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Rarity rescues an injured wolf cub and takes it in.

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This is cute. I'll be eagerly awaiting more:raritywink:

After beating a cub to an inch of it's life, the bastard tries to rape Rarity!? He gets a boot... and a log to the HEAD!

This is great, well writing and a very interesting concept...its more refreshing seeing this from somepony other then fluttershy with an animal. so go on and i can't wait for what's next :twilightsmile:

Whoever disliked this, must have no soul.

:moustache: Hay, Rares whatsup with the dog?
:duck: That's like calling my precious scales a lizard.
:twilightoops: or kangaroos 'skippy'

5638256 In Australia the roos are called skippy ie: 'dog food'

Had a friend who had a wolf,,, Him, His daughter & I were it's 'pack' anyone else it would stalk and growl at.

5638583 Will Spike the rest of the six see the critter?

don't need to answer that. . . .

5636544 and a knife to the face.:pinkiecrazy:

This is one of the most adorable stories ever.:raritystarry:

Adorable. I hope you can release more chapters on a regular update period, and perhaps even larger chapters. Cute writing like this deserves to be expanded upon.

Nice, Rarity now has the perfect bartering set up and winter fashion accessory. Truly adorable!

“Fine! Whatever! Tell your wolf to stop!” Rarity saw the chance and took it.

“Eight bits.”

“Fine! Eight bits! Just get him away from me!” After hearing that, Rarity picked up Spirit and gently put him back on her back. Instantly, he jumped back and batted at Rarity’s mane once again as if the past thirty seconds never happened. The mare packed the vegetables and took the eight bits as fast as she possibly could in an attempt to get her to leave faster.

i think it depends on the situation, this could as well create a more than bad situation later, in other fanfictions.

nice chapter.

This wolf is fucking adorable.


Wrong place to put the knife, I'm thinking.

Finished reviewing story for the goodfic bin. Because the story seems pretty empty of conflict aside from the first chapter where Rarity actually gets the wolf, I'm afraid I'm rejecting this story.

Details are here.


It is slice of life. There really isn't much conflict in the slice of life genre other than everyday encounters, but thank you anyway.

A medium log...hell that is a fine weapon there. One good wack, your opponent is out like a light. Now if you hit the dude hard enough to were it breaks, then he isn't going to wake up anytime soon....regardless.

Couldn't help but think about this during the confrontation

new chapter please

This story will be a long one, right?


Can't say. It could be, but whatever way I feel the story should go, it'll go.

Hope you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

While I think not every story needs someone totally crazy or someone that is looking for blood, I'm sightly curious where this is supposed to go.

Cooking meat is actually somewhat counterproductive if it's for an animal. Cooking makes it easier to digest, but it also causes the meat to lose essential b-vitamins and enzymes. This isn't a problem for humans, who are omnivores and thus can get those nutrients from other food sources, but wolves are carnivores and have to eat only meat.


Huh. That's interesting.

Good thing that she only gave him a tiny bit huh? I'll keep that in mind in the future. Thank you!

I sometimes forget Spirit is still a puppy. Can't wait until Rarity and Spirit meet up with Applejack and Winona.

“Imprint? I just rescued him about a week ago and he’s been with me ever since. Fluttershy said that we’re a pack now.” Rarity stated. Twilight wasn’t exactly sure what to say.” <<<

random "


Oops thanks for pointing that out.

I hope this Crimson Guy isn't there to be shipped with Rarity out of nowhere.

8064187 somehow I think spirit and Winona meeting might end badly

Not a lot of ponies can say that they can be brother or sister to a wolf.

I'm somehow still wary about the new character, since we know nothing about him.

However nice chapter.

This is really good! Keep going :raritywink:

Glad I finally got to this story. I love wolves.

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