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Just a middle-aged brony trying to bring something to the fandom.


From a writing challenge by Kifstopher. Write a one-shot that includes the following: 
-Sweetie Belle 
-A Potion 
-A Clock 

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Heh, nice Wonka reference.

Oh and a typo:

“Why o why Sweetie did you ever have to drink that silly potion.

Should be "oh" not "o"

Feels point, nothing much happens then everything just goes back to normal, but at least its well written

Only her voice wasn't it's usual squeaky self.


she certainly would of smashed things


she still couldn't figure out how do make herself burp.


Best fan Fic I read all day:ajsmug:

This fanfic was funny. XD

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