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The Techorse series is a collection of short stories set in an alternate universe that takes place after the events of The Crystal Empire, where an invasion by a group of human mercenaries seeking to sell the Equestrians as pets on Earth causes changes to the timeline. Among the team, a defector was turned by their leader into a pony as punishment. Now Techorse aids the Mane 6 in their defense of Equestria and its legendary friendships.

The stories take their own path but try to keep in spirit with the source material. See the links below for the original book that started the series.

Series cover art by HoodwinkedTales.

The main Book : Click Here
Stories 1, 2, and 3 :
The Greenhouse Effect
Mr. and Mrs. Dash

I do not own MLP:FIM or any related source material.

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I can't believe I didn't look at all this sooner, even less that not a lot of readers have commented! Keep up the great work Spiral - I wanna read more!

Pinkie Pie? You. Are so... RANDOM.

LOVED this, loved how Tech made a good impression with Cadance and endeared himself to Shining and didn't get the "hurt my little sis and I'll blast ya" message at first :rainbowlaugh:

I forget if I've read all these stories or not, so I scanned through them, and am still not sure about some of them.

I marked them all as read anyway.

Good for PAL, but I do wonder who that pony that attacked Twilight was or what his problem was with the princess

Wow! You managed to make Star Swirl look like a first-class narcissistic racist!

Otherwise, I am LOVING this story!

You have a fun story to read, it is a shame that it doesn't have much attention at it has at the moment despite all the work it has gone through for so many years. maybe the problem is that you haven't publish it in enough groups to get the extra attention.


That could very well be the problem! Have any suggestions for groups I could add this to?


Some of those might help with the first book. Thanks!

Is #38 - You, I, and Fluttershy! one I read from your fanfic account? Or is it not on there and therefore I haven't read it? I can't remember.


Stopped posting there a while ago. Will add them later.

So, I haven't read it? Also, this is the guy you know from Steam in case you didn't know.

Why doesn't this story have a Sci-Fi tag?


I guess I didn't think the tag was necessary because the gadgets, technology, and machines are just a specialty of Techorse, and aren't the main focus of the stories, nor have they changed Equestria to a more sci-fi setting.


Heh, I'm glad! This was a really fun one to write.

I'd LOVE to know how this game is played!


It does sound fun, doesn't it? I bet a lot of people would buy it just to get miniatures of their favorite characters though. :rainbowwild:

Comment posted by Wolven5 deleted Jun 9th, 2016

This story is starting to get interesting now, with Discord in the game. One of the things that I have always been fascinated by Discord is his dubious sens of morality as well fair play and his confusion in believing that being a friend is to bend the rules to their favor or that his helping them directly benefit him as well. I am looking forward to see the next part of this story.

In your original story, I though that the idea that magician wanted to erase the memories of the ponies and to turn them into pets was a great idea I have thought that what was going to happened to Techhorse at the climax of the story where he think he is the magician pet assistant and that he would have become the tool of destruction of the Mane 6 before they managed to snap him out of it and turn of his former master.


That's an interesting thought. Techorse's master wanted to get rid of him ages ago, though, and was just looking for an excuse to destroy him magically anyway because he hated Tech's good nature. Once they had located Equestria and set up shop to take them as pets for sale, he had no more use for a technology-savvy apprentice who kept going against him morally.

I loved it, and I just love the continuations in your work!:twilightsmile:

Very interesting....I'm pretty sure nothing can go wrong.:trollestia:

very interesting...wonder what's gonna happen next?

Can you and Wolven5 make and crossover story where Midnight Blaze and Techorse are given a quest by Princess Celestia?:pinkiehappy:

I really like this story. Please Continue??☺


Hey, thanks for your support!

Wolven and I are already working on a new crossover where Techorse is fighting to keep his home in his universe! You should go check out the first chapter!

In the meantime, I really ought to put out another short story, shouldn't I? I'll make a post about it soon. You should watch me to get updates as soon as possible, I try to post a new story or piece of a bigger story each weekend!

Well this was a fun chapter, I will be looking forward to seeing the next chapter

Comment posted by Wolven5 deleted Jun 26th, 2020

Oh dear... was this their first fight?

Had to happen eventually, right?

Yes. The first fight is always the hardest. Perhaps Cadance can talk to Twilight?

Comment posted by Spirals95 deleted Feb 7th, 2021

Been a long time, my friend, glad to see you back and your work again :twilightsmile:

The unicorn mare took out a camera, and snapped a picture of a nearby blue butterfly, which did a small aerial loop in appreciation of the photo.

Obviously a camera hog Butterfly.

“You loser!“ she screamed, getting inches from his face, “How could you be so cruel as to try to eat butterflies, the most pacifistic insects in Equestria!”

Fluttershy, the absolute savage

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