went up to just below her knees. Aria wore a dark purple shirt with its sleeves going down to her upper arm, a lighter shade of purple sleeveless vest, a black leather spiked bracelet, a black belt with a white, round belt buckle, her signature purple belt with a star and a musical note, black skinny jeans, black boots with two white straps, and dark red heels.

Everyone except for Rarity stood outside of the boutique. Sunset held a bag with the Dazzlings' old clothes in them, and the Dazzlings were looking at each other.

"Wow girls!" Pinkie said. "You all look hot!"

"I gotta admit," Adagio said. "That girl does know how to make clothes. In a good time as well."

"Yeah, Rarity takes her job seriously." Sunset agreed. "She's been practising for years, so its understandable that she could do this in such a short amount of time."

"I wasn't asking for details." Adagio said, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Oh... Sorry."

"Lets get back at my house, and we can get started on Night 2!" Pinkie said, bouncing excitedly.

"Pinkie Pie, you are so random." Sunset said with a slight chuckle.

"You gotta love it!" Sonata said, smiling at the same volume as Pinkie. She then began to hum a repetitive tune before singing in a flat tone. "We're really quite surprised, We get to see you another night-"

Author's Note:

Yes, yes, another person making the same "Five Nights at Pinkie's" pun. Originally, this chapter was going to be much, much longer than it is now. Lightning Bolt (My Co-Author and Brother) and I originally intended for this chapter to include all five nights, but we decided against it sense it would take too long to write and edit. Its not that we're lazy (Okay, maybe a little), its that we didn't want to leave you guys hanging for longer than necessary. So we're now going to make each chapter a separate night until Night 5.

Now onto the outfits: Sonata's was made by alexandru1208, Aria's was made by alexandru1208 as well, and Adagio's was made by kimpossiblelove, all from Deviant Art. Just Imagine Adagio without her pendent, and Aria with her pigtails. alexandru1208 and kimpossiblelove are excellent artists and I suggest you check them out.

The Lyrics Sonata was attempting to sing was from The Living Tombstone's Five Nights at Freddy's. Its a good song, and I suggest you check it out.

As always, if you notice any mistakes, please let me know and I will correct them.

(Also, we know Psychonata was pretty random, and the reasoning for this will be explained further in the story)

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