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A strange five-man group of unusual creatures and a robot called the Aquabats show up one day in Equestria while Twilight, Spike and the girls were having a barbecue. Along with them, three of their greatest enemies were there as well. How will the Aquabats get home? What of their enemies? You'll have to read this exciting adventure to find out!

Chapters (10)
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Oh no. Oh Celestia NO!

On a side note. This is a great idea, but you need a little something called paragraphs. Every time there is a change in speaker you need a new paraghrap.


I wanted to do an Aquabats/Pony crossover for a while, but you beat me to it you splendiferous bastard! Still, it was pretty funny. There were some problems though.

Mainly, the structure. All the text is in huge blocks. It's incredibly hard on the eyes, and makes the story look like shit as a result. If you space out the lines, it makes the story actually easy to read. I'd even be willing to help you in this if you want, since I love the general concept of this so much.

barbecue? what were they barbecue-ing if theyre ponies?

Well maybe it was a donut barbecue. Haven't you ever tried barbecuing a donut before?

And that's why you're on the internet talking to creepy people, instead of having a good Ol' Canadian style donut barbecue.

I like to think I'm just some random fuck who likes observing all the genuinely creepy people on this site (i.e 99.9% of the people here). It helps keep me sane, and prevent me from drinking bourbon.

A pony crossover that makes sense?:pinkiegasp: Blasphemy! Gimme Fallout: Equestria any day of the week.

This is possibly the only story I will both dislike and favorite.

559808 Don't have an answer for that, do you? :moustache: Need I bring up Fall Weather Friends?

560787 During one of the announcements in the Running of the Leaves, Pinkie mentions a Hotdog Eating Contest when Spike said Rainbow Dash was catching up to AJ.

I tend to ignore things from the show that I don't feel fit the cannon, didn't notice that but screw it. I'll just ignore it.

Aw man, I've been looking forward to this! I love it!

A crossover I wasn't expecting.:derpytongue2:

2566572 As serious as a nuclear Australia.

2568346 The Aquabats are a rock band that started out as a SKA band in 1994. Their lore is superhero-based. They've gotten so poular, they got their own show on the very same channel as the show that made our community possible.

2568412 Well the jokes on you, I don't have whatever channel our beloved show is on, just the standard free digital tv ones.

2568418 :twilightoops: HUH!? BUT I- WHAT!? :facehoof:

Okay, I think I can still save this conversation. Have a listen to this, it's a song from the pre-EagleBones Era and the waning days of the Chainsaw Era.

And if THAT doesn't tickle your fancy, check out the first season of the aforementioned show here! ...Or...go listen to some more songs...Whichever you choose.

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