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Based in the "Reflections" Arc from the IDW Comics.

These are the origins and the everyday life of the Mane 6 AKA The Malcontent Mavericks.

Story by Godzillawolf
Idea and commissioned byGrimWolf

Chapters (7)
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Hmm, I would've thought that Godzillawolf would've uploaded this from his own account...

(In fact, I was worried for a second that you might have plagiarized it)


AJ, there's a reason there are almost no stories of you going crazy and mass-murdering people or taking over Equestria or what have you.
It's because you aren't a very smart pony.
Don't try to be evil. You're just sad at it.


Also, your accent is atrocious to read and your so-called villainy is a sad and pathetic cry for attention. Get therapy already.

5697959 I'll say this, the accent was intentionally a bit thick to show she was kind of forcing it.

Glad AJ's characterization got through though.


5697974 Yeah, figured it was something like that

I just realized something here: Those "Wanted" posters of Applejack, they're not put up by the guard or anything, they're put up by Granny Smith, aren't they? They're there to tell AJ she's "wanted" back home. I really liked the classy FlimFlam brothers here too.

I like the fact that the mirror Flim and Flam use the same fast-talking logic as justices that their main universe versions do as con ponies, only here they're more logical, and using their abilities of persuasion for good rather than evil.

Okay, let's see. Old grandma look, no one ever suspects a grandma. Maybe that's why Duchess Chrysalis looks like one?

If Changeling reproduction works the same way on both sides of the mirror (and I don't see why it wouldn't) then Duchess Chrysalis probably is a grandmother, and many-times-great-grandmother, to a degree which no other Kind of Pony could even hope to aspire. The big difference between the two Chrysalises is that the Queen from the main worldlines has adopted an extremely-predatory, and the Duchess from the MIrrorverse an extremly-symbiotic, way of relating to Ponykind and obtaining Love from them. All else follows from that, though obviously, the decision itself came from differences in their moral character to begin with.

6505744 Very glad that came across! that's what I was going for!

These are indeed these characters 'as they should have been'. IE, if they'd used their abilities for good.

I like the idea that the good version of Starlight Glimmer tries to elevate everypony to the highest expressions of their personal talents.

First Starlight Glimmer, now Sir Discord, what's next, Captain Goodguy?! What? No! He's not Sir Discord! Sir Discord wears glasses, Goodguy doesn't; and what knucklehead takes off the thing they need to see to fight crime?! He couldn't see! Besides, why would somepony like Captain Goodguy pretend to be a regular guy without superpowers? I know I wouldn't.

:rainbowlaugh: Works for Superman!

5697935 Truer words have never been spoken.

“Good, I also need to find a phone booth...because reasons.”

Six months later, Fluttershy wonders to herself... "What's a phone?"

Awesomely beautiful. You basically had Reflection Twilight go through Humanoid Twilight's story arc, only more intensely. You brought tears to my eyes at the end, too.

LOL! Love this chapter. Mirrorverse AJ acting as a Card Carrying Villain (albeit a pretty inept one) in order to try to stick it to her grandmother and big brother is both funny and explains a lot. :-D And the little inversion of the Mirrorverse Mac being a handsome and rich, but egotistical Casanova Wannabe who can't get a date off a calender is ALSO a nice touch. :-D

Anyway, great job on all the exchanges, emotional content and humor in all the right places. :-D

I have to say, you did a darn good job on this story as a whole. All the background stories are well-done (emotional enough where we can see where they were all coming from, but just humorous enough to avoid being too dark) and this one was no exception. Mirrorverse Twilight, in particular, had a background story where, yeah, you could definitely sympathize to some extent (trying to live up to near-impossible standards from an early age has to be rough). At the same time, however, it still makes it clear that her stubborn refusal to accept help, even when it's clear she needs it, is just as much to blame for her circumstances as anything else.

There's no shame in admitting when you need help. I mean, even Batman isn't smart enough to handle EVERYTHING on his own, nor is even Superman powerful enough to handle everything on his own.

Sorry about that. Got carried away for a second.

Anyway, great job on this last chapter. Not only are the exchanges, emotional content, action and humor all well done in all the right areas, it even leaves good material for a possible sequel (i.e. the mention of Empress Cadance). Anyway, as I said before; job well done. :-D

“I expected this from you,” Starlight told him, looking at him, her eyes and horn flashed for a moment. She sounded so...disappointed... “Ponies like you who look down on others need to examine themselves first. For example, your talent is martial arts, but you have no discipline. True martial artists never use that skill to harm the defenseless, or pursue a petty vendetta. You could be so much more.”

