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Finally fixed so Delicious Apples is the first chapter! Thank you, moderators of Fimfiction for fixing so we finally can do that ^^

Wow.... this is strong

You're more abusive to the english language than to any of the characters. Get yourself a pre-reader or two and an editor.

Seems that everypony's ego is dead...

28899 Really? you stopped RIGHT the moment before things were about to finally get fixed? Man, you sure know how to pull an annoying comment :heart:

so uhm i was reading this w/ skyrim theme and

But when the colt finally entered her, all the attention she could conjure ended up on the horrifying presence of such a large piece of meat like Soarin's dick inside her.

happened at the same time the guy said FUS RO DAH

SOTY all years 11/10 gratz

so uhm i was reading this w/ skyrim theme and

But when the colt finally entered her, all the attention she could conjure ended up on the horrifying presence of such a large piece of meat like Soarin's dick inside her.

happened at the same time the guy said FUS RO DAH

SOTY all years 11/10 gratz

This story is just really, really weird. Like really weird.

STFU: Stop trolling for unicorns

will there be moar?:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::fluttershysad::eeyup:

I tell myself that I'll never read a clopfic again.

But, alas...


Why the hell is everypony in Ponyville a pervert?

Hmm sounded like 'cupcakes' but a good story all round, didn't really like the other ones though but this one is much sweeter and thus desevers all it gets:yay::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiesmile::ajsmug::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::eeyup::moustache:

what kind of person writes this stuff? and why cant i stop reading it?? screw it, keep going!:facehoof:

Okay I've read everything so far. I hate Spitfire and Soarin' from the deepest depths of my heart. I hated you even more while I still thought that you made Pinkie violently rape a retarded pegasus. Though, I still wonder why Pinkie wants to give others that impression of her, but well, she's Pinkie Pie, no arguing. Of course, I also liked the whole AJ- Twi- RD part. Normally I would say that their reactions seem to be a bit unrealistic, but well, considering the other chapters... never mind.

And for the future: isn't it labia, not labium? Labium is only singular and you normally, at least in this context, use the plural. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

Also, more Derpy, there can't be enough Derpy. I'm so glad that you didn't make her a retard. I hate seeing her written as an idiot.

Raised an eye brow when i saw the title. I will give it a try. :trixieshiftright:

28947 lol why you always reading to skyrim music

I Will Never Listen To The Saying "in for a penny in for a pound" again

I hate myself more knowing that I was warned...

The emotion you put into this chapter was powerful, it was a good chapter. I had all the words I was going to say in my head, until I got to this page and started typing. You are a great writer, never stop. It is chapters like these that remind people that no matter how mean someone may be in their writing, they still have a heart in there.:pinkiesad2:

You have won: An Internet and a half :twilightsmile:

36533 Huh, the online swedish-english translator said labium. Thanks for the tip there ^^:ajsmug:
And about Ditzy: ye, I thought it would be great to show the audience you didn't necessarily had to be dumb cause of your appearance. Those kind of people who do that usually ends up in my black book.... never to be seen again.:pinkiecrazy:

37158 Thank YOU! You gave me back my hopes of finding greater amounts of intelligent life on the interwebs ^^

O.O that's it I am going to block all mature stuff and NEVER unblock EEVVEERR

Well that was certainly interesting. So was Winter Breeze also raped by the Wonderbolts or does she only want justice served? I'm a little slow with these kind of stuff.

44713 In "Rainbow colored feelings" you can read in the begining that she recalls the memories of what her father did to her. Thus, she's rallies to have justice served, indeed.:raritywink:

44753 Yeah, I remembered. She basically wants every rapist in the world behind bars, then. I hope I see more from her, she seems to have an interesting story. Anyways, great writing, keep up the good job!

Another great chapter, the emotion, and the......christ, I suck at writing comments:ajbemused:. Good chapter, keep it up, looking forward to seeing what is going on with everypony else.

P.S. I did not know that you also write Royal Pleasures, which is another fic I am watching, until you put that tag at the end of that last chapter, I got so excited I rushed to my tracked stories and found this :pinkiehappy:

may i say one thing WTF AM I READING!

55421 I'd say it's a story involving rape, bondage, cutting, sexual abuse and bad language LIKE THE DESCRIPTION TOLD :flutterrage:!

Totally agree, Cheerilee is awesome :rainbowkiss:!!! Brohoof right back at'cha! :raritywink:

I've been tracking this for a while now and I gotta say this. . . :facehoof: You're killing me with this "trough" business. It's spelled "through" with an "h", you silly! :pinkiegasp:

58435 Just went trough all chapters in this fic. All "trough" has been replaced with "through" now ^^ thanks for pointing it out :raritystarry:

what the fuck why would rainbowdash love that fucking nerd your fucking retarded

I'm mixing stories up here. Okay, we have a triangle relationship AJ Twi RD. Pinkie and Derpy are in love and fool other ponies, for reasons I don't understand so far, Rarity almost kills a semi-pedophile Cheerilee and fucks her afterwards, and Fluttershy had nothing so far, except for an orgy. I'm following about four stories at the moment where half the cast is in a relationship. Hard to remember everything correctly :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, wonderful story. I really thought that Cheerilee had done something REALLY bad in this one, but I'm okay with the way it is right now. At the beginning I thought that it would end up with Rarity bending over and getting spanked, or the other way arround, but this storyline surprised me. Good job!

I agree, Cherrilee is just plain sexy, no two ways about it :raritywink: . Looking forward to the next chapter of everything, I predict FluttershyXBigMac

This is possibaly one of your best just cause' cheerliee is in it and it has giving me a sequel to and aloe/lotus fic thats I'm writing so:raritywink: :twilightsmile: and I hope :fluttershyouch:that you contiun to doge around touchy subjects, but for it to come out something good. You sir are win :pinkiehappy:

just wanted to let you know I personaly enjoyed this chapter to a point me and my girlfriend kinda recreated it our selves. It was very kinky

62694 sounds more the awesome, man. Hola at me when you feel like publishing that story of yours ^^

69005 I hope you're not messing with me now, 'casue I'm SO gonna trot around and brag about it to my friends in our novel-club :pinkiesad2:

Brilliant! Next chapter should have :yay: + :eeyup: please

69273 Problem is that I've seen that pairing WAY too many times and I like to be original.... so I can't promise anything :twilightsheepish:

it had beter be somepony fluttershy knows. if it was bigmac that she slept with my face = :pinkiehappy:
if not. i'l have to get my hacksaw :pinkiecrazy:

78022 And this is ONE of the reasons i put on my "anti-hate-and-flaming-helmet :ajbemused:

Wow, very nice, I'm gonna have to read that again, tore thru it way too fast

Didn't really leave an impact; there's nothing wrong with it (apart from the occasional spelling and grammar derps, but we all do that) but the sex isn't particularly engaging to read or horrific enough to really sink my teeth into and I'm really not sure about Applejack's character in this. Beyond that... it just didn't hold my attention. I read all the way through, like you asked, but it was like wading through a tar pit with a load of Gor novels floating on the surface. Sorry.

It's a girl, I just know it. Interesting chapter, looking forward to reading whatever is next in whatever story.

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