• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Times Long Past - Cryptic-Dash

In a time long before equestrian civilization was a great empire, after years of flourishing and expanding the empire died out... or so we thought. What will be discovered after being lost to the ages will change equestrian history forever.

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1: The End...

12000 years before Nightmare Moons return

The world before me was a wasteland, heavy clouds hung above as I stared out over the land that once flourished with life and a place that could be called home, now all that was left was dust and destruction. It had been sixteen years since the war began, outer colonies fell to brutal bombardment, as the alien invaders attacked planet after planet without discretion. After Astaria fell we responded in kind taking out one of the alien cruisers, the victory was a moral boost for us all and showed that we could take them. But this was short lived as it only fueled the fire that was attacking us, we were hoplessly outmatched, outgunned and outclassed.
It was almost a joke.
After 5 years of fighting we made a breakthrough that gave us a fighting chance against the invaders, energy weapons were made by the thousands, guass and new missile systems were attached to the frigates. The greatest discoveries of all was the ability to travel faster than light allowing us to get to the action faster and give us a better chance to beat the onslaught. Again though, the alien war machine would continue to churn its way through us, planet after planet until it got here.
Where is here your thinking, well here is Earth, our home.
Four years of fighting on this planet has forced into hiding and a further one saw what few us remain to seek out shelter in outposts built to outlast the darkest of days... or so we thought.

Then it began, the sirens going off like crazy again, I knew we couldn't survive this but we were doing our best at taking them out. After all we will haunt their dreams for eternity because if we burn, so will they.

'Incoming fighters, all hands to battle stations, all non-essential personnel to the blast shelter, I repeat all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill' the emergrency tanoi sounds as the aliens final assult begins.

Here we go I think to myself as I make my way from the bulkhead doors, the audible clanking noise of them closing behind me. The doorway has two mk.2 guass canons facing it, if anything gets through their not getting far.
The cave we now call home is carved out and looks like a massive underground city, it was a highly advanced military facility before being converted into a massive bunker which would eventually house whats left of us.
There were other bunkers like this around the world, four to be precise, the last of these to fall was Echo base in the Scottish highlands which housed one milion people and fivehundred thousand military personnel, being one of the biggest military sites it took nine days to fall, after that we were the only ones left. We stood at the gates of hell and yet here we were ready to decimate our enemy with a prototype weapon which will kill all life on and around earth... well thats the thought anyway.

"Sir, you are needed in the war room" called lt. peters, one of the higher ranking officers on the base. Loyal to the end.

"Very well lieutenant, carry on" I responded.

Giving me a quick salute he hurried off to his station with me following behind, it was a fairly short walk to the metro car which was taking us from the entrance to the military area almost 3km away.

As I stepped on to the car all the men stood up to give a quick salute, I merely stopped them before anyone could move.

"Stay as you are men" I began, "we're all in this together, no need for formalites."

They went back as they were with a few 'yes commander's' thrown around. I wasn't to keen on the whole formal stuff, but as the highest ranking person around I might as well have been king for all the people cared.

As the car went along a shockwave rippled through the cave as the alien bombardment began, lights flickered and paniced screams were heard from the city, then another much louder and far more earth shattering rumble sounded through the cave. The men in the car losing balance as they gripped onto nearby poles for support. I just stood there, unflinching as the bombardment continued.
Another loud crack sounded as the explosions grew closer and closer together, then there it was... a massive chunk of the roof rock caved away dropping down towards the ground, as it hit the ground it landed on nearby buildings, ripping them apart as if paper.

"We can't take much more of this" one of the men called out.

"We can do this" I lied, "we can make it through this and come out stronger than ever" I told them, I knew we wouldn't make it but it seemed to make some of them a little less jumpy.

