• Published 25th Feb 2015
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Trials of Blood and Kindness - CommanderX5

Fluttershy is a very kind pureblood vampony, far too peaceful for her own good. Will she persevere in a world that sees her as threat? Will she find friendship and acceptance, or will she face fear and hostility?

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Mansion - Dash's Visit

Trials of Blood and Kindness


Chapter 5

Dash's Visit

6 years before Nightmare Moon’s return

“This-is-so-awesome!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew from armor to armor. “It’s like some sort of epic dungeon filled with monsters and pony armor ready to come back to life at any moment. Umm... no offense.”

“Please compose yourself, Miss Dash,” A vampony butler with a glass of blood as cutie mark said professionally, his black wings fidgeting from aggravation, but his stoic face didn’t show any sign of emotions. “You may be a guest of Mistress Flutterbat with her parent's blessing, however, it doesn’t permit you to be so disrespectful.”

Dash landed in front of her friend and smirked. “Mistress Flutterbat? Wow! You’re still a young mare, and you literally run this place already,” she said before patting Fluttershy who looked back with annoyance.

“I’m a lot older than you.”

“Really, how much older?” Dash asked.

“Many decades,” she said calmly, causing Dash’s mouth to hang agape. “Tomorrow’s my 81st birthday.”

“But… how?”

The servant walked between his ‘young’ master and her guest. “Mistress Flutterbat is under a powerful age-altering spell that hides her true age. We thestrals can live very long, so changing our appearances and names is necessary for our survival.” He walked closer to the young cyan mare and towered over her, his stare stern and serious as he fixed his bow tie. “Mistress Flutterbat may look like a fourteen year-old filly, but she is much older than you and deserves the proper respect!”

“Seriously?” Dash asked before rounding the servant as she looked into eyes of her friend. “And you must go to the school over and over?

Fluttershy nodded. “By our standards, I am still very young. I am currently attending my second school, though before my education focused on medicine and biology, and now it focus more on my flying skills,” she said before squealing as Dash captured her in a hug.

“That’s horrible!” she started as the hug strengthened with every word. “To go into boring schools over and over for decades, maybe even centuries. Being a vampony must be a nightmare!”

“It’s not so bad,” Fluttershy responded as she pushed herself free from the embrace before the growling servant could separate them. She shot the butler a disapproving look, forcing him to hide his exposed fangs. Much to Dash’s ignorance, pureblood thestrals were treated like royalty by common ones, and Fluttershy had a very hard time keeping them from tearing her friend apart for countless acts of what they would consider disrespect. Just today, she had to stop the mansion’s cook from turning Dash into a dish, just because she took a taste of vegetable soup that was prepared for both of her parents.

As Fluttershy played both role of tutor and teacher about thestral culture, Dash decided to confess. “You know what, Flutters? Since you’re pureblood, you can turn ponies into vamponies, right? I was kinda… considering to become one.”

Fluttershy was about to respond, but the butler spoke first. “Mistress Clean Mouth’s and Master Sample Taker’s wish is for their daughter to not turn common ponies until she is ready to handle the responsibility of leading a clan on her own. Futhermore, not everypony deserves the privilege to become one.”

Dash frowned at the butler, but was pulled away by her friend who whispered into her ear, “Mom and Dad don’t like to turn others into thestrals, and they made me promise not to do that until I’m ready, or in case of huge emergency.”

“Really? And why they don’t like to turn ponies?”

Fluttershy frowned and her wings dropped slightly as she lowered her head. Her friend looked at her with concern, waiting for the answer. “Those who know about our existence fear pureblood thestrals for what we can do. My parents wish to live peacefully and not abuse their powers. Unlike their parents, they never turn anypony against their will.”

“Oh. They must be really great pon… parents, especially if they raised you into the cool pony you are now.”

Fluttershy blushed while hiding her reddening cheeks behind her bat-like wing. After one quick look at the butler who kept following them, she whispered. “You really think I’m cool?” Noticing a nod and warmness in Dash’s eyes, she added, “Since you know about us and swore to keep it a secret, would you like to watch how I cast a… umm… a spell?”

“Yeah!” Dash responded excitedly, while receiving a suspicious glare from the butler.

Fluttershy nodded before her wings spread and her eyes started to flash in red. A dark aura started to form around her like smoke. Dash knelt to examine the black substance, only to jump back as it shot upward, quickly enveloping both mares.

