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Celestia has ruled over Equestria for over a millenium. Granny Smith kept a close eye on Sweet Apple Acres for centuries. Mayor Mare's tireless work kept Ponyville from collapsing into complete chaos most of the time. All of them do their best to keep their heads level in a topsy-turvy world, but even they need some time to wind down.

But how? Do they get drunk together and participate in wacky shenanigans?

In a word? Yes.

This is a side story to Letters From an Irritated Princess. Knowledge of it shouldn't be required to enjoy the story, but it can't hurt, either.

Cover art generously provided by Zaid ValRoa. Thanks a bunch!

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Ah, I love their shenanigans! Also, awesome word, shenanigans. Where did the word shenanigans come from? Perhaps we can ask three lovely lady mares! Perhaps one of them knows the secret to the great mysterious origins of the word, so fun to type and say, shenanigans!

Well then, this promises to be interesting. Crossing my fingers that her actual name is Mayor Mare.

This is canon.
I have accepted it as canon for the show, and no amount of talking will convince me otherwise.

This is series, which I feel started in your other fic, is a hymn to true friendship.


I like the banter. fun dialogue.

The opening is a bit slow, the the worst I can say. Still a fun read.

Angel Bunny what a big smile you have today !:yay:


I've seen her under the name Ivory Scroll a couple of times.

You can't believe how long I've waited for this! Oh wow, it's better than I hoped! Brilliant job, my friend.

This is fabulous!! I can't can't believe how good this is!
Raz: Yes... Shenanigans is a good word, but can it be as good as CONTRAFIBULARITIES? Try saying that five times fast. :trollestia:

5716244 Easy.


The fun hath been doubled!

Not only your letters, but this sidestory. :twilightsmile:

So. You did it! Now I'm following you. :pinkiehappy:

I laughed to hard at this series and from the other letters. I love this. keep it up!


Oh wow that was great.

I wonder if the reason Granny has lived to be that old is because Death is afraid of her.

Oh, it's a good thing Luna took it so well. I don't think anyone would have liked the outcome of her anger.
Then again, she is yet to fall on top of a cactus.

135 likes without a dislike, interesting...

5805941 Nah, He's not scared of Granny Smith. According to his time table, she's suppose to bite it after Apple Bloom discovers her Talent...or Apple Bloom brings about the Appleocylpse, whichever comes first.

My goodness! Why did I not read this sooner?

That is one BIZARRE initiation ritual for a bar. :twilightoops:

5806377 Its a minotaur bar, of course it seems crazy


"I... I shall consume. Consume... Consume everything..."
— Moon

Also the remastered game was pretty nice to play. The dancing ReDeads are still a great laugh.


Yes, this is a bit out there, but you and I both know that this isn't the most bizarre thing I've written.

Not by a long shot. :pinkiesick:


Oh, don't worry. This first part had no drinks in it, but the second part absolutely will.

When I get around to it. :twilightsmile:

And yes, it's funner than this place looks.

*more fun

More drunk shenanigans. I approve!
5806456 Any date predictions for the applecalypse?

Nah. Making exact predictions for Doomsday is a waste of time. I mean, half the time the weather people can't get day-to-day predictions correct!

Which is reason #18 Earth needs a Weather Team of Pegasi.

Ooh, more of this setting. Lovely. And probably the only thing that's kept Celestia relaxed enough to not annihilate the entire nobility.

Never use magic while drunk, unless that's your special talent or you are trained in Drunk Magic Fu.

There goes Granny plan to get a new hip.

That Minotaur probably doesn't have any bottle of Luna's Moonshine yet.

I could compile a list of reasons why Ponies should NOT come to Earth, but here's a reason Pegasai would be a bad idea. Three words: Jet Engine. Derpy

I like Derpy, and it's bad enough when a duck gets sucked into a jet engine.
Now I'm off to blog a list as to 'why Ponies coming to Earth would be a bad thing (lol)'.

5814170 I laughed my ass off, then cringed in horror. Then I picked Derpy flying away from the wreckage going "I just don't know what went WOAH" and being sucked into anouther one and laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I should make that a oneshot

"Whoops" is right, Celly! :rainbowlaugh: There'll be a worm in your next bottle of Apple Family cider!

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