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Once upon a time in the land of Equestria, Access Page wished nothing more than to be promoted, but once her little brother is taken by the government she will find herself trust into a world of intrigue and shadows.

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I don't think I really know enough about Shadowrun to pick up on the crossover — this kind of jumps in the deep end of the pool right away, and the only guess I've got for the kawaru thing is that it's the pony equivalent of Goblinization, which doesn't make much sense with the setting as you're presenting it — but it really picks up once your main character gets into Equestria. Great cliffhanger!


Thanks! I was nervous as hell to post it, since it's my first story here ^^


Kawaru is indded this universe's version of Goblinization, how it work and what it does will be explained as the story progress ^^

In the next chapters I'll try to explain more of the world, I didn't wanted to make the first chapter a wall of exposition.

5702250 Well, you definitely have potential on this website. I will continue to watch you and read your work. :twilightsmile: :heart:

You have my intrigue. I like how you describe the matrix. Kawaru sounds interesting, though I have to wonder what they aren't telling the public.

Only time will tell I guess, I look forward to the next chapter.

So, UGE is only just starting in this timeline ...

And that "overly long file name" appears to be far more important than poor Page realized :fluttershysad:

Twilight’s treason

:rainbowderp: What?

"It's time to wake up..." He whispered in her ear and to her surprise he produced a long stream of binary, it was strange, complex and revealing.

Yeah, that's not suspicious at all ...

So we have "Lockdown" at the same time that UGE first appears, and Access has the bad luck to be there for both? Poor filly :fluttershysad:

Aura's abilities and high-quality cyber make me want to say she's a Company Man or even an off-duty Red Samurai ... But if Savanah is using (mostly) cannon Shadowrun lore, Aura can't be either (the whole Neighponese (Japanese) superiority thing that Hayraku (Renraku) has going on) ... I guess she could be part of a Fast Response Team ... Either way now I'm wondering if she'll wind up being an ally, or an enemy.

Damn! Poor Aura, first repurposing without anesthetic, next will come the brainwashing and the control implants :applecry:

WMG: The kawaru isn't UGE, but is ponies regaining their innate magical abilities ... And Celestia Ex Machinia making "her" move right now does not strike me as a coincidence ...

6892644 Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

6907741 Shadowrun is an old tabletop RPG that deals with the advent of the "Sixth World" (the return of magic and the beings of legend) while technology keeps marching on (giving us cybernetics and being able to brain-link yourself to the internet), and multinational corporations (the megacorps or "megas") have replaced national governments as the primary political power.

Savanah is drawing from multiple parts of the game's "in-house" lore, so those of us who play (or used to play) are catching the references and potential clues. (And of course making comments on them.)

As for my Avatar, I just stumbled across it on the Net (bugger if I can remember where). If you do a image search for "Aesir Metalwyrks" you should find it.

“Bad dog!” The soft pink pony said and Druni almost fell to the ground in shame.
He couldn’t divert his gaze from the small creature and couldn’t bring himself to hurt him.
“Sit!” The pony with yellow eyes ordered and Druni obeyed promptly, remaining immobile even as the cyber wolves killed him.

Fluttershy is rolling in her grave :flutterrage:

“You have been progressing quickly in your training, my little element of loyalty, but now it’s time to find new friends.” The princess said and Aura rejoiced.

And now Dash is rolling in her grave too ... (Goodby Aura, you seemed like a good pony :fluttercry:)

“Come with me, transfiguration waits and then we will have a big welcome party!”

Add Pinkie to the list ...


Exactly what he said, if you want to check out the setting the best starting point are the new computer games they launched, if you have the costume of playing pen and paper RPG's you should give a look at their books, it's one of my favourites settings ^^

Okay ... so I'm currently thinking the Corporations murdered the Princesses, demonized the Mane 6 for trying to fight back, and caused the Fading ...

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