Dash opened her eyes and looked around before focusing on Fluttershy. The rapidly breathing vampony wiped sweat from her forehead and looked back at the pegasus with satisfaction written on her lips. “Done.” Before Rainbow Dash could say a word, she was grabbed up by Fluttershy, who then started to fly through hallway.

“What’re you doing, Flutters?” She asked. While she trusted her friend enough to not question the weird things which started to happen around her, she never expected Fluttershy to make such a bold move.

“Look behind you. Is mister Cold Drink following us?”

The pegasus turned her head to look back, which was difficult as two forelegs were holding her belly. Much to her surprise, the servant batpony was looking around in panic, checking behind columns and armors, but didn’t follow them.

“What I just cast was a ‘Veil of Darkness’. While we can see what’s happening around us, no pony can see or hear us.”

“Really?” Dash asked, before a large smirk formed on her lips. Her attention focused on Angel Bunny, an annoying little pet that Fluttershy's parents summoned for their daughter a long time ago, who was now running through the hallway. Why they kept this walking annoyance was beyond her, but there was no way to waste such opportunity. With a weak struggle, she pushed Fluttershy’s forelegs to the side and poked the bunny with her hoof. Her laughter didn’t last long however as the pet bit her foreleg. “What? Why?” she asked while trying to push the bunny away, but it just rounded her and jumped onto her back.

Fluttershy approached the rolling pegasus while Angel was jumping and running around Dash, biting left and right. Fluttershy sighed before grabbing her familiar. “What was this all about? Why did you provoke Angel?”

“Provoke? I wanted to scare him by playing a ghost. How did he see me?”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “First, I cast it on myself. You need to be close to me to stay hidden. Furthermore, the veil I formed is two meters long and two meters high, but every living creature or object can pass it. Think of it as an umbrella.”

Dash examined bite marks on her fur before asking, “In other words, if you come closer to others, instead of being hidden from them, they will be hidden with you?” Noticing a firm nod, she frowned. “So much for the pranks I came up with.”

Fluttershy giggled when suddenly a familiar voice captured her attention. Not wasting a moment, she pulled Dash and Angel as she hid behind a pillar. She peeked from behind it and quickly recognized her parents. In any other circumstances, they would hear or notice her, but with the Veil of Darkness in the way, she was hidden even from their sharpened senses.

“The monster hunters are very close to tracking down our location. What do we do?” asked Clean Mouth, her voice filled with worry. Her husband followed besides her with firm steps.

“For now, we can only wait. The reason why they’re nearby is because of a few rumours and unclear clues,” Sample Taker answered with calm tone. “If they don't find any significant proof of our activity, they will assume that the rumours were false.” He smiled warmly and nuzzled his wife who gladly returned the gesture. “We didn’t have trouble with them for centuries, and for next few days it will be as always. We stay hidden and wait patiently.”

Clean Mouth nodded and calmed her trembling legs. “You’re right. Maybe I’m worrying over nothing. Our clan may be small and weak, but it’s well hidden.”

“Yes. And the guild is an illegal organization anyway, their members cannot just go into others’ mansions and do investigations without the risk of being arrested by officials.” He shook his forehoof dismissively, “Enough of this gloomy atmosphere, would you care for some ice cream?”

“Of course I do. I have always wondered how vanilla ice cream with blood icing would taste,” she responded a glee. “It is never too late to try out.”

As both centuries old pureblood vamponies trotted cheerfully to eat some ice-cream, Dash poked Fluttershy and shot her a panicked look. “Did you hear that? I didn’t know Equestria had monster hunters.”

“That’s because they stay hidden,” she responded with her ears flattening to the side of her head. “From what my dad told me, they work in secret, hunting terrifying beasts, dangerous monsters... and also thestrals apparently.”

Dash took a step back and pointed at Fluttershy, her eyes opened wide and pupils shrunk. “What about you? Do they want you and your parents as well?” Much to Dash’s surprise, her friend just laughed. “Why are you laughing, this is serious!”

Fluttershy put her hoof on her own mouth and restrained her laughter. “Don’t worry about it. My parents never had trouble with the hunters. They hunt evil thestrals. My parents are very good and kind. We never hurt anypony, never turn anypony against their will, and even use our powers secretly to help.” She pointed at Dash’s chest who shivered at the memory. Being pierced by a sharp rock wasn’t something she would forget easily after all. “Since we don’t do bad things, they have no reason to hurt us.”

Dash shot her friend an uncertain glare. Fluttershy was always very naive and trusting, and it seemed that her parents were trying to shelter her from the cruel reality.