As a martial artist, I'm with her. I also REALLY like this version of Starlight, and kinda feel bad for Rainbow Dash. Crash, whatever.

“...I see...Repeat after me: you don't want to hurt this mare.”
He gulped. “I don't want to hurt this mare...”
“You want to go home and rethink your life.”
“I want to go home and rethink my life...”

“That's something you need to learn about me, Miss Crash: everypony is equal to me, they're ALL worth it. Now come along...we have much to discuss...”

That's, an interesting spin on Starlight's equality philosphy, I really like it.

“Rainbow, what happened to your eye?”
“Oh...I got some ponies mad at me...” she replied, covering her black eye. “I deserved it.”
“Do I need to do some talking to get them off your flank?”

Even here Fluttershy does care about Rainbow.

First Starlight Glimmer, now Sir Discord, what's next, Captain Goodguy?! What? No! He's not Sir Discord! Sir Discord wears glasses, Goodguy doesn't; and what knucklehead takes off the thing they need to see to fight crime?! He couldn't see! Besides, why would somepony like Captain Goodguy pretend to be a regular guy without superpowers? I know I wouldn't.


“We need to begin the mana restoration. Please do your duty.”


He gave a smirk that made me think I'd just somehow lost a chess match I didn't know I was playing. “So what indeed...huh?”

Even here, Discord is a chessmaster, and a damn good beneveolent one.

See, that's why I don't try to be worse. If I did stuff like this on purpose, I'd be on the most wanted list like that one eco-terrorist hippy.

Tree Hugger, is like Poison Ivy, oh god...

He rubs his head. “Sorry, comes with the territory. My PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS...” Yikes! He just grew like three times his size and fireworks are going off! Is that a plaid sun in his claw?! “...have a little bit of a mind of their own...”

Love this guy.

“I have absolutely no idea; that is rather weird...huh... but that's beside the point. The point is, my dear, for somepony as powerful as I am, what exactly could I expect in return for anything I do?”

He has a point, he can warp reality to his whim, if he so wished, he could be even worse than the Princesses, there's little anyone could offer him that he can't create himself.

Apparently they're now good guys, Sombra's corrupted to evil, and Lord Scorpan is back in Tartarus.

I kinda want fanart of Lord Scorpan now.

“I assure you, the accounts were greatly exaggerated, darling, do I look like a vandal to you?”


“Wait...your special talent is for getting a reaction out of others?”
“Why yes, darling. Isn't that what a lady is supposed to do?” I asked. And it's true.

Not exactly.

“Oh...well, as for me, I'm going to impress Sir Discord, King Tirek and the others with my mastery of science!” She exclaimed. Her machine gave off lightning behind her as she said that (she is pulling it in a wagon after all). “And then everypony will see it should be ME and not Trixie who deserves their respect and admiration! And if that doesn't work...” she looked at this lovely purple locket she was wearing around her neck. It even had a little pulsing light in the shape of a purple star.

Oh hell, that's the magic absorbing thing Sci-Twi had.

And my, my, my, this is such a big gathering! Oh, there's Al. E. Zotl! Though that old grandfather's outfit doesn't suit him at all. He needs something that would bring out those muscles of his. And maybe something orange to go with his blue, those two colors complement each other.

Ahuizotl, interesting.

Oh, Pinkamena's sister Maud Pie is doing the music! One of the greatest rock stars in Equestria after all! Oh, so many celebrities in the same place at the same time! Darn it, she's talking to an odd pony in a fedora and trench coat!

Maud, is a rock star. Hm. Hm.

You win. You win.

Oh! There's King Tirek! He's so majestic in that gold armor! But maybe he could be wearing some crimson, after all, it'd go with his skin tone so well! Too bad he's chatting with Sir Discord.

You know, red actually WOULD work pretty well on Tirek.

She rubbed her head. “Since Luna turned bad, Manehatten stopped being so dog eat dog and more 'try to stop being eaten by the evil Princesses.' Being all about yourself doesn't get you ahead when everypony else is looking for team players just to survive, m'kay? Being selfish isn't exactly seen as lady-like anymore you know.”