As we passed through to the military zone and pulled up, it was a flurry of activity as men were carried off due to injury from falling debris and collapsing tunnels. The doors opened up and we poured out as fast as possible, my pace picking up into a fast jog as I made my way to the war room. On the way I passed the hangar which was an enormous three football pitches long and two wide, it now only held one ship. My ship. It was in complete disrepair after the fight for New York, It'salways New York first isn't it I chuckled lightly to myself at the thought. However as I stared at the lonely ship my thoughts caught up to me as my mood quickly took a turn downhill at the memories of losing countless friends and comrades.
Getting myself together again I hastily continued on my way.

As I did so I stopped off at the armoury to pick up the suit of armour I wore, a highly advanced piece of hardware designed to keep you alive for as long as possible in all kinds off situations, among that it boosted speed, strength and agility.

A bit more snug than I remember

The armour was a mix of white and silver steel with onyx plating and gold trimmings, the war had taken its toll on it since it was scratched and had numerous burn marks on it, on the right shoulder and back had the flag of my battalion which was now torn and was a relic of what once was. I still wore it though even if it was ruined, it reminded me of the friends I had lost and those I must fight in rememberance for.

I made my way through the corridors and winding tunnels as the earth shook with the force of multiple bombs that would eventually smash the cave to pieces, the doomsday weapon sat in the centre of reactor room since it needed so much power, the war room just beyond it, fortified to outlive everything. Stepping through the doors to the war room had all activity stop as the occupants stared at me wide eyed since I was in my armour ready for battle. A quick throat clear from me saw activity resume.

"Whats the situation Jason?" I asked the nearby Captain as he went through the simulations and watched the battle above on the holographic table.

"Not good sir, the residential section has pretty much collapsed in on itself, while the blast door is taking serious damage" he replied in a sombre tone, "Sir-" he began, "I d-don't think we can make it through this", his voice beginning to crack as the emotions began to overcome him, his eyes nearly on the verge of tears.
It was heart wrenching to see one of the strongest men I know almost break down in front of me, despite what has happened in recent events.
"I-I'd like to spend some time... with my family sir."

Looking back at him I eyed him as he nervously twitched in place looking at me with determination that screamed 'I will see them one way or another', looking around the room all activity had stopped as an earth shattering shake caused a large crack in the roof of the room.
All eyes in the room were on us as we spoke, one of the women on the radar was having a hard time supressing sobs.
"..." I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out, swallowing down the lump in my throat I let out a shaky breath and tried again, "Go and spend what time you have with your family Captain" I finally spoke, "all of you, go and spend time with your loved ones" I told the room.

"T-thank you... sir" he spoke quietly as he gave me a salute, "It was an honour." The room stood at attention as they all saluted me, before quickly leaving the room followed by the other command personnel as they took their leave for the last time. I returned the show of honour in full by saluting back as they fled the room

I looked around the now empty room as a single tear rolled down my cheek, wiping it away I headed over to the comms terminal.
Standing over the terminal for a few seconds to compose myself I pick up the headset, "Door defense whats the situation", I asked even as my voice shook slightly through the mic.

"The bulkheads not gonna take much more, we need to more-", A loud explosion was heard through the headset as I ripped it off of my head due to the noise, even with my ear still ringing I could hear the voices coming through; "BREACH, BREACH, THEIR IN THE BUNKER", I stared at the headset in my hand knowing it was only a matter of time before the end, there was nothing that could be done, all resources had been exhausted even as a thought crossed my mind.

We sure put up one hell of a fight

As I slowly make my way back to the terminal, I reflect at the time spent over the years fighting the onslaught.
Placing the headset back on the desk I made my way to the locked the weapon terminal, quickly entering codes and using scanners to confirm its use as It began to flash green with a 'ready to use' command on screen. Reaching my hand down to to the key I can't help the shakiness in my arm, as I was about to turn the key a new massive explosion ripped its way through the cave followed by thousands of screams of the civillian population in the inner bunker.
As the cracking off rock resounded through the cave, families being crushed by falling rock as the cieling give way under the immense blast, a quick look to the CCTV terminal confirmed the worse as the aliens stood in the doorway as shots of energy weapons go flying through the air meant anyone in there had no chance.
Getting back up everything was spinning from the concussion caused by the shockwave through the tunnels, steadying myself on the nearby chair I shook my head a few times to clear it.
Clear enough to think again I turned the key as the sounds of screams haunted my thoughts and fallen comrades and friends filled my rage against the invaders as I knew what to do, what must. be. done.

