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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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*tapping foot*

Good chapter. Now I have to do MORE WORK!

You're the one who wanted to do a spin-off, so don't cry to me if it's too much for you. I'm gonna create the series as I intend it to be and if it conflicts with what you have or gives you, god forbid, more work... oh, well.

Actually I might be able to tie it in with this one as well. That is if it actually would work or not. I already sent you the outline and I know damn well you didn't read it (would've got a notification otherwise)

Either way I ain't changing a damn thing based on your outline. If any changes are made it's changes in YOUR spin-off based on MY series. So, whether I read it or not wouldn't have affected anything.

Love how one of the character squares on the cover is actually from the show and not hand done.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to see how this goes with Mane-iac. Are you possibly going to need some OCs for future chapters or parts?

I always thought floara was younger then tech. :rainbowderp: 😵

Great chapter I really enjoyed it and now with Mane-iac,starlight Aswell floara being the main villains of this I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will turn out on upcoming chapters

:pinkiegasp: TWO NEW CHAPTERS in 1 day today is the best day ever I really enjoyed watching both New chapters so much and now.. Mane-iac starting her takeover plan and is going to start to kill the elementals

What's the requirements for a OC in this?

God damn it, Flora.

One of these days I'd love to see a character named after a colour who has nothing of said colour.

Kinky. And that's a good way to apologise.

You poor deluded fool... Just check the Elementals' track record with enemies.

Well, those are some really close knit sisters.


a couple of small spelling errors but other then that fantastic I am still impressed how you can craft such wonderful amazing stories that i can imagine so vividly on what is happening good job.

Hey when you make the new x series? And if so ya want ta use one my characters?

You have no problem being killed by Pinks?

Well only a few of my characters can't die let me list them
Oil Slick is immune to being stabbed, poisoned and being shot.
King is a ghost demon both alive and dead
Daybreaker will kill you if black Rose dies
Ash is with pinkamena in my stories.
That Battery you can kill him.

if it were my oc's markus would roast them then turn em into gold.
malire would turn them into saphires and melt them down into saphire rods.
gold and silver smith would turn there ashes into bricks.
saresis would feed them to her pet lions.
and kristonal prime well he would vaporize them into scrap.

Hey what say we do and story together haha!

I am rather curious as to where you get the art for your cover images?

Google, e621, any image hosting site. Then I use Photoshop to edit them together.

Google, e621, any image hosting site. Then I use Photoshop to edit them together.


Yay! This got updated. Now I got to update mine! God damnit

Is the Mane-Iac's real name really Tresemme?

I asked around and it's what the fans call her. It's better than L'oreal :P

I should point out that if you do ho up against the elementals then you are dead mane-iac

Okay so the sirens aren't so bad but starlight is still a hypocrite

When is the next chapter is coming out?

I really hope to see more enemies in there, like midnight sparkle.

Welp. Back to work for me.

Also does Twilight and Midnight share a Lamborghini?

Twin Lamborghini's. Cool.

Aventador or Huracan

I'd say Hurican is more Midnight's style and Aventador is more Twilight's

Okay I seriously need to get off my lazy ass and continue my story. 2 chapters within 24 hours? Fuck I'm behind.

But I also know your backordered on my story as well damnit.

In your defense, I already had half the chapter done months ago when I role-played it with A Fresher Perspective over Skype.

Fair point. I'm doing mine off a outline by myself.

But my second point about you having it o mb the backburner still stands

I haven't forgotten this series. In fact I'm planning the 13th and final one already. I've just been working on my newest RPG Maker project (Far Cry meets MLP) and those "The Big One" clopfics. I also need to work on "PINK" some more as well...

This latest one was a very fun chapter with Blood Rain.

When I start up my version of “Marvel’s Cinematic Universe” for GTA after GTA VI, would you like Blood Rain to have her own standalone installment, if I have time for it? If so, I’ll let you toss out ideas for a villain and a plot. We can PM this if you want to keep it a surprise for others.

I'm actually wondering, why hasn't Spike shown up yet?

How many stories are going to be in this series?

heh. a lot. want a list of the next few?

What a great start to the new Decade

When is this DLC coming out on GTA V

Just get a sword and shave her bald

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