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The Conversion Bureau never made any sense anyway, but here are some places where it would have made less sense.
Not necessarily worlds where the ponies would lose the fight - just worlds where conversion wouldn't logically work.

Before suggesting a World, read the index to make sure I haven't done it already.

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looks good, but a bit rushed

bit rushed but still I like. This a spiritual successor to the other alternative worlds beating equestria story?

I could only laugh the whole time reading i hate Xlestia with a burning fire so i really enjoyed this

if your looking for recommendations for planets I suggest skaro homeworld of the daleks

I recommend what ever planet Galactus intends on eating next; or the Earth of H.P. Lovecraft, complete with Cthulhu.:pinkiecrazy:

TCB cannot take down Phantasy Star - Algo Solar System.
Why? Has Androids with massive firepower and even anti-magic defense. Most Humans also can easily use and counter magic or have similar abilities.
Lastly Dark Force incarnations would be more powerful than even Discord crushing any trump card TCB Equestria has, with the obvious downside of 2 planets go boom instead of 1.

'Only in cooperation will you survive.'

Indeed, a bit rushed, and the references to "the author" are incredibly out of place and forced. Please refrain from fourth wall jokes unless they can be pulled off spectacularly with increasing escalation without becoming a meta story or with amazing subtlety. However, I enjoyed the way you applied pre-conceived concepts to prove your point, and it made for a very enjoyable read. I hope you continue with all this in mind.

I would suggest planet Char in the Koprulu Sector, if possible.

5663495 The point isn't "the ponies lose" but "conversion makes no sense here". Of course massive firepower will win out.

5663528 Sorry about the forth wall junk, that was the best way I could think of to hammer home "Celestia would never do this". The other jokes flowed from that.

Literally wrote the first two chapters in an afternoon.

5663627 Ah, that makes more sense then.

5663619 sorry about the way i put my comment just trying to suggest a location that would likely be more trouble than its worth to invade.

This is a promising start to an interesting concept, but I couldn't help but be extremely confused at points. I'm familiar, in passing, with the concept of the Bureau, but "Xlestia" (how is that supposed to be pronounced, anyway?) was a new one to me and the sudden use of the name with no introduction threw me for a bit of a loop. Is she a common character in some of the Bureau fics, or did you invent her?

So Xlestia is a changeling? Does that mean the changelings conquered Equestria and are now trying to take over other worlds? Is that what's happening?

Also, it might not be a bad idea to tag your chapters with the name of the property it's based on instead of just the planet's name. I was a third of the way into the first chapter before I figured out this was Pokémon.

This looks promising.

Kinda want to see a chapter where the humans just pack up and head to a new planet.
And if/when Equestria pops up there, they go back to Earth.
Repeat ad nausium to the sound of Benny Hills, until the humans get fed up and blast Equestria from orbit.

Hmmm...what about the Gmod Universe? TCB has nuthin' on that! Especially, logic!

The humor here is kinda meta - basically my brain couldn't handle Cannon!Celestia actually acting out the plot of a Conversion Bureau story, so 'Xlestia' the evil stand-in came about.

And the tagging thing - I want to balance the world between being easy to recognize and not obvious from the start.

Nice fic, hope to see more of it. I can think of an old RPG world or two that might work for this. But I doubt either of them are twell known enough that anyone would recall them. So I'll just toss out a world that would flat out drive TCB bonkers. Namely the Mario world and by the Mario world I'm Including the side franchises that tie into it, Meaning the Wario land, Donkey Kong country, Yoshi's Island in addition to the world from the Main platformers along with the RPG games like Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi and what have you. Between the frequent Kidnappings, chaotic sports events, and anchen horrors attempting to break out ever year or so, along with the sheer scope of things that the Mario Galaxy games brings into things I'd bet TCB would pop up, get a read on the situation... and promptly run away screaming inside a week.

More worlds: Marvel. DC. Possibly Dragon Ball Z. Or Naruto. Or BLEACH. Or any other world of super-powered defenders. Final Fantasy.

I'm a little bit sad that Celestia didn't end up trapped inside a masterball.

Do one where its Warhammer 40k on Terra or any human world during the great crusade and have Celestia come face to face with the God emperor of mankind and his Primarch sons

you'd think mew and the others would just imprison her and be done with it, they've got to see what her plan is by now.

also ... does it really kill everything on two legs because a lot of pokemon stand to in younger evolutions or some permantly... if not fallout would be good. there are plenty of nightmarish creatures I can just see the entire dc super mutants vacating to the light and annihilating the ponies weak towns by the droves.

also Deathclaws, Mirlurks, Tunnelers, Casadors, are incredibly hard some impossible to get rid of.... soo new hostile to all indigenous life. good luck dealing with the creatures, ... ohh and appaloosa doomed for sure, and Canterlot well all those caves good luck Tunnelers have been know to kill Deathclaw so.... here's a quote for you about them since Canterlots about to be lunch in the near future... oh also not sure if the barrier will mater with ghouls if not well.

"They'll start emerging throughout the Mojave in time, might be years. Probably less. They breed fast, hunt in groups, more than enough to bring down the strongest in the Mojave. Once they draw blood... Seen them tear apart deathclaws... Deathclaw might get some, but the rest will swarm it, tear it apart, like Denver hounds. "

Well, if we're dealing with someone with a greater aversion to primordial chaos, we need look no farther than Sailor Moon. She isn't going to see a being of harmony when she encounters Xenolestia....she's going to see just another avatar of chaos to defeat.