Picking up the headset and setting the tanoi to all so everyone, alien or human would hear the message.
"To all who hear this, I am Commander General Aaron Gamble, Hero of the assult on Gallileo 1 and saviour of Alpha 9 Station, Commander of the 137th Royal Space Fleet and team leader to the infamous Black Squad, I am your worst nightmare and I will see that you burn with us this day, and if your listening to this, remember this..." the doors to the war room burst open as two of the aliens stare at the lone human, "...go to hell!"

Bringing my hand down on the activation button, warning lights and sirens sound throughout the entire cave as the doomsday weapon begins to spool up, the aliens that were at the door had already turned tail and fled at speeds thought normally impossible.
The static field continued to grow larger and more potent as the weapon expanded its field of attack far beyond its confines.
When the field finally washed through the war room I had already taken a seat at the terminal now just waiting for what was to come and the hoplessness of using such a weapon dawning on him. The hazy commander took a steady breath to calm himself as his eyes began to close and the facility began to crumble around him, a lone tear rolling out as a last thought came to mind.

I'm sorry

A bright light, noise that could rival a sonic boom later, and all went black.

2000 years before Nightmare moons return

"...and that my little princesses is the tale of the lost empire"

'AWWWWW' was the chorus of the two sisters as their mother concluded the story, the older sister having heard the story before just sat their attempting to pout out another story, meanwhile the younger sister just bounded out of her bed in ecstatic joy as she went to sit on her mothers lap.

"One day" she began, "I'll have an empire just as big and powerfuw" she stated in an over enthusiastic way as always.

"No... I'LL Have the bestest empire" the older sister beamed with usual joy.

"Celly" the younger sister moaned, "Mine would be so much better" she finished with a cocky smile.

"Luna", Celestia began, "Mine would be awsome like the great gryphon kngdoms..." she paused for effect, "but even BETTER!" she exclaimed jumping to her mother in an over the top way.

Her mother just giggled and laid her hoof on the fillies back as they began to settle in her embrace.
"Just remember this is just a story girls, the lost empire is nthing more than myth and creative story telling over the years", Queen Gaia spoke as the fillies just snuggled into her embrace, the smile ever present on her face.
"Now, I do believe it is time a couple of certain princesses got some beauty sleep."

"Awww, but we're really-" getting cut off by a yawn celesta continued, "-getting... into..." as she drifted off into a gentle slumber in her mother embrace.
Gaia looked down to Luna who had already drifted off to sleep with a contented smile on her face, she felt a couldn't do anything but let her heart soar as the two fillies snuggled into her.

Unfortunately Queen Gaia had to leave and began her way to the beds as she placed the two sleeping fillies gently and tucked them in before speaking softly to them, "You'll both have amazing kingdoms and I can't wait to see the day that happens" she felt her eyes water at the thought of them growing up and becoming the beautiful young mares to be.

As she made her way out closing the door to their room she pondered on the story she had just told as she looked at the book in her hooves, 'Tales of a time long past' before shaking the thought of it being real from her head.

Meanwhile many miles away from the castle, deep in a cave of crystal surrounded by darkness stood a lone door, long ripped open and a gentle blue light beginning to glow deep within the confines of this crystal cave. Waiting to be found...

Author's Note:

So this is the beginning of a story I honestly never thought I would get started, and I hope will continue to improve. As for updates, I will try to get out as much content as I can over the course of time and space (couldn't resist) but chapter 2 will be out before next weekend, tis a promise.

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