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Edit: fixed

After finishing: wow! :pinkiehappy:

That... was so beautiful, dood. I'm kinda hoping Twilight lost her virginity to a toy though, dood. But all in all... beautiful.

God... damnit Twilight. So lucky.

inb4 "god futa is so lame" whiners.

:rainbowwild: i want so much more of this

jz1 #6 · Feb 22nd, 2015 · · ·

Am I the only one who wants more? Like, a lot more?

Goood, more Futa, that's so- Nope, I can't do it with a straight face. :derpytongue2:


Back in your hole, Blue! D: Git!

I'm actually interested to see more. One complaint is that Fleur's accent was so thick it was downright distracting at times, but overall good.

It occurs to me there may be a miscommunication.



Not as a drawn out good, but as a whiny, drawn out gawd.


Aha! That makes more sense.

I really shoulda been a bit clearer the first time. :derpyderp2:

Why does it have to be anthro? :applejackunsure:

5655836 Why don't you have to SHUT UP? :rainbowkiss:

A-a story with futaprincess Twilight and her mother that doesn't end in a one-off joke about how her mother prefers her daughter to her husband and she's leaving him for her daughter?! :raritystarry:

I... I'm so happy. :fluttercry:

reads story, slams on ground ANOTHER

“So, about this stallion or mare who took my Twily's most precious gift...”

God damn it, I wanted an answer to that! Why bring it up if you ain't going to answer it. Anyway, great story, Twi's attitude seems to shift a bit quickly but otherwise a good read.

5656782 What? I mean, I've seen that happen once, is it a common scenario?

I've seen it at least twice... and hadn't yet seen this without the joke at the end. It's a pretty specific scenario, though, at the intersection of incest and Twilight growing a dick, so I wouldn't expect to see it that much.

Really, though, because I don't like (understatement alert) cheating played as a joke or glorified, I uh... exaggerate the rate at which it happens. Sometimes it feels like I'm tripping over cheating = good every day, even though it's probably still in the minority.

I'm guessing it was Celestia. Her shut in nature when she was young meant that the only ponies with the necessary equipment in her life would have been her father, Shining, Spike and Celestia. You combine that with the hints of something more between them at the start and I think it narrows it down.

My curiosity is BURNING right now with the need to know who popped Twily's cherry! I want to bet Celestia.


Good old God futa...

Was it Biologic Orthodoxy who did it first, or was he just the most famous, do you know?


Wasn't he the one who was the alt of a mod? And had a really good set of stories but took them down/re-did them because some nitwit complained that biological mating imperatives are rape or some silly thing?


Don't recall if Device Heretic was a mod or not, but yes, that's the one. Not sure about the all reasoning behind everything, but he did have a hard time with trolls, and ended up taking everything down at least a couple times, and eventually leaving. I think someone found out his identity, which lead to rather severe employment problems.

A pretty tragic case, really. He wrote good clop, though.

Edit: Oh, wait, yes, the rape thing does sound familiar now I think about it again. Oy vey.


I was there for that. I remember being fairly upset at how stupid a reason it was that someone fed into his thinkpan, and being fairly vocal about it in the comments. Apparently, estrus and rut are rape to some people. Then again, to some people all sex is rape. Go figure, but it just goes to show you how stupid people can get.

Which was a shame, I was really enjoying those. I'd hoped for more. Ah well, I have the original versions on my machine so I can't complain too loudly.

Fleur and Coco make such a cute couple.

Thanks for catching that. :twilightsheepish:
Who knows? Maybe I'll come back to this and you'll find out? :ajsmug:
I was more worried that people would bitch and moan about the anthro. :rainbowwild:
5655081 5655084 5658723 5659020
I may return to this and make it a full story after my Twilody story. :trixieshiftright:
5655254 5655615 5655653 5656980
Thank you kindly. :twilightsmile:
Well, I tried to make it a bit thick, while keeping it understandable, hence the light sprinkling of actual French in the dialogue. :twilightblush:
Aaannnd there's the one I was worried about. Honestly, I did anthro, because I know the human body a lot better than the equine body, and to me, anthro is just way, way, way hotter. tl;dr: because potatoes. :trollestia:
Who was that masked man? :rainbowderp:
It always tickles me pink when someone recognizes one of my song references. :pinkiehappy:
Now, now, be nice. We're all entitled to our opinions (even if some opinions are more right than others). :derpytongue2:
I didn't even know this was a thing. :twilightoops:
It sure did. :coolphoto:
5659260 5659804
I miss him. He was a fantastic writer. :pinkiesad2:

:rainbowhuh: Another alicorn dick story?

Not bad, I quite liked it.

Not bad, I quite liked it.


It's an -extremely- typical scenario for fans of cuckolding/cuckqueaning, simply because that's how their fetish evolves.
Unfortunately, with how typical it is you wind up tripping over it everywhere. Yet, conversely, if a story has a 'claimed' character involved and doesn't majorly feature a scene or several scenes of heartbreak or something with the other paired character, you get those idiotic few who start bitching up a storm.

