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Winter Solstice

Well, I love parties, don't you and I adore chocolate! It has so much delicious creamy, chocolatey goodness. oh, and did I mention I love the word 'Cascade', it sounds so weird cas-cade, so awesome!


What would it be like if Pinkie Pie died, would the element of laughter live on? Or would it be buried beneath the earth. This story is in the perspective of a rainbow haired mare who wants to tell somepony how she feels, but now...is it too late?

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:fluttercry:so sad this almost made me cry:fluttercry:

Comment posted by Winter Solstice deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

It made me cry just writing it:fluttershysad:

5661689 i read it again now im crying:fluttercry:

Stop, now you're making me cry!:fluttercry:

okay trying to stop
this is hard
Okay, i'm good

Good! We need to stop crying

Damn... that was short but intense :pinkiesad2:
I'd like to know what happened to Pinkie

It is a mystery (In other words, it's a secret!) :raritywink:

Good story man, keep up the good work!!!

I can't love this one enough,

This story is short and to the point and it gets its message across, but I thought that the change in narration was not needed and it would have been better to start with the first-person perspective from the beginning.

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