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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook


Honorable Mentions to Lord Faggot and BaroqueNexus for proofreading this material before it was submitted. Thank you both, and will all those reading this story please go check their channels out on my behalf? Thank you.

Why does Applejack act so protective around that stetson hat of hers, like an Ursa Major defending her cubs?

Rainbow Dash will learn why that hat is so valuable to her friend.

Link to image source - http://img0.joyreactor.cc/pics/post/my-little-pony-mlp-art-mane-6-Applejack-448290.jpeg

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Comments ( 56 )

Well, I mean, Technically it IS A hat.

gg though.

5710111 Your mother TECHNICALLY isn't just your mother. She is also a wife.

Your dog TECHNICALLY isn't just a dog. It's a sentient living creature and a wonderful friend for life

Your comment TECHNICALLY isn't just a comment. It's an opinion.

That hat TECHNICALLY isn't just a hat. It was her Father's hat, and all she has to remember him by.

And for the record, I'm TECHNICALLY not a sane person. I'm just mellow and calm right now until the howl in the night summons me to cut open another sinner.


No, What I mean is that It, By Any Mean Is A Hat, The Article of clothing.

5710125 And you are welcome in return too, my also friend

5710126 Sigh...

Here. Smoke this.


This will help you understand the whole thing on a deeper more metaphorical level.

Also helps to make shit interesting. I think so at least, I've never tried the stuff and never will, but you take a puff and see how it turns out.

5710136 Damn it, I was hoping you'd say something that I could reply back with a comment but you used just an emoticon...

Okay, let's try...this one.


5710148 Is it a bad thing to reply with an emoticon?

5710151 Only if it keeps me from taking any compliment you say to me and returning it back to you slightly altered. XD

It was okay, maybe below that.

5710161 You DO know you are free to call it crap, right? Because nobody is going to yell at you if you do, you have that freedom to say it, you know?

Not that it would matter. I openly admit I'm not the best of writers, I just write stuff as a contribution of sorts to this site, and in the hopes that maybe my crappy stories might give somebody else an idea, or at least make them feel better about their own writing abilities. I was born for that purpose - making others feel better.


5710161 Also, why are you considering suicide?

What is your problem? I didn't find it bad, but I didn't find it that great either. I'm just saying, it was okay. If I wanted to say it was shit, I would have.

While I've seen this plot used before, this was nothing exceptional.
The writing was good, however.

5710196 Oh, nothing much. A little lacking self-confidence and self-praise issues, but it's mostly just madness. Especially the madness.

So why are you considering suicide? I understand its not my place to ask, but why are you, if I may ask?

5710212 Most plot are done already. Whatever I or anyone else here can write, the Simpsons have done it already.

Besides, yeah, it's been done already. So? Why should that stop me? It may be simple as a story, but at least it's something.

Awesome avatar by the way.


Damn it, hang on, lemme get that theme tune off YouTube. I'll reply back in a minute...

5710212 Okay, here it is.


Awesome, like your avatar.

Joke complete.

5710173 HEY just be glad that you are WAAAAY better than this one guys "story" barely anyone can finish it

5710234 Ayyyyyy lmao
Got me there, I suppose.

5710396 Quickly! Watch this video from my YouTube channel and save your sight!

(yes, this is the worst excuse for promoting my YouTube channel content ever, but at least it's saving you from that god awful fanfic by taking your mind off it! XD)

5710418 you know... i actually kinda liked that :derpytongue2:

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!

5710434 Thanks.

If I had Flash, I'd try to make better videos for my YouTube audience. But until I can get better animation software, and learn to use them, I've only Photoshop and my own hand-drawing abilities to rely on.

A for effort at least, right?

Besides, that video was only a parody, nothing to take seriously. Just made for fun and for a laugh. XD

5710486 well the drawings were waaay better than anything i can do :applejackunsure: seriously everything i draw deserved to burn in fire (notice the past tense)

5710512 Never doubt yourself. That is how you become a failure.

Keep practicing, Keep trying harder. Don't doubt yourself. I hate it when other people do that. You CAN improve and become better.

Believe in your abilities, and you will do it. It sounds cliche, I know, but it really is the truth.

5710589 oh im not doubting myself in fact i once drew a picture of a dragon just coming out of its egg by the book (aka this one book that teaches you how to draw mythical creatures) and it came out pretty good but im to lazy to do any more

5710593 Oh. I see. That's a shame. I hope you'll consider trying it again. Art is a good way of portraying thought and emotion.

At least that's what my art teacher used to say.

This made me tear up a bit.
Hopefully the show will have an episode similar to this, where we finally find out how AJ's parents died...

5710491 I need to watch Attack on Titan soon. *i see you're all glaring at me like so*
*my ears flop slightly* What?

5711122 What? I love Attack On Titan. My hands-down favorite scene is and always will be the one where Erin carries the boulder to the gate. The song in that moment is perfect and epic.

5710897 At the very least, somebody could make a fan-based episode of your idea.

I would do it, but I unfortunately do not have Flash animation, nor have I the knowledge or experience to use that tool efficiently. Guess it's still Photoshop animations for me...

*cough*you'reforgettingacertainsomeonewhoattemptedtokeepupyourconfidenceand'proofread'this story...*cough*

Nah, it's fine if you don't mention me :twilightsmile:
I just thought it was strange that I had no mention.

Anyways, that ended differently than I had expected, seeing as you left me just before AJ started telling the story, I had a lot of predictions. My main one? The hat was passed down for generations, ever since the start.

5712493 Oh crap I forgot!

You and BaroqueNexus both deserve a mention for your proofreadings, and I will sort that out right now. I apologize tremendously!

I liked this story. I always felt there was something more behind that hat, and you summed up my thoughts pretty well. Headcanon accepted.

5713022 Thank you for just giving this story a chance. For that alone I am grateful, but I am also grateful for your comment. Thank you for reading, sir/madam, and I hope I will prove worth returning to in the future! :)

5712447 I thought you would kill me for not seeing it yet.

5713441 Why would I do that? XD You're silly. You deserve a Follow from me. You amuse me so.

5713542 Doing your best is always the best. Always be willing to push yourself a little further, but never forget to do your best.

Well that was a nice little read. Applejack's accent seemed a little off to me, but that's just me being a nitpicker. Have a thumb of the upwards variety.


Few stories invest such meaning into hats so well. I think this is one of the stand-out stories pertaining to everyone's favourite sun-safe head-wear, Applejack's Stetson. An upvote for you! I hope to see more of this work—perhaps you might consider exploring Daring Do's weathered pith helmet next?

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