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Hi, name's Marvin.
Well, it was my name back home. Nobody has called me that in a long time now.

When I got invited for the next RPC, I got really excited. Though something, that I wouldn't have dreamt of happened to me. You see, I met this rather odd fellow, who called himself "The Merchant". He said he could help me to perfect my costume and I actually bought something from him.

Not exactly my brightest Idea.

Anyway now I am stuck in a land of anthromorphical horse-people.

In this strange new world I'm now known as Skeith, Terror of Death, the Shadow..., let's say I go by a few names.
While I tried to work out what happened to me, I fought quite a few Villains, though I never killed anyone.

Why then am I so feared by this worlds Inhabitants, you may ask. The answer is simple. After all my powers corrupt quite easilywhich let's me tend to lose control. It's like playing a non-lethal version of russian roulette.

After I conceded to imprisonement, to protect the people of this land, I simply waited. But soon I will walk these lands once again.

Seeing as this is my first time trying anything creative in years, I will appreciate any criticism you have.
Please comment on what you think about this story.

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Meh, it was nice.

Spelling flubs here and there, and though English (American, not the Queen's) is my main language, I would not be able to rhyme my way out of a paper bag.

Good Job!

Can't wait to read more.

I like this, hope it continues.

*Notices the last updated date* Hisssss.... Not gonna start another fic unless this is updated soon.

Thus they resolved to venture into the Everfree Forest, to gain their Timberwolf taming cuty marks.

:facehoof: really you three

Good so far hope you continue it๐Ÿ˜„

I wouldn't expect any updates anytime soon, or at all really, it's been three years.

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