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There really is not much to say, except I am here for the same reason I write on Fanfiction. I want to entertain you with my writing, not just detail it but make you feel that you are in the story.

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I love this story it was damn great!! :pinkiehappy:

This and "I Will Wait" definitely need an aftermath or an epilogue.

Nothing like a bit of grim-darkness before bed. Felt a bit rough around the edges at places but overall nice job.

Another great story Saiyan

Super57 #5 · Feb 26th, 2015 · · 1 · I ·


So sad and heart-breaking.

And it was so good too.

Nice work :fluttercry:


I bet you were all expecting him to pull out a gun or some all-powerful artifact, weren't you? :raritywink:

5673957 powerful artifact was what I was thinking at first but your idea was very fitting


:twilightsmile: Thank you. Most stories have something about artifacts having great power, but never is a story written to where the most common things have the strongest power.

Said power being influence, a symbol of something, and that's what I was going for.

5673994 That's true many stories overdo the powerful artifact angle, but your idea is done masterly, it is very unique


:pinkiehappy: Thank you, but I was hoping that it would be more popular than right now, with more like and favorites. :twilightoops:

5674037 just give it couple of days and your numbers should go up

5673957 I wasn't.

I was just.......surprised with how it all happened.

And, It just was amazing of how it all happened XD

do you still believe that power and control will bring peace

As a human being you should know the answer to that question.

Like you did when Star Fire begged for you to stop conquering and come home to your family!?

Hey! What's wrong with a little conquering?
Okay so I may have hung a few kings and popes in my Crusader Kings 2 campaign but hey, I was hosting a Blot so I have to entertaine my guests somehow. What else could Norsemen do? Braid each other beards?:trollestia:

On a more seriouse note this is a well written story! :twilightsmile:

5676177 I was wondering, where did you find that profile pic.

Apocrypha #17 · Feb 28th, 2015 · · 1 · I ·

So wait, she was being influenced by something? And they knew this? And then when she was returned to normal they still punished her for what she did while under that influence?

Wow, way to go Celestia, that's pretty much what happened with Luna, probably, but I guess she gets a free pass for being your sister.


True, very true, but think about it from a different perspective.

As it said in the one shot, the elements were drained and the other artifacts were absorbed.

Would you risk it if someone can absorb magic, let alone a young alicorn?

hmm, this was much worse than Nightmare Moon...and she sort of did this mostly, I mean she went on absorbing things for mire power.

And she wasn't under the influence of dark magic before so...there's that, and celestia had the elements before.

I was expecting a magic absorber, a magic negation field, or a weapon that would kill her, should it come to that.

It was amazing! a little dark but I loved it!:pinkiehappy:

This was amazing mate, and as for the weapon, I had honestly been expecting just and ordinary dagger.

I honestly was expecting him to pull a gun... But what you did hurt her much worse than any weapon could. This is definitely my favorite story I have read so far. Keep up the good work!

Woah, this was truley dark, but i loved it.

Wow! Sound of Silence with its ever influencing power :trollestia:

Amazing epilogue, although I really hope to see them some how saving Twilight in part two.

I am overjoyd that you are writing more chapters to this fic, can't wait for the next chapters.

Shit this is awesome can't wait for the next one

I like the changes you made to the first chapter. Personally preferred the ending where the human died at the end of chapter one. The epilogue would have been nice showing what happens at the end with twilight instead of jason turning out to be alive but thats personal preference. However the epilogue did feel kinda weak in general and generic as hell but the ending added an interesting twist. Hopefully twilight will stay in the state she is and not magically comeback and everything fixing itself or something alike.


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