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I fear that nothing I see is real, so I write to make sense of it. I see things that can't exist yet I feel them breathing under my fingers. I will not forget this place nor the friends I've made. MFM


A comment driven story about a girl who had ended up in Equestria, her time there, and how she got back
My second attempt at a story like this. I shall try to use all comments but If I miss one, I am sorry.

An idea I got when I was reading the paper earlier this week, seemed like fun, so why not?

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Comments ( 7 )

Shout "I wasn't Taking drugs!" again

Everyone or pony must accept this before we can get anywhere.

I would try to go back...

-__- Great stat my friend XD

5685368 Thanks! I just need some more ideas to continue with the second one

5685775 Let me think about it XD

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