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Just remember, a cactus isn't a vegetable.


On just a normal day, many abnormal things happen to the mane six! Talking party animals, alive boulders, Derpy's muffins, Spike gaining wings, and bald, unicorn Cadence can all be found in these silly stories about the most beloved six ponies! Enjoy!

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Umm thanks, I think? Lol I wasn't trying to make a point out of my story, I was just trying to make pinkie do random things, and hopefully make you laugh. lol I'm fine with constructive criticism, but I'll just write my own stories, thanks for commenting though :pinkiehappy:

5657178 Thank you so much!:twilightsmile: should I write more chapters?

5657178 I see you like Tom too :rainbowlaugh: he's my favorite Boulder XD

5657276 if you could, you should do one for each of the mane six. :pinkiehappy:

5657389 That's exactly what I was thinking!:pinkiehappy: I'll get started right now! Thanks for commenting!:twilightsmile:

5657389 i finally got the Twilight chapter up!:twilightsmile: I'm going to post The Rarity chapter on Thursday! So hopefully your looking forward to that:pinkiehappy:

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