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Hello how's it going I'm someone who recently became a fan mlp and love all the stories you were writing so I decided to make a page I also draw fan art and just a big shout for mlp fim.


Discord is going slightly stir crazy not causing chaos ever since he was reformed. His chaos is starting to get out of control, so much so it is leaking out of him. He is sad and depressed; and doesn't know what to do. Until he desides to visit a friend of a friend. Discord just hopes it isn't boring. However they come up with something that brings chaos to the table. He even gets more friends to share it with. However there is more to the story than causing chaos, we travel on adventures get to see behind the scene, and even get to meet some of his family (I'm afraid what will come). As in any story darkness will come to this one and it will be saved through the form of a bride. But hopefully she is in time before death seeps into the story.

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