I would suggest the world of conker, but i honestly can't remember if there even were any humans in that. Might make a good side story though ponies turned into squirrels and teddy bears etc.

Never read anything containing the Conversion Bureau because I took one look at the Alternate Universe tag and said "Nope." Now I think I have a grasp of it. Thank you for showing me yet another widespread alternate universe in which Celestia is evil.

On a related note, this was actually entertaining. I like seeing good beat bad when good is likeable, and making the opening chapter Pokemon related is worth about a million points in my book. You have earned yourself a favourite.

Nirn, the Elder Scrolls world.
Fallout Earth.
Drangleic, the Dark Souls II Kingdom.
Gears of War planet, I want to say Terra but I'm not sure that's it.
Really any fantasy rpg.

How about a world in the Dr. Who multiverse in the middle of a cybermen attack? They'd just upgrade anyone converted. Alternatively, same thing with Star Trek and the Borg.

Friendship is Optimal? Kind of the same thing as above with different semantics/interactions.

What about the world of the Conversion Bureau itself? XLestia comes in just as normal CB-Lestia is enacting her plan, hijinks ensue.

Maybe a world with negative continuity like Invader ZIm or Grim Adventures - XLestia would convert the entire planet, only to wake up the next day to find everything's exactly the same as before and no one remembers it happening.

Maybe a TV show that's so vapid/devoid of thought/irritating that XLestia just outright abandons the invasion? Bonus points if it's another Hasbro toy shill.

Perhaps a filler chapter wherein XLestia opens the portal to a world without humans, e.g. anthropomorphs/funny animals and fails by definition. Bonus points if it's an old MLP Gen (maybe she'd get a kick out of ponifying Meghan).

That's all's I got for now, hope it helps.

Have 'Xlestia' come into the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, there you have the entirety of Looney Tunes and animated Disney.
Humanity is getting beaten back from the barrier, and with humanity being forcibly ponified, the toons get pissed (The ponies are taking away their audience) and unleash the entirety of Toontown on to Equestria where Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse take on 'Xlestia' personally.

You want a world where conversion doesn't make sense? How about Equestria?
Xlestia turns up to to turn all the locals into ponies; but wait, they already are ponies!

Oh, no! Team Rocket stole the "R" from stronger! Now the last laugh is theirs!

Harry Potter universe. Dementors.

TCB vs Azeroth.

Time to show exactly how powerful constant war can make you.

5663619 But I can't see how conversion makes no sense here...
Conversion is not making sense in Halo, Mass-Effect and Prototype either then...

TCB versus Heuco Mundo of Bleach; watch as all the Hollows devour the ponies for their 'reiatsu'!

In the case of Kanto the local humans (with the exception of the Teams) are friendlier than the ponies are. Add to that that they can counter the main issues of TCB and Conversion simply isn't going to work.

5670378 In Mass-Effect it isn't going to work either because the Reapers would come and kill them and they lost their way to fight back thanks to Xlestia then, and think about it:
How does she convert a race of mechanicals (if I remember correctly) or atleast synthetics?
She would sign her own doom since it is IMPOSSIBLE to convert the Reapers.

Metal Earth from Brutal Legend. I highly doubt they overcome the sheer might of metal.

The traditional barrier of TCB stories dissolves machine-made objects. Sorry, Metal Earth might actually be more vulnerable than normal.

Same as above. Of course in Mass Effect's case, Paragon!Shepard would just convince all the ponies to stage a coup.

5670740 You realize that in that world there are motorcycle boars? Hell if it came down to it, the titans would probably come down and fuck them up.

Prototype! It's a world where Mercer(Protagonist) can absorb any being, including their memories and powers, shape his body into weapons, can shoot a bioweapon out of his body and is a hivemind. Not mentioning the supersoldiers, weapons, advanced tech of Blackwatch.

Then there's Prototype 2 with dozens of the above ^^^^^^ people like Mercer, all running around with his powers but at a lesser extent and one pissed off black guy that tore down two armies just to get at the man who killed his daughter.

I don't remember TCB having immunities to viruses so that doesn't seem like a world where they'd be welcome.

I know one, the only world that has characters that are more random than Pinkie Pie. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

somehow Xlestia end up INSIDE Tron-world

a series of "backup-restore" ensue

Another Conversion Bureau world
Pretty much any planet with any number of Rea--I AM ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL
Gensokyo from Touhou
Holy Terra of the Imperium of Man (honorary Earth by virtue of no longer being named "Earth")
Earth from (Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Marvel, DC, Lovecraft, Fate/Stay Night, Dragonball Z)
Alderaan about ten minutes before Tarkin showed up with the Death Star
Golarion from Pathfinder
Any zombie apocalypse world
Any world written by Gen Urobuchi
Faerun from D&D
Gaia from (Exalted, Asura's Wrath)
The Digital World (Digimon)
Scaro from Dr. Who
FATAL, the "fuck this shit I'm going to go off myself after having read this rulebook" roleplaying game.
The Zerg-infected Char
Pandora from Borderlands

A warframe chapter would be interesting

... what exactly would be so interesting about Neptune?

digimon star wars legend of zelda super mario super smash bros dan vs X-com

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