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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


Luna knew draconequus, at least she knew that her friend Discord was one of them. That was all there was to know, right? One night, Havoc proves first hand how little she knows about his species.

This is a companion story to my long running fic This Cruel and Random World, and occurs in the same universe.

Cover art a gift from Akoi. :heart: Pre-reading by Nomad_Sigma and SageBrony07

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Well. That was intriguing to say the least. Amazing stuff as always. Keep up the good work.

Well, Luna has seen....


The stuff of Nightmares...

ha ha ha ha.....get it! because she is the Princess of the Night! and...and she has the ability to see dreams and Nightmares! ha ha ha ha....ugh :facehoof: I'm so so sorry, my humor kinda stinks.

Anyway, awesome mini story you have here.

I don't know if you'll be able to classify this story as "cute" after this next interlude chapter.

... Whelp, now I know why you said that XD. It does explain why Luna keeps her distance, as being mentally scared as a little kid/filly tends to do that to people... ponies :pinkiecrazy:. I do have to wonder at the guards though. They seemed to be completely fine with the Draconequus calling their King of Equestria his servant and getting splattered with Gryphon blood. Are they secretly aligned with Havoc? :pinkiegasp:

Any who, great chapter as always!


Are they secretly aligned with Havoc?

Why stop the being that removing all the obstacles for you? They're playing it smart, though a lot of it is fear too. Nopony messes with Havoc, nopony.

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Thanks! Glad you both enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Looks like Luna met something that is far worse then becoming nightmare moon. Seriously nice headcanon I think Cthulhu would be proud XD.

Astound bit here! though I will say. In This Cruel and Random World, you described Havoc as having a tiger paw. Was this a missed detail perhaps? Or were you using tiger for a synonym of lion?

woops! lol. Well now you know of it. XD

Good story, AWESOME cover art from the maker!

:trollestia: Aaaaaand another fave has been earned by the illustrious Bluegrassbrooke! Give her a round of applause, people!

This was full of promising headcanon, and thankfully not quite as traumatizing as I imagined...until the end, that was. :rainbowderp: I don't care what sort of childhood-scarring material you put in L.O., nothing is worse that EATING a fellow sentient being. It's a personal creep-out for me. XD You did warn me, though.

Phalanx snorted, "Every hatchling after his first molt knows of you, Havoc the Reaper." His green eyes fell to the claws still scraping the stone, "They say you filled the valleys with blood during the Great Reckoning." He clicked his beak in what Luna could only assume was some kind of griffon curse. "Truly you have gone soft to serve such . . . livestock with blind allegiance." Luna felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She had heard tutors use the phrase to describe ponies before the era of intelligence, but never outside that context. It was the filthiest of curse words and her parents did not tolerate its use.

If that was rascism what is the difference now ? Between the other races ?

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