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I write, sometimes. Hurting but never dead.


A world where ponies have learned to embrace and live by the Elements of Harmony can only be perfect, right?

A short story I was inspired to write after an argument with a friend.

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No dark tag? For real?

This was creepy :rainbowderp:

Really - a good story... but the comedy-tag is deplaced. Or... its really really dark humor.

Liked it.


(Possible Spoilers)
Maybe I am a little weird but this was in no way supposed to be super dark. It is not supposed to leave anyone feeling sad or depressed, just a little bit of "careful what you wish for" theme, much like Lesson Zero, but a bit further.

I apologize if this is not what some people expected and it leaves them putt off, I feel like tagging it dark and removing the comedy tag would not do the story justice though. It was never meant to instill fear, just a satirical look at what would happen if the elements of harmony were taken as law.(which was what inspired the story in the first place)

It probably is just my sense of comedy, as technically all my comedy tagged stories could also be tagged dark. *shrug*

If it is a common theme that people consider this story wrongly tagged I will change it, but for now I will leave it as is.

Edit: Changed it because consulting friends seems to give me the view that it is indeed "dark". I'll keep the comedy tag to make it clear this is not some depressing slog(I write enough of those) and add the dark tag so no Pinkie Pie's bounce in and become Pinkiemina.

Oh, I am netther sad nor depressed. The story was really really cool - in a creepy way. Like said - Dark humor.

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