It's like you can't have Rarity clop, or Twilight Velvet or Cadence without someone bitching about Spike (pedo much?), Night Light, or Shining Armor and demanding some kind of "walking in" scene. It's like they're trying to force the cuck fantasy part of it without realizing they're helping what they're against.

Hey WraithWriter, do you have an image that will convey your opinion of this story?

You bet your sweet digital ass I do!


And goddamn do I now ship Coco and Fleur.

Also, I loved Fleur's accent. It was magnifique, non?

Only complaint is Twilight kind of just stops existing as little more than a thing in the middle for a bit. I understand the focus being on the others, but it was a little... eh for me. Overall though?


I look forward to more.

There is now a futa story featuring unexplained infidelity (what happened to Fancy Pants?) in my favorites list... How is this my life? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MEEEEEEE?! :applecry:

Well that escalated quickly.

I mean that really got out of hand fast.

I will say its well written clop, with dialogue that doesn't make me want to weep.

I have a feeling that many orgies are in store here should it continue. And if not, its a better then average clopshot (clop that's a one shot)

I will say that 'horny incestous milf Velvet' is a bit old hat by now...

Hey, there's a gender-flipped term for cuckolding. I didn't know that.

It rarely seems like there's a cuckoldry fetish story that focuses on the masochistic pleasure of being humiliated by your partner and another lover (which I don't like either, but doesn't outrage me like the other version does), but instead lots of stories about adultery fetishes where the wife, unsatisfied with her husband (played as an incompetent loser), betrays him to sleep with the sexually-fantastic protagonist. The difference between a dom/sub relationship, and rape. Not fantasized "she starts to enjoy it" rape, but brutal "she deserves to be hurt" rape. I know both can be fetishized, though (as both can cuckoldry and adultery).

And, well... I do sympathize with someone who doesn't like cuckolding ask about seeing their partner finding out. It's the hope that somehow the ending would be fine after their partner finding out, and getting justly outraged or finding out that it's their fetish/their partner just didn't mention they had a swinging relationship beforehand... but yeah, if they're already being written as being cheated on, the chances of it turning into a happy ending for the cuck is pretty slim.


Aye, I've had my... experiences, over the years. Can't get too deep into the kinkster community without finding people into it.

As for that, I can't really sympathize with them overall. Like... hm. If I wanted to read a story where Mrs. Cake is getting plowed. By canon, she's with Carrot. That may even be the case, but when the story leaves something like that... nebulous, at best? Like it never mentions the partner at all, we're really supposed to just ignore that the supposed relationship is a thing. For all we, the readers, know, it might be an AU where it simply hasn't happened, or they broke up, or he's okay with it, or he never existed. Who knows! The focus is on Cup gettin' it, unless it's a story "about the Cakes", chances are that I don't want to bother with Carrot popping up for no actual reason.

It's the same in stories like... this one I was reading a year or so back, I forget. It was Raritwi, and there were these annoying Spike-cultists complaining that the story basically wasn't focusing around Spike dealing with Rarity and Twi being in a relationship. ... It's a Raritwi story, I don't read it for Spike. I'll go read a Spike story if I want that. It's also hypocritical because you never hear people go "Hey, an Appledash story. So why isn't Pinkie in it?" People continually act like the lack of a specific character they want to see is an objective fault of the story, when it's just their personal desire. Feel me?

Is it possible we could get a follow-up with the family orgy?

I do sort of feel you, that someone demanding the intrusion of another character into the fun, which would change the tone and subject of the fic... but usually these complaints or demands are expressed after the frustration of having to extrapolate the consequences of the actions of the characters in the fic and finding the implications fairly unfortunate. With no evidence to the contrary the default assumption would be that Cup Cake would be cheating on her husband... so I'm still on the fence for whether or not bringing that up in comments is necessarily in bad faith.

At very least, I prefer it done like this fic, where there was more than a token effort put into making Twilight's parents' relationship happily swinging.

Spike and RariTwi is also complicated for different reasons... And I'm not sure if it's a good idea to start a discussion about it on a story where Spike doesn't even show up, even though I am sorely tempted to launch into something big about it, since it is fairly accurate to describe me as a rabid fan of him. Suffice to say, that specific romance would have a huge impact on him both in heartbreak and in Twilight's (and by extension, his) living situation changing, so if there are any responses to their relationship his is at the top of the list, but that doesn't mean the story is necessarily of the scope where others reacting to it are important, that his feelings weren't addressed in a good amount, or that the fans weren't making unreasonable demands or complaints about it.

Very awesome story, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Holy...crap...that was hot. Like...seriously, my mind is thoroughly blown right now to the point that I can't make sentences.

That was so hot, it melted the elastic in my underwear.

Maybe a sequel where they have to deal with consequences like people getting wrong impressions about the new Princess, or a mysteriously pregnant Twilight Velvet....

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