Huh? The Flim Flam Brothers?

This should be fun.

Wait, what just happened?

You got Flim Flammed.

Flam gave a smile of his own. “But let us say in this particular situation, the pony who got beat up broke into the first pony's home with the intent to rob it. And ended up in a confrontation with the first pony who owns the home. Resulting in them being beaten up?” he questioned. “By law, it is illegal to beat up another pony. But in the context, the extenuating circumstances change it from assault to self-defense, meaning the pony who broke into the home in the first place is at fault. Does that make sense, Miss Belle?”

I do like how they're using the same fast talk and smart thinking their canon counterparts use but for good.

“That rule is true,” Flam replied. Why did I feel like I was playing a chess game? “But what is your opinion on them being a water themed color?”

Well, Flim and Flam are like a good chess player, you have no clue what they're up to.

“That...that can happen?!”

Uh, yeah. All rules don't always apply at the same time.

Rules...can change?

Yeah, if they don't, they can become obsolete.

“...Why...why are you trying to be so kind to me? I did something against the law...”

They're judges, it's kinda their job to listen to the whole story.

Both gave a chuckle. “Because, Miss Belle, it is our job to hear all the circumstances of a given case. Now, normally we'd let a defense attorney do that. But in this case hearing it from the horse's mouth was a valid option. And it'd likely have fallen upon a local court anyway, so we were within our rights to do so,” Flim explained with a friendly smile.

Ha ha, horse puns.

Ditzy Do the Wise?! I...she's the wisest mare in the entire kingdom! I...

Not every day you see THAT sentence.

Wait, what's Twilight doing with her locket over there? Is it supposed to be glowing like that?

Doubt it...

"And you better clean this place... I don't want any weird machine parts on the floor. You could hurt yourself with them.”
"Oh Spike don't be... ouch!" Why did I have to step in the heat regulator crystal?
“Told you so.”


What am I working on? I'm glad you asked! I'd love to enlighten you on my brilliance! Well one of my newest inventions is a machine designed to manipulate the climate! I got the idea from when I tried to fix our air conditioner and it ended up causing the living room to freeze for a few weeks! It was an accident at the time, but I wondered if I could use that intentionally to help speed things up! Well it has flooded the entire house on several occasions, but that's just trial and error! It's part of scientific progress!


But I got to thinking. If technology is a big benefit to ponykind and magic is a big benefit, why not find a way to merge them more seamlessly? Now, unicorns can enchant certain objects with spells to power devices and Pegasi can use lightning to power generators, we've never been able to gather or use ambient mana directly. My device will do just that! Think of the possibilities! Converting mana into energy, using the ambient mana to revitalize the damage done by the Princesses, or even theoretically a pony absorbing it to revitalize or increase their own power! There are so many uses!


That's a good question! The Princesses have been evil for all of recorded history! How can they suddenly just change?! Oh right, I can read the paper.


Well you see dark and black magic has a tiny habit of promoting the emotions it operates on, such as greed, envy, jealousy, hatred, anger, and so on and so forth. Spike says that's why he never lets me near it (and burns any books on it I bring home), but do I look jealous to you? No, of course I'm not! I just feel Trixie doesn't deserve a thing she has! Plus I have other ways to get my research done Spike doesn't know about! But my point is simple: in theory if somepony lost complete control of certain emotions and gave in completely to the influence of dark magic, they may lose themselves in it and fully embrace their negative emotions with their positive ones numbed!

Oh dear.

“Of course it is Spike! What could possibly go wrong?!”

“You could get arrested...again...or you could blow up the entire building. Or unleash a giant rampaging cheese monster.”
I roll my eyes. Your enhanced microwave brings dinner to life one time and you can never live it down.

Whoa wait WHAT?!

Oh, you mean what happened between me and Trixie? Simple, she's jealous of me and keeps trying to keep me down, simple as that. I'll just go rub it in her face how much better I am than she is!


“...Twilight, I'm sorry, but you are trying to bring a large suspicious looking device into the building. The guards are merely doing their jobs.”

She has a point.

“Twilight, you know I'd never do anything like that. The guards won't allow you in if you don't explain your invention...especially after past...events, and I can't ether.... Just explain how it works and I can get you an audience to propose it here tonight. I promise.”

