• Published 13th Feb 2015
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swarm - TheJoker

Ponyville maybe in the past has experienced... There fair share of fights, Tirek, Discord, Trixie. But nothing prepares any city, nation planet... for the swarm

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cliffhanger... literaly

Author's Note:

hope this is interesting

"Landing process, succes-" The metallic AI began but, interrupted its voice with a shower of sparks.

"Ugh..." I release a painful grunt.

"Systems detecting nearby lifeforms." It spoke in a more distressed voice, at least the best a AI could get.

"Warning: detected lifeforms within range. 90 meters. 80 meters. 70. 60." As the countdown continued to decrease I began lift myself up from the debris. Releasing a quick gasp, then almost throwing my head in the direction of the window I saw two figures. My vision was really blurry from the impact I could barley make out a figure a lavender blur and a pink horse, maybe? I didn't care they were running towards the wreckage of my escape pod quickly, I ran out the emergency exit on the other side. It was just then I noticed my environment, It was a huge forest of some kind and as I ran through it I started to feel a strange like force around. Pushing it out of my mind I took on a sprint towards a bridge ahead that looked like it lead to outside the forest into some old structure. Whatever it was, it looks like my best chance to get away from whoever's chasing me. Ducking jumping and sliding under the constant barrage of branches and bushes, I finally felt kinda lucky to have the enhanced speed and endurance of a queen.

Looking back as I was running I saw that those blurs were catching up but here was the-


I let loose a loud scream as I fell to my death, apparently the second I had stepped on the bridge it collapsed. Holding my eyes shut hoping the pain would be quick and over fast... It never seemed to happen. Peeking my right eye open I realized I wasn't falling, looking up I saw a black tendril coming out of my back latching onto a root, and for the first time I then looked down seeing the gorge below me. I tried pulling myself up, then again I was only twelve I only got so much strength from being a queen. Looking around for something, for anything I could re-

"Hiya there!" She paused letting out a loud gasp. "Are you an... ALIEN!?" I ignored whatever she said I was to astounded at the fact that she was a pink... a pink talking... horse... "Heeelloo! Mister ali- oh wait are you a girl? would that make you a misses alien?" She stopped to let out another loud gasp. "WAIT if your a misses then you have a mister! Wheres the special somepony!"

"You can talk? You can talk... he hehe." I chuckled a little bit as I swayed back in forth in the gorge.

Then footsteps we- wait hoofsteps were coming along, and loud panting could be hear as a purple... I swear to god, If that is what I think it is I might as well just start barfing rainbows everywhere! There was a purple... a purple unicorn horse thing looking down on me, next to the pink horse. Quickly in on fast motion it shoved the pink one behind it, causing her to jump.

"Pinkie! stay away from that thing, it might be dangerous!" It spat out giving me a fearful glare. We kinda just stared for a bit, I was probably in the exact same situation as she was. All the sudden a explosion of pain shot through my leg, looking down revealed a large gash about ten inches long going down my leg. As the adrenaline of the moment washed over I began to bleed more furiously and the pain was really affecting the strength I was using to hold me up. Reluctantly I decided my best hope, was to ask these strange creatures for help, looking up I heard arguing I could barley make out a few word like: act natural, trust, and Celestia. Strange I'm not sure what Celestia means but, I really needed to trust them for now.

"Hello?" I half yelled up to them. In a few moments the purple one with the horn looked down suspiciously at me. "Hey, I know you barley know me and your probably a little scared but, If you don't help me up I think... I think I'm gonna bleed out..." I roughly spoke trailing off because of the pain.

"How do I know your not going to hurt us?" I asked eyeing me again.

"Please just..." I grunted louder this time as the pain kept increasing.

"Pinkie quick, help me find a long vine..." I could hardly make out what she was saying at this point since she left the edge of the gorge. After a few moments later there was a large rope-like vine thrown down towards me, I grabbed the rope the second it came into view. Slowly But, eventually somehow those tiny little horses pulled at this point however that wasn't my first question. In one final move I threw myself over the edge of the gorge with whatever strength I had left. Sitting up I finally got a