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There's an Alicorn in the club *tweets*

(characters younger but not foals)
(no direct incest)
Free candy (but it's sugarless and gives you the runs)

5669033 That candy are those gummy bears from hell aren't they...

5669305 Oh...You mean the ones that get all slimy when they sit in your backpack for a couple hours? Or the ones that fuse into a giant block of solid sugar in the cooler and taste like shit?

unless something particularly hot happens, i'm voting for Rainbows story. hands down one of the hottest I've ever seen

5669033 (The frogurt is also cursed)

5669814 There's an idea, maybe I'll have the vote happen in the comments.

I vote Pinkie Pie.

Also, will this be something like the Canterbury Tales, where each character will have a few different stories?

Also also lol, CANTERBERRY TAILS. would have been a perfect fit, kinda.

Twilight's was the hottest! So there!

5692510 By the end of night 3, all six of them will have told a story. But I'm not planning on ending the story there.

Not gonna lie, this is a tight finish, whatever pun totally intended.
Pinkie's story sounds like a lot of fun, plus post-coital breakfast, but Rainbow Dash banged twins and got them really riled up on the couch - which was super hot - although she got help, indirectly, from Twilight.
So they're pretty much tied.
Goddamn poist-coital breakfast sounds really really good. But Dash's approach made the twins getting aroused so hot.

Nah, I'm gonna go for Pinkie's story. :pinkiehappy:
Sounds more fun - lots of people having sex in different ways is always fun - plus breakfast and sleeping after a good banging are da best. I know I obsess over the last two, but what happens before and after banging is just as important as the act itself in my opinion, because you gotta have a full story/experience. :twilightsmile:

5692510 Also come to think, seems like Canterlot is close enough to Canterbury that "The Canterlot Tales" would be a strong story title.

Pinkie always wins.

If Pinkie was not about to date somebody new I would say that she would have to show Dash that she can make the best stories personally but I am not sure that her new partner will want that (or perhaps she would like to go for another session with three?).

There should be more TwiJack stories.

Awesome story so far keep it going

I vote Rarity's. Just for the upset on both Pinkie and Rainbow.

5697381 I was expecting more justice votes like this, to be honest.

(I don't care who wins, which is why I put it up for a vote, but if no one had voted, I would have had Rarity win because upsets are funny. I'll do that as a bonus scene if it doesn't win.)

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Mar 5th, 2015

My inner 15 year old is laughing: I just gave this story it's 69th upvote.

Intriguing and fun, though I wonder what Shy's story would be....
Also if we'll get all six to try a 'group' session with each other. :rainbowwild:

My eternal question.

5703520 I don't have any problem with people liking Spike in main six clopfics, but personally I'm not into it. He feels too much like Twilight's very young son to me to be someone I want having sexy times with her and her friends. If I were to write sexy Spike fiction it'd be a "coming of age" type thing with him and the CMC or other younger ponies. Again, not judging if it's your thing, but you shouldn't expect it to happen in this fic.

(Also, I find ponies a lot sexier to write about than reptiles, and it's hard for me to write sexily about things I don't find sexy.)

5699941 Wonder (about the first question) no more!

different! Not bad, though :)

Though trying to imagine a headless canine with three phallic tentacles coming out of the neck area is a little off-putting for me, but i like how you handled it :)

Dash's was best. Nothing beats twins.

Oh Twilight... I'm disappointed, dood.

5749953 Twilight used the dick spell on someone else, dood. Do I need any other reason to be disappointed in her, dood?

5751888 Nah, you gotta be you, clearly. Though it's possible this isn't the last time she'll bust out that particular spell.

I just always crave more detailed feedback, so was wondering if that was the reason or something else. Thanks.

5756779 Oh yeah, feedback is always good, except when it's me bitchin about Twilight using a dick spell on somepony else... then it's just me crying about Twilight getting fucked instead of doing the fucking, dood.

I would've hoped to save the orgy for later and instead spend a chapter working RD up until she gave in to AJ and Twilight's teasing. Now there's no tension for "will Rainbow hold out or not?" And while this was really hot, it was a little absurd, too. I think you could've dragged it out a little longer, with sexy results. Maybe they leave after AJ's story feeling a little awkward, wondering whether their next night will devolve into an orgy, and whether they want it or not.

On other thoughts, I liked Rainbow's story the most, but having AJ tell her story while mounting Twilight was very creative.

5759206 Fair enough, that was originally the plan, but I found it didn't really feel substantive enough with just the dueling stories.

Also, I found it a bit unrealistic the other way - once you get to the point that you're watching two of your friends actually in coitus, things (in my admittedly limited experience) tend to escalate.

5751888 I hope this chapter is more to your liking :twilightblush:

It was much to my liking, dood. I deeply appreciate that you catered to me :twilightsmile:

Who's going to be the one to bring the bearer of bad news to Spike?

Fluttershy's thinking of Big Macintosh isn't she?

Shades of Scorpius, this fic... Friendship with Benefits is Magic. :twilightblush:

I am leaning against the CMC seeing the sexy things happening, dood. But whatever gets Twilight's dick wet, I suppose.

Never Snips and Snails, but otherwise, go nuts with the CMC.

I vote for yes to the CMCs, DT, and SS. There are plenty of other cute fillies and colts (Rumble, Noi, Peachy Pie, Sunny Daze, Archer, Berry Pinch, Dinky, and Zipporwhill) that can be used without you having to resort to *shudder* Snips and Snails.

5915818 I respect a poster who knows what they want :twilightsmile:

Given the variety I want to get in the story, though, that's only going to happen in some of the chapters regardless.

Nonetheless, will count you as a "walk away, Scoots" vote.

And poor Snips and Snails, doomed to eternal virginhood. That's rough, buddies.

5915863 They still have each other!

(Sorry to plant that image in your mind.)

I vote that scootaloo agrees for hiding in the dumbwaiter.

i vote for the dumbwaiter

Let them watch. It could be quite educational for them. Plus i would love to see scootaloo give it to silver spoon

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