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When the CMC find out that Cheerilee is planning a blind date picnic... they aren't sure what to think. Come join our favorite fillies on this roller coaster ride of a Hearts and Hooves Day.

(I'll be adding in the ships that are in the book as it goes. I want to leave them as surprises.)

Cheerilee x Big Mac
Apple Bloom x Pipsqueak

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I know Rumble will be perfect for Scootaloo and I know who Sweetie Belle's secret special somedragon is.

5633150 LOL Yep, thanks for those, they will be put under consideration.

I'm Intrigued

5633338 Thanks, and thanks for the watch.

Wonder what happened that made it stop? Also interesting.

5633413 I might go into it... I'd love to see theories on it... Cuz I have like... Nine ideas and can't decide on which one to use.

Nice start:twilightsmile:
Button mash should ask Sweetie belle
and may be Rumble should ask Scootaloo

5633449 Who is button Mash? And I'm considering a hat system here... Neither one get a choice there just getting pared up. So we can be a bit random.

5633476 random you said ?
Spike and Diamond Tiara
Silver spoon and Featherweight
Snip and Scootaloo

that's all i could think about:trollestia:
and this is Button Mashfc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/216/f/9/button_mash___apple_juice_by_bdgs-d6gmdws.png


Thanks, I'm not going to start... well chapter one I have started... but I'm still working on MDP 11, A Chaotic Breakfast... :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the ideas. I'm looking forward to writing this.

5633515 you got an entire month, don't make us wait too much:twilightsmile:

5633826 Who knows. Yeah, The humor I could toss in could be astounding.

5633869 LOL You know ADFPT, I did not think I added all that much Humor to it. I was really considering taking down the Comedy tag on it.

But yeah. I also am considering tossing a old tradition into it. It's a super sweet one for the older ponies to get into... :rainbowwild:

5633940 My family jokes... that when the funny bone got passed about, it missed me entirely. And i just make it up as ah go along.

5633960 ... yeah, that's about it. And there were... a few pranks pulled. :rainbowlaugh:

5633968 *shakes head* It's a sad world we live in.

5634008 ... Not if you raise the young'uns correctly... but with most of the city kids... you are right.

5634141 I just hope the rest of it stays cute. MDP is... no, Discords giving me issues.

5634152 Nah, I know what I'm doing... I'm just having... trouble writing.... Introverts have trouble thinking when they are around other people.

5633505 Button Mash actually came from the show. He isn't an OC.
Watch this until he appears:

5636959 I know. But he isn't an official character in the show.

5636978 If you mean he isn't a major or minor character, then yeah, but he's still there.:rainbowwild:

5636986 Yea that's what i meant. I thought MLP didn't have technology! Well at least it was videogames. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2:
Also, i Love this vid! XD

5637002 Aw man, That's good.

Looks like comments are already on the right track, but just to shove it: ButtonBelle is a perfect candidate for this sorta thing!

5675769 It's under advisement.

What kind of incident happened at the last H&H Picnic?

5733652 The adults grew careless, and things happened that should not have. It will be explored in a later part of the story. But not as of yet.

Either Spike finds Twilight a date or pulls the Cadence card.

Pinkie wants some Cheese Sandwich if you know what I'm saying.

5733697 LOL Yeah, Twilight is going to get a date... But Cadence and Shining Armor are going to be behind that one. Oh man that'll be fun.

And yep, Cheese Sandwich is going to appear.

'Think Cheese'. Do I smell a cheese pie baking? Anyway, keep it up, it's pretty good so far.

5748902 Who knows... :trollestia: We will just have to wait and see. But trust me, nobody will see it coming.

5749108 LOL I've done that before. Not smart in the least. I did see. I'm currently Terribly behind in both my writing, and reading. Life has been happening and I just simply have not had time.

5749223 Haven't read it yet... don't know. If you do, I'd do it from a 4'th demention... or Discord's Point of view... or you could use the Fate sister's... (Look them up, it's part of Greek mythology.) Just as a looking glass sort of way.

5749343 LOL I'll let you know once I finally read it.

One, are you still working on this?

Two, Can I add this to my group?

Three, can you add SweetieMash/Button Belle, and Rumbleloo?

5821018 Yes I'm still working on it. The next chapter will be out... Probably next wednesday. I'm running a tad behind.

And yes, you may add it.

And the ships are staying a secret till they come out. But I'm considering... many of them.

nice chapter, and yeah DinkyxSpike is really a good surprise:yay:

Dinky X Spike, don't see many of those. My interest has been peeked.

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