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A small question: When the world as you know it ends...what will you do to save yourself?
[Authors Note] This is a Nazi Zombie thing I'm on a Zombie rush this week so I hope you get the picture and also, EVERYONE including those who should be ponies ARE HUMANS
NOTE: Swearing, blood, and minor gore. Quick Note: I will be making different stories depending on the map and vise versa, Now this is Kino Der Toten, Next will "Five" Featuring Spike, Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and Zecora.

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Need More
ZOMBIES X PONYS :flutterrage:

586501 did you read the tags the ponies are people too...:fluttershysad:

To me it seems like everything is moving really quickly in this story. It's like, now they are here [insert dialogue], now they're here [insert dialogue], then they pick up this [insert dialogue]. Your telling rather then showing us what happening; Slow down a bit, really describe the setting around them and their feelings.

Also, it's going to confuse the hell out of people that they are not in-fact ponies but human, even with the tag (which they would assume was Nikolai etc.) Might be wise to note this in the description so no one has to look twice at Applejack picking up a pistol w/ her hand.

I am pleased by this, do continue.

Though, I feel I should give you some friendly advice; each speaker should get their own paragraph. Example:

AppleJack was at the box waiting for a weapon. The box prodused a .44 Magnum she grabbed the weapon and loaded it. "Ah, sothern hospitalty." She said as she turned and shot a zombie from where she stood. Pinkie went to the box and stood waiting. A Monkey popped up and she took it with a smile.

"OOO! A monkey! I wonder what it does?" She said as turned the key and pressed the hat on top of its head.

"Your not Sam!" The Monkey said as she threw the monkey towards the zombies. The music the monkey played made the zombies go towards it and the when the music stopped the monkey said "Get ready for surprise!" Then the monkey exploded sending zombies arms and legs flying around. Dash was waiting at the box, waiting to get a weapon. The box prodused a red cartoonish gun.

"Don't know what does...alright." She looked at the group of zombies coming toward her, she shot the gun and a green circle of energy came from the gun and destroyed most of their legs but mostly their arms. Dempsey was looking around and saw Takeo get surrounded by crawling zombies.

"Come on Takeo! They're only crawlers!" He yelled from the stage of the theater.

"Hey a purple hair girl could you come here for a moment?!" Rhictofen called from the teleporter. Twilight was unaware of what he had in stored for her though.

Hope I helped. Anyway, good story, favorited and all that. Have a nice day and a moustache :moustache:.

586656 Well meh...
586663 You make good point maybe I should have you as spotter...yeah....

I need more humanised PONYS x Zombies

586845 no the ponies are people like you and me....:eeyup:

I know but they keep their personalitys so ...

A few spelling errors here and there, but only one really bugged me: Richtofen
other than that, a good start:moustache:

Maxis, what do you have planned?:trixieshiftright:

587299 I looked it up How I have it is how you really spell it

Always a fan of Zombies stuff. Always.:pinkiecrazy:

586711 I'm here to help, my friend. As a fellow author, I will give you any help and/or advice I can, all you have to do is ask.

:facehoof: Some spelling errors, but not bad.:moustache:

592412 Can tell what ones are wrong please so I may fix them...:rainbowkiss:

592490 exparament: experiment.
destoryed: destroyed
modifactions: modifications
That's basically all I could find.
:moustache: Word of wisdom: Write out your story in Word first, so you can catch spelling or grammer mistakes ahead of time. :moustache:

If I might make a suggestion, to go along with the topic of spelling: Microsoft word is great if you have problems spelling(like me), as it has spell-check. and will automatically let you know if you've spelled something wrong. I use it, and I would reccomend it to you as well.........

Just noticed that someone else already suggested Microsoft Word.......... I need to pay more attention to these things. Anyway, good chapter, looking forward to more.

593213 one problem...I dont think I have it...

QUICK EDIT: I felt that I ended the chapter to aburtly so I added a year and a surprise at the end, untill then Kill zombies with your hearts content!


2330393 it's jeff the killer, famous creepy pasta, one of the first one's

2330416 I know that but either way, it scares me....

2330492, then......................................................... GO TO SLEEP............................................

Comment posted by sniper alchemist deleted May 27th, 2013

Perfect trailer for next story just without Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight and Pinkie Pie. LOL

You have no honor! I am japanese tometaso

They're not YOUR quotes, they're ANOTHER Pinkie's quotes.
Did you forget the fact that you threatened another Pinkie, who JUST HAPPENS to be the author of this story?
Oh yeah.
You derped there.

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