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Generally love reading fan-fictions and I'm a small novelist myself. I adore post era weaponary. Especially tanks. My most faviourite being the King Tiger, Centurion & Cheiftein, and KV1.


I am Spartan 227 a highly trained SPARTAN-III Super soldier that served during the fall of Reach. No, I am not Noble-6. I did serve along side them, but I was never seen mainly due to the fact I flew Sabres amd provided air support. However when I heard of the Pillair of Autumn making her escape after Six had risked his life using a MAC cannon. I made myself a mission to keep him alive. After all SPARTANS never die, they are just missing in action. I soon found that my mission has been altered, follow me on my journey in world that Humanity has never discovered.

A halo crossover with MLP. Shall we see where this goes?
p.s i have not read much Halo Crossovers so I do not know what to expect
Also on a note. I have based my Charcter's HUD off the game Halo Reach however I have added a few 'personal' additions to the suit. Why? Becasue come on who wouldn't make the suit more atuned to them?

Chapters (3)
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Cool. They're actually a bit too trusting....

I must comment of your summary good fellow, for I am curious as to what sort of unspeakable horror the Elements of Hormony could be. Are they some sort of amalgamation of Hormones and Harmony that have produced perfectly balanced hormones for everyone? Or did you really mean the Elements of Hormones rather than Hormony.

5644755 this is just a introduction, as a tester to see if anyone would like this idea. I am actually working on the rest of it. On a word document so spelling mistakes can be corrected immediately.

5644795 ok. I am working on it.
Prey tell what did you like about the first chapter?

Alright, I like the story. Just a heads up, their armor isn't capable of falling from space unless they have an atmosphere reinsertion pack. I'm assuming that your Spartan had one of those.

All in all, good story! A few spelling errors here and there. If you can get an editor, get one. I wish you the best of luck!

5644981 Just to let you know, Requiem17 is an excellent editor for Halo fics.

5648192 thanks for the infomation on the falling from space thing. Just saying John-117 survived a fall from space, as did Noble-6.
As for the spelling I am British, so some things may be spelt differently, i type on microsoft word, so spelling mistakes dont occur

5653111 John used a piece of debris from the Oracle's Ship to take the brunt of the friction heating when falling to Earth in Halo 3. In Halo 4 he didn't need debris to protect him as he had the MARK VIII, which has a built-in atmo reinsertion kit. Cortana upgraded his suit hardware while he was in cryo. Six had an attachable atmo reinsertion kit built into his suit.

As for the spelling, I understand. But there's more grammatical errors than spelling errors. That's something not changed between American and British English. I love the story, so keep up the good work :)

5653145 ahh I see. Thanks for the infomation. I love Halo. It is remarkably interesting.
P.S working on chapter 2 anyway. Planning on making this one longer than the first.
I am using Word on the Ipad (just thought I would mention)

5653169 Ah, I know its hard to write on other devices. Ive written from my phone before, it's a lot more of a hassle when compared to a computer XD

And Halo is my favorite game. Not necessarily the best gameplay in my opinion but the storyline is 'out of this world'.



Anyways, I love the storyline and I own most of the books, that's how invested I've gotten into it. Good luck man.

This is very good, I hope to see more in the future.

Well this is going to be one of those wild trips indeed. I'm looking forward to more of this.

5658736 glad you liked it. Chapter 2 is in progress

This is a great story can't wait to read more.

That was a fun chapter to read like the last can't wait for the next one.

5691574 so you didn't mind the German at the end of the chapter?

No I didn't. I liked it mostly because I like the song

5701312 Rammstein fan I see. Next chapter is one its way. Typing it up now


Damn right

“Because of that I can’t visit my daughter’s grave. Some fucking kind person you are! Now I see why that relationship with your sister isn’t a good one."


Oof poor elites.:rainbowlaugh:

I like there songs from 1999.:twilightsmile:

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