• Published 17th Feb 2015
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The Gift of Forever - KomodoBrony

Claire gets a surprising gift from her father that brings back memories of her mom. Strong feelings.

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The Dream

Author's Note:

Well I managed to finish this story faster than I thought.

Warning: This chapter contains pro-afterlife beliefs; if this is in any way offensive to your beliefs, or against your ethnics, well just remember that I put this warning here for a reason:ajbemused:

Enjoy :)

Claire stirred silently in her sleep that night. She was still wearing the necklace that her father had given her, hoping that it would bring her a peaceful slumber. Little did she know, it would do much more than that for her.

Inside Claire’s Dream

Claire awoke in her dreamscape to find her surrounded by nothing but a starry sky above, expect the stars appeared closer than usual. The ground that her dream self was walking on appeared to be a white cloud that seemed to have miniature stars in it (looks like a nebula cloud). “What kind of dream am I having here?” she asked herself aloud.

“The dream that your necklace gave you darling.” called out a familiar voice to the Kirin.

Claire whipped around real quick to see a shocking sight that almost brought tears to her eyes, her mom. She looked as young as she did when she was raising her as a filly. “MOM” she called out right before she ran to her mom and embraced her.

“I see your father finally gave you the item I wanted him to give you. Oh how I have missed you all so much.” said the white unicorn, tears already forming in her eyes. “I’m sorry if it hurt you when he first gave it to you, but he clearly explained to you the reason why I wanted you to have it, at least ONE of the reasons.”

“What do you mean by ‘ONE’?” asked Claire, wiping away some of her tears of joy.

“Before I passed on darling, I asked for Twilight to enchant the necklace for me so that I could do one last thing for everyone in my family before I truly left you all behind. It was an enchantment that let me speak with each of you in your dreams.”

Claire was shocked but happy to hear this, thinking of how much her mom loved them enough to see them one last time and went through such a complicated way to do it. “So does this mean you’ve already talked to Dad?”

Rarity nodded “He also let Turquoise hold on to it for a night so that I could talk to him, but I wanted to make sure that when he let you have a night with it, that it was yours to keep for as long as you live.”

Claire smiled at this, but it soon turned to one of sadness. “So after tonight, no one else will be able to see you again, this is your final goodbye?” Claire asked, tears of sadness starting to overcast the ones of joy.

Rarity nodded slowly “Yes, I’m afraid so, but I knew how much you and I got along and that’s why I wanted the necklace to be given to you.” Claire raised her head at this while her mom continued on with her words. “The necklace was my most treasured possession that you kids and your father could’ve given me, and it meant so much more knowing that you, Claire, made it yourself with your father’s and brother’s help. A treasure that valuable deserves to be with the one that’ll hold it symbolic value as much as I did.”

Claire was overcome with conflicting emotions at this point, sadness overtook happiness and joy overtook sadness. In the end she could only hold her mom close as she softly cried. “Thank you mom, I love you, and I wish you didn’t have to go.”

Rarity held her cheek “I know darling, but we’ll see each other again one day. Just promise me it won’t anytime soon, I want to see you raise that child of yours from beginning to end.” she said with a smile.

Claire smiled at this “I promise mom.” She hugged her mom close when she suddenly felt herself rising from her sleep, the dream world slowly fading from around them.

"It's time for me to go now darling."

"NO!" Claire called out, "It's too soon, I can't lose you like this again." she said, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Rarity held her daughter's face in her hooves "You'll never lose me, not as long as your memories of us together stay with you. I know that you'll keep those memories alive and close to your heart."

"But....." Claire couldn't finish before she started fading from the dreamscape.

Before she was taken away by the morning rise she heard her mom say the words that she would always treasure to this day; “Your mother loves you darling, and I’ll always be with you, in your heart.”

Real World

Claire woke in a flash, fresh tears still streaming down her cheeks at the dream she had just experienced. She sat up and held her the treasure of her mother and herself close. She knew what she had seen, felt, and heard was real, as real as these emotions she was feeling now.

“As long as I have this treasure of ours,” she said to herself, “we will always be together. We shall always be what this necklace symbolizes in our hearts.”

She held the necklace up to her face as tears of joy continued to stream down her cheeks. She looked at the back of the necklace to find the one thing that she cherished more than anything.



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A good read on a subject I've wanted to see for a while. The only problem I see is the continuity with Idle. As far as I know, Claire became pregnant long after every mortal pony in the NextGen dies.

5637996 well it's been sorta fuzzy on the details as to who was alive during that time in their lives, but that's why I cut back on mentioning who was at the party. Still I can see the cause of confusion from your viewpoint.:twilightsheepish:

:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry::fluttershysad::raritydespair::twilightangry2: how dare make rarity die!!!

5638481 Uhhh, do you know the Kilala-verse any my friend? If you don't then I suggest you do some reading, cuz you're late to the party.

5639008 Start Here. Read. Enjoy.

5669243 thanks ill look into it:twilightsmile:

5669514 In a good way or........?:rainbowhuh:

I read a solid 15 words and turned it away. I don't doubt it's a fantastic story. I just really don't feel like crying right now. I'll still like it tho. Just because it doesn't have any dislikes.

5770182 Well if you feel like crying later than save it for then, either way thanks for the skim:twilightsmile:

Wow it took 2 months before one person decided to downvote this story :rainbowlaugh:

Oh well, there's always gonna be one critic for anything:raritywink:

before I truly left ya’ll behind

Why is Rarity speaking like AJ? Wouldn't it make more sense for her to say 'you all' not 'ya'll'.

5941589 not a big deal really but ill change it regardless:raritywink:

Thank you for the read. This story really inspired me to make this year’s Mother’s Day really great along with everyone in my family Birthdays and Christmas. Basically making the “family” moments more wonderful this year.:twilightsmile:

Glad I could help inspire you like that.

I give you best wishes on that goal:twilightsmile::raritywink:

Thank you for the support :twilightsmile:
Best wishes for you too!

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