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Hello everyone, I enjoy reading fanfiction, games, and writing among other hobbies. I also enjoy meeting new people and trying to write fanfiction as well.


Derpy goes to Sugarcube Corner for an order of muffins. It's a very special occasion for her daughter, Dinky, so she wants to bring home some extra special muffins for her. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, things tend to happen when you're clumsy and she's not the only one interested in said fresh, warm muffins...

Cover art by: Spectty and derpy-plz
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Aww... that was a cute little story.You should write more!

6585866 Thank you very much, I really appreciate it :twilightsmile:. I do plan to write more stories, though I don't have many cute ones in mind at the moment, but we'll see.

That was cute! :3 I could see it as one of Hasbro's short cartoons or something.

That was so adorable! I loved it!

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