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Quite interesting, i whould like to see this progress!!! :pinkiehappy:

This is somewhat good so far

Interesting idea. And to be honest, I love it already!

Yes! This is being added to the track list have a like as well and good luck to you this is very promising.

hmm... interesting:trixieshiftright:.
lets see where this goes.

Wow. Well I guess I have to start working at it.

Wow...he's even more blood thirsty than Griffin! Already he's racking up a bigger body count than Griffin had in three chapters!

Amazing. Thank you for doing what I wanted to do to the diamond dogs since day one:pinkiecrazy:. Also nice use of magic and Latin words of power

I will try to get one chapter out every two days.:pinkiecrazy:

... Is he going to go into blood rages a lot?

5681075 He will eventually get more control later on. Remember he is five and magic enforces emotions.:pinkiecrazy:

5683114 big battle with audience of the princesses and mane 6?

5683120 Hmm. A vicious little sadistic monster vs. a overly happy socio path with a giant hammer. But not in front of the mane six.

5683135 aww. thats gonna suck after all it would be funny to see their reaction to him killing his own sibling.

5683161 ya I know, so instead the mane six get to watch something worse! not telling.:pinkiecrazy:

more destruction and fits of rage, and death:pinkiecrazy:

5684644 My computer crashed and was out for the day. I had to bypass the virus which deleted the log in profiles with a custom worm. When I found out that all me files were infected I had to formate the entire thing and reboot the system to factory defaults losing everything. Then I had to get all my programs back and update my anti virus. that was from 9am-1am.

Chess game of the gods... again...

The concept only works when none of the gods decide to flip the table.

And considering almost all of them are assholes in the universe who try to cheat at every possible turn... yeah...

5685481 Yes, I know it stating to get played out, But they're thousands of gods. this is more about the concept rather than game. its a big world and needs writers to pick up for the main canon.

Needle after needle, I just treated them like a rock, while they just stared, jaws dropped. At one point I waved and smiled at them causing their helper, a mare I can't remember, broke into laughter. Good times.

I think I might have done that as a little kid. Can't remember though...

5686114 So this is a chessverse story?

Must. write, the, next, chapter, but, me, at, school!

Good but you keep saying fallowed its followed. A lot of misspells, you should get und editor!

5695636 I knew I was spelling It wrong! curse you sister!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH THIS STORY JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!! And to be honest, I loved It before hand!

5697529 You wont believe what I did for the next ch.

You misspelled wear and put ware! Who does that!?

Gotta agree with you there. The gods I've seen In many Tv hows are huge asshats or heartless monsters who would do anything for entertainment.
Also whats up with "sweaty" because the nurse mares name is apparently Sweat Heart

5698630 I was drawing a blank there for names. So I chose something that came first to mind. That being my girlfriend calling me a sweat heart, so I thought "meh I got nothing else" pony names are weird anyways.

Well I can honestly say this, Storm Wing scares the absolute shit outa me.
Keep up the great work with this story, because I personally think this is really good!

If you ever meet Griffin, or Zeta, you stole a lot from them. I'm sure they'd be happy to take it back. Especially since Zeta did the same thing you just did birde.

5699557 This take place one year before the return of night mare moon, In the time it would take (two years) All would be back to normal. I thought it would make sense that the fleet was still under repair when grif needed it and celestias refusal to give him the ships he needed at the time, worked out logically. Plus to 'me' anyways I thought hard about zeta. I made sure he would not be affected in any way the city of hoofington by pony logic would be fixed in no time. The ship would be removed from all military records for at the time of canon. Their is no ship in equestria as advanced. Celestia would see winter as dead as well his brother. Thus making all canon stories un-altered

My God, Storm is more of a psychopath than Winter is, although in Winter's difference he is suffering from acute dark magic poisoning.

5698630 Good gods make for very boring stories.

Though, the reality is if they were giant asshats, the world's the ruled over would be basically hell.

So, it's a mixed bag. It's why most serious authors tended to steer clear of 'GODS', because you just can't write such immensely powerful entities realistically, as they are simply beyond mortal comprehension.

Now 'gods' are a different story. The lesser sort can be more easily beset with flaws since they're not all-powerful. The limitations give them more flexibility in action than simply power-gaming everyone and everything into oblivion when they get pissy.

This is technically not a chess verse story because its not featured in the group, you should send it to them.

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5727248 I know I should,but I need more work on it.

5727336 Where?! I need to know, in order to not make the same mistake!

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