She is ridiculously paranoid.

“...Fine...but if you need it, just ask...sorry, Twilight...”
“No, you're not! You never are!”

What bit her the wrong way?

Turn-it-away! Turn-it-away! Ow...Okay...Note...note to self...accidentally draining some of your own mana makes you very woozy...Wait! But that means that if it can take magic out of a pony it can put it back in too! Proof of concept!

Uh, not sure if that's such a good idea...

Huh? The guards? Oh...Oh crud! Close it! Close it! Good... Alright, I may have just drained several Royal Guards and Gilda of a bit of magic. It was an accident! I didn't mean to! And they're okay, mana naturally replenishes over time...wait, they're still stunned from it...

This is like what she did in Friendship Games but worse.

It wasn't my fault it worked TOO well. Like that time I tried to make three dimensional game and it ended up putting a hole in our wall while we tried to play a racing game!


“Miss Sparkle...Can this draw magic from ponies?”
“Yeah! I did it to myself earlier and it's perfectly safe! Only a mild headache!”

Yes, but you still shouldn't, not safe.

Oops! I may have just turned the device on her on accident! Ugh, it's a little harder to close this time! There!

Oh boy.

I turned around to see an old “friend” of mine.
“Oh...hello Sunset....”
Sunset Shimmer looked me over, probably finding something to pity me for.

Here we go...

“Twilight, it's not like that! I just know life's been hard...since...you know...Shining-”
“DON'T MENTION HIS NAME!” I yelled right in her face. “NEVER mention his name!”

Whoa there!

“And keep your food! I'm going to be somepony on my own and make my mark!”

I see...

What's the difference between accepting help and having famous friends? You EARN friends! And when you earn something, that's YOUR legacy! No pony can claim it'stheirs! It belongs to you! If you accept help, then the one who helped you can take credit!

Guess she's got experience with this.

“Thanks! I added that for dramatic effect!”
“I gotcha, that'd rock as a special effects system!”

Oh yeah.

AHHH! Ow...Okay, I may have gotten distracted and accidentally set the device to send off lightning. Huh, why can you see your own skeleton when you're electrocuted? AHH! Another bolt!

Not sure...

“Ugh... did I accidentally drink too much salt?” Maud questioned, rubbing her head.

If only.

Now everypony is staring at me, GOOD! Oh, and I may have burst into flames, but I don't care!

This is gonna end poorly.

I teleport at random again to dodge the guards, this time ending up outside in the fountain on accident before teleporting again and ending up right next to Trixie. “Never done anything wrong?! Then why did she get to be King Sombra's personal student while I got thrown aside like trash for being the same as she is?!”

Uh, Twilight...

I may have blasted her and Chrysalis with a beam of magic stronger than I thought I could do...I'm done holding back. I don't care! I'm not letting her get away with this! Equestria handed to her on a silver platter and me left eating her scraps! I wish I could just take those wings for myself!
Unleash The Magic - Piano Transcription

Oh hell.

Did...did it react to what I was thinking? Wait...is it going to take her Alicorn power and give it to me?!

Oh this will end poorly...

King Tirek jumps between the audience and me and puts up a force field to protect them from the Mana Collector...but it just starts sucking his force field into itself! I see the plants in the room begin to die, it's drawing magic from them too?!

Oh shit...

The Mana Collector won't close! Why?! Could it be it's having trouble containing all the magic? I knew I should've found a way to make it create a pocket dimension inside it, but I didn't have any dimensional magic!

To be fair, it IS a prototype...

Tirek...he's all scrawny now...how much magic did I steal from him?

A lot...

“WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?!” I screamed, grabbing my Mana Collector back.
“You could have killed somepony!” she yelled back. “Chrysalis is hurt because of you!” Her expression changed suddenly, like she saw something scary. What could she have seen? We're looking each other in the eyes! Then her eyes go down to my neck and she gasped. “Twilight, your machine!”

That's why.

My Mana Collector...it's cracking apart?! How?! The internal shell is made of Orichalcum! Magic shouldn't be able to break it! Just...just how much did I...

Too much.

Wait...am I...absorbing the magic? I...I feel...stronger...this power...I was right! A pony can absorb the collected mana! HAHA! I WAS RIGHT!

Oh, oh no...

Wait...If...if I absorb it...if this magic was strong enough to destroy the Mana Collector...would it be enough? Enough to finally prove I'm better than Trixie? To finally show the world I deserve their attention as much as she does? No...I deserve it MORE!
The world's been unfair to me, so it's only right! Life decided to take everything away from me when I was too young to know I had it, so it's only fair! If no pony will GIVE me respect, then I'll just TAKE IT! Trixie doesn'twant it, so that means she won't mind if I take it, right?! That's what she always said!

Twilight, don't do this!

Science, magic power, popularity, stardom, what's the difference? They're all just a way to get ponies to pay attention and respect you! Respect, that's all I've ever wanted. For ponies to take me seriously! To finally have the spotlight for once in my life! No pony will laugh at Twilight Sparkle anymore! HAHAHAHAHA! It's SHOWTIME!

Never have those words sounded so sinister...

“That's where the party's happening!” Goodguy yelled. “The chaos readings are off the charts! Might need bigger charts...”

Agreed. I'm just glad Twilight didn't get YOUR magic.

Where Twilight had been...was now a dark lavender Alicorn... No....she had a dragon's eyes. Her mane and tail seemed to be made out of purple starlight. She was wearing a flowing purple dress that made me think of a lady...except the black highlights...Normally I'd say they were gaudy (or does that depend on the season...I think 'being terrifying corrupted Alicorn outclasses that!), but here I think they just made me scared. They did go with her fancy black horseshoes though...Her tiara looked like Trixie's, only made of black metal with a dark, almost blood colored jewel in the center. Her glasses had been replaced with magic that seemed to be imitating a masquerade mask.
Her cutie mark...I...it's covered but she has a necklace with it on her dress. It was inverted, and now it looks like the big star is projecting a spotlight down from it...

Arise, Midnight Spotlight.

“Hmm... You're right, I'm not invisible old Twilight Sparkle anymore...” I replied. After all, this IS a new me! So a new name would make sense! Who would want to be dumb old Twilight Sparkle?! “Hehe...everypony's worst nightmare is to be overshadowed, so that must make me a big one for everypony! How about Nightmare Spotlight, the Ever Rising Star?!”

Can't believe I got the name right.

“Oh, I plan to do that too! Science, magic, shows! Everything! By the time I'm done, Equestria will take notice of me!” I replied. “Now, ready for some questions, Princess? Better answer them well! Your life depends on it! The more questions you get wrong, the more of you I'm going to freeze! Won't this be fun?!”

Oh boy. WIth your now twisted mentality, how is she gonna answer right?

“Alright, first question...why did I get kicked out of the School for Gifted Unicorns?” I questioned, giving a smirk, letting her see my new, sharp, pointy teeth! Hmm, am I a carnivore now?

That's actually a good question, I'd imagine they're more for intimidation than actually eating meat but, eh.

She looked shocked. “I...I heard it was destruction of property.”
“Ha-ha! Of course! Of course that's what they'd say!” I laughed.

Then what was it?

I got close to her face, my long horn knocking her crown off in the process. “Hehe...I wasn't kicked out. You see, when my parents naturally signed me up for the School for Gifted Unicorns, I got the same test as everypony else: hatch a dragon egg...and at first I couldn't do it. Well, I thought, it must be a simple matter of amassing more energy! So I charged and charged and charged...and then a loud noise came from outside! The sound of...oh, I don't know, a little unicorn filly practicing a fireworks spell in a magic exercise?!”


“I...I don't know...”
“Too bad!”
She screams as I freeze her up to her ankles.

Again, she didn't know you were taking the test, how she was she supposed to answer?

I looked Trixie right in the eye. “They said 'that much power in the hooves of somepony without proper focus is dangerous' and tossed me out the door! Here's my question, about that, Trixie: isn't TEACHING the right focus what a school is FOR?!”
I floated back, looking to the camera. “Isn't a child with a talent that needs refining the entire point of the School for Gifted Unicorns? If I had all that power and no focus, wasn't it your job to teach it to me?! I was a FOAL! Of course I couldn't control it!”

I have to admit, I side with her here.

“...No answer counts as a wrong answer!” I exclaimed and she screamed as I froze up to her knees. “So next question, Princess,” I flew around her and landed next to her. “What happened when I was barely a teenager? You know with my brother?!”

She's nuts.

Trixie rose her head and looked me in the eye. “...He ran off and eloped with Empress Cadenza.”
“Right, right, and another question,” I give a dramatic laugh. “What happens to the family of a traitor?”
She looks horrified. Good. “...They're treated like them too...”

Oh dear...

“...And just because you're hurt...doesn't mean you have a right to hurt ponies, Twilight,” she replied, struggling against her chains and...How did she break the ice?! She's not an Earth Pony! “...And I admit, sometimes even I don't think I'm worthy to lead...but I'm not going to let you hurt my subjects!”

No, she's an alicorn, ie part Earth Pony.

WHAT?! She broke the chains?! “How?! Those are made of Orichalcum!”
“Rock farmer!” she replied, giving a smirk. “I may not know mathematics, but you bet I know how to find imperfections in anything! Let me guess, mass produced with magic from a sample ya got?”


But of course, the “Tyrant of Broken Hearts” decided I'd make a fantastic slave! Thankfully, I was smart enough to escape, but my brother still loves that devil and tried to help her catch me when she asked! I don't know why. Guess he chose whose side he's on. I'll have to have them on for an episode some time, a very special one. After all, wouldn't the defeat of Equestria's biggest remaining threat get great ratings!

You're insane.

Where was I? Oh yes. My life. I admit, at first...I honestly didn't care about Trixie, I only knew her from seeing her practicing her magic outside the school when I got booted out. Oh I was mad, but well we were foals, I had more important things to go after...but then she kept showing up in the newspaper. She kept becoming more and more well-known and famous. She got wings! And all without seeming to CARE! She had the life I always wanted, the life my parents wanted me to have! And she didn't care! She just took everything like it was the most normal thing in the world! You could say I may have gotten a little bit bitter.


Humility. That's what she's so famous for. Being humble. And yet for some reason the one who wanted nothing gets everything!

Ironic, isn't it?

Maud...Maud is bracing her? Where did that blue beam in Trixie blast come from?! Why did it just get stronger?!

The Elements...

“That much evil magic in you can't be healthy!”

For once, she's right.

They're...they're fighting me? Why? They're my friends!...wait...Trixie. She's trying to steal them just like she steals everything else from me!
"I'LL DIE BEFORE I LET YOU STEAL THEM TOO!" I screamed, intensifying my beam. I'm not letting her steal my friends too!

She's really gone off the deep end.

They brace Trixie, each one causing another color to join their beam! It's a rainbow now!

I'd make the meme, but, it's more sad than epic.

I'm now in a crater...No wings...and...no dark magic...just reality...
I...I'm sorry...I...I never meant for anypony to get hurt...I never...I could have...

I can only imagine how much it's got to suck to be hit by the Elements like that, the weight of your mistakes crashing down on your suddenly clear head.

I'd always fantasized about stuff like that, but...they were just petty little fantasies...I...I never meant for them to come true...maybe deep down I always wanted them to and didn't want to admit it...I wasn't a big pony...I was just a five year old living out her power fantasy...they're not as fun in real life...

They're really not.

“Rainbow...Rainbow Crash...” she panted. “I think...I think you broke the sound barrier!”
Rainbow...she blushes. “Uh...I...I don't know...I...”
“I think you just forgot you were 'supposed' to fail...”

I suppose so, yes.

Celestia and Luna watched the events before them. “...This didn't end as intended...but...they did come to her aid...” Celestia said, the duo having saved the ponies caught in Spotlight's rampage from falling to their doom. “Do you think they can really change?”

Who knows?

To be concluded in Legends of the Dark Side of the Mirror. See the heroes' side and the full battle.

Sequel, yay!

I'm really glad you enjoy it.


She is ridiculously paranoid.

She was stabbed in the back by her own brother.


I certainly think so -- I've been following this.

Hey there. Thanks for getting this bonus chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Love the introduction (in your continuity) to the Mirrorverse counterparts to the CMC and Diamond Tiara. The exchanges, emotional content and humor are all well done in all the right places. Also, the stuff about the show being on for so long that the writers ran out of ideas is a nice little (possible) Leaning on the Fourth Wall nod to how long the canon series has been running. I'll definitely be looking forward to your next Mirrorverse story as soon as time and inspiration will allow.


They haven't run out of ideas until the rest of the mane six get to be immortal too.


I doubt that. With all the hassle that was ascending ONE of them, do you really want to real with the fandom drama and reprecusions of 5 MORE Twilicorn fiascos?


I love everything the fandom hates, and hate everything the fandom loves anyway.


So by that logic, you're a contrarian. That explains, SO much.


Don't give me that, I'm just saying, by your own logic, you are a contrarian. Your logic, don't blame me.

7022229 Yeah. Or when Celestia and/or Luna actually get to defeat a major villain or monster ON THEIR OWN for the first time in more than a thousand years as opposed to making Twilight and her friends do the dirty work and/or getting Worfed when they actually DO try to handle it themselves.

So Apple Tiara, Meanie Belle, and I can't place Scootaloo. Anyway, I've always wondered about an idea like this, with Apple Bloom and DT switched, so I can't wait to see the sequel.

I hope we get to see some of Empress Cadanza and Shining Armor too, the last two chapters have really made me wonder about them.

7029840 It may take a while to come out. But we have plans to give those characters the depth and growth they deserve as main antagonists.

7022229 7022659 I think the rest of the Mane Six should ascend, yes, but only as the grand finale to the last season. Anything else would create far too much drama and change the series far too much.

7031202 I'm looking forward to that!

6510364 Clark also bends slightly over and acts nervous and clumsy.

It was interesting to read the sequel. I hope you write many more stories about the mirror verse. You seem to have a niche for it.:twilightsmile:

Applejack's failed attempts to commit crimes had me laughing my *ss off. When she got to her backstory..........that hit me in the feels. I hope she finds success in life.

I have to confess. I really, REALLY hated this Pinkamena character. She is a well-intentioned but misguided authoritarian who does not understand the concept of free will, and will steal other people's unhealthy food and force others to be miserable, all because she believes she's helping them be healthy. She reminds me too much of a certain First Lady, a health obsessed authoritarian who will not leave the children alone and will take away their pizza and candy and forcefully feed them healthy foods that tastes absolutely horrible. Good grief.

I do so love Maud Pie. It is very surreal and........interesting to see her express emotions. :pinkiehappy:

.................when I first heard of Rainbow Crash, I found it amusing that she's kind of a klutz..........but this chapter caused me to sympathyze with her. And as the chapter kept progressing, the more depressed I was getting..........I'm glad Rainbow is getting some help she needs.

And I'm very much loving this Starlight Glimmer. She is a intelligent, a good debater, and can defend herself well. I love her. :pinkiehappy:

This. Was. A beautiful chapter. ALL. So. Beautiful. the conflict, the moral, the character development, the humor, the emotional impact, and how I can relate to this..........it was jsut beautiful. :twilightsmile:

I guess the Flim and Flam brothers had to approach Rarity in a method I would not have considered. Good on them.

And it looks like Granny Smith has realized that she has made a mistake with her granddaughters, she just can't figure out what.

...............I didn't expect this story to get serious to the point the lives of everyone in Canterlot were in real danger, nor did I expect the Cerberus Syndrome to be in full effect. Then again, there were a couple of foreshadowing that hinted SOMETHING was gonna happen in this party, I just did not expect Twilight to go One Winged Angel and try to kill some people through her insanity. I am happy that the characters us readers have been following have started to do the right thing and were able to help stop Twilight from doing something COMPLETELY worse.

And Maud Pie is suck a kick*ss in this fight. Kudos to her. :pinkiehappy:

And I'm especially happy that Applejack's, Rainbow's, Fluttershy's, and Rarity's futures are looking bright from here on out. Twilight and Pinkie's are still ambigous, but I'm optimistic.


I'm very glad you enjoyed our story.

And I hope you also enjoy the bonus chapter and the sequel "Legends from the Dark Side of the Mirror"

Damn. Can't believe this is finished, too many loose ends that need to be tied up and I notice that the sequel is not finished. *sigh* great ride.

I don't like Applebloom. She really presses the wrong buttons on me.

I can very much sympathyze with Sweetie Belle and I like Scootaloo a lot. Nuff said I can say.

6680710 The sequel is actually out now.

I wonder how long it will take her to realize that she's not evil either...
She's good at painting, though.

Know how well Pinkie and Maud's relationship is in the other side of the mirror, seeing how they clash in this world saddens me...

... God, this version of Rainbow has serious self-esteem issue.
I really hope Starlight can help her.

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