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I, like changelings, need love and adoration to survive...But, my stories getting it instead will suffice.


When Discord revealed the Blue Flu to be a big fib, everypony thought that that was water under the bridge. Little did they know that he needed the tea for another reason. To turn Princess Celestia's life upside down. The princess has been made into a Tatzlpony, and now it's her duty to not only hide it from her ponies at large to avoid mass panic, but to try and learn to live with her new habits and urges. Will she ever be the same? Will her ponies ever quit being so specist? Will Discord get whats coming to him? Who knows!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 58 )

Seems interesting, and no obvious grammatical errors jump out at me. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next chapter.

Yay. Tatzlponies are spreading to stories.
Wait, she's not going to eat anypony is she? dam it.

"I'd suggest not letting anyone else drink from your tea pot"
I'm calling Chekhov's gun on that.

5697576 Yes, indeed! I heard that Tatzls were severely lacking on FIM, so, I decided to fill the void with this modest tale.

I shall call Chekov as well! ... or rather, I 'would', if HE wasn't so sick of people calling him to tell him someone borrowed his gun... AGAIN!

You should try to space out the text more, like work it into paragraphs and such.

Instant fave! I love tatzlponies, and this story is good! Keep up the good work.

...So that pot is going to Ponyville for study, huh?


Just saying. Tea is considered so refined after all, and tasting just a sip from the pot of Celestia herself might be quite a decent temptation even for a Lady...

5703989 No, Twilight is coming to Canterlot...But, this IS Discord's prank, so we don't know WHAT might happen!

So much for my mental image of her teleporting into the dining room to see the mane 6 sitting there, each with an empty teacup. then Spike and the CMC poke their heads out.

"...a few out there who would find it greatly alluring, my dear sister was not among their number...I hoped."
Do you read the comics? she doesn't seem too upset about being wrapped up in vines.

So it's not that she's a princess who's a tatzlpony, it's that she's the princess of the tatzlponies.
Well at least 2 of them are happy.

5717499 This story has ran away from me and taken on a life of it's own. So, while it began with Who, the story has deemed to make it an Of!!

5717600 Cool. That's probably a couple of other mare's fetish.:yay:

5717615 Hehe, maybe~! We'll just have to see, now won't we?

I just searched "Tatzlpony" 'cause I never thought to do so before.

Congrats, this is the first and only story that comes up when you search "Tatzlpony"

...Now I want to create a group for Tatzlpony stories...

Edit: I just created the group

5720078 Indeed it is! I searched that myself, and I thought, well... "If there aren't any Tatzlpony stories, I guess I'll MAKE some Tatzlpony stories!" And ta-da, I Became The Tatzlprincess was born. I just hope that I've opened the door for more tatzl story goodness! Hehe.

I'm not one to normally respond with clichéd memes, but that most certainly escalated quickly.

5697576 By nature, Tatzlponies aren't really carnivorous. They have the same eating habits as normal ponies. Instead, they tend to "swallow" ones they care for and carry them around in their stomachs for their safety. As seen in a series of images of the first Tatzlpony, Tatzljack, who swallowed Applebloom, walked to her bedroom, coughed her back up and lay her down in bed.
So, nopony's in any real danger when it comes to Tatzlponies. :twilightsmile:

I'm fully aware of that aspect. But not all fans of tatzlponies are interested in it. And it's less common now then when it started.
Also I don't think Celestia intended to be gentle with Discord or had any interest in his safety.

Oh tazlstia that was hilarious!:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

The guards on booty

Interesting Freudian slip there Celestia

5725660 My adviser has told me not to fix that.

It's over already?
It was a fun ride, and a good start to tatzlpony stories.
I look forward to your side stories.

5726045 Stop, leaving them wanting more, before you start beating a dead horse.

That's my writing philosophy, and I felt anymore would of started to put the horse on life line. Plus, I have many other projects I want to get to.

5726981 Well, now many ponies are Tatzl'd! Variation is key!

5727136 But only one will continue to remain the most well toned pony who actually looks good in mud in Ponyville. :p

Also, Soarin x Applejack is one of my guilty pleasures. :x

Okay, that was awesome. I would love more Tatzlepony stories. And it is a hell of an evolutionary advantage over the baseline pony form. Those tentacles must be handy.

Shining Armor was never a big tea drinker, so the crystal ponies got a tatzl and non tatzl in office.

Cadence: Thith ith totally my fetith! :pinkiegasp:
Shining Armor: I NEED AN ADULT! :raritycry:

Stories like this better become a new thing. Like socks or Bat Ponies. :pinkiehappy:

5727854 Oddly enough, the art has been around for awhile! I'm rather surprised that I get the honor of being the first Tatzl story on FiM!

5727713 Cadence: I am an adult! *proceeds to live out her fantasies.* :rainbowwild:

Glad you liked it!

Oh, and hey, if anypony wants to use the uni set up in this little tale of mine, go ahead! I wrote it to get some Tatzls into FiM, and I'd probably squee like a little filly.

5727930 There have been some...but those are mostly just fetish fuel. This is prob the first genuine story to use the idea. So congrats! :pinkiegasp:

5697576 Wait, this was already a thing?

Tatzlponies are among my favorite MLP species. Right next to Changelings and Bat ponies.

The origin of tatzlponies. (from a year ago)
A guy got drunk, edited a screen cap, and now we have these adorifying creatures.


I love that he kept the hub logo and "Making family fun" slogan... it adds so much to that image.

5725660 That's what she calls the guards to her personal bedchambers.

I enjoyed this a lot. I love that they get to stay tatzlponies. Very nice!

5739835 Hehe, glad ya liked it! Originally, it was just gonna be Celestia, buuut...Yeah, this one got away from me and I loved it.

I kinda want to see more of this.

I don't get why there's only one Tatzlpony story on FimFic.

Bzzzt! Snerk! BWAHAHAHAHA! Great! :pinkiegasp:

5880720 Check out David Silver's 'one step two step three hoof four dead'.

I saw that one. The mental regression part kinda turns me off of it, though.

I read the first chapter, and only one thing comes to mind, and I apologize for the caps lock, but it's necessary:


Again, I apologize for the caps lock, but many people who see this being said never get the message, so I have to pound it into them with a metaphorical hammer, and it gets frustrating. Anyway, whenever someone speaks, that's the only character that may speak in that paragraph. If someone else has something to say, a new paragraph must be made, no matter how short that would make the paragraphs. This is a significant error, one that may be a deal-breaker for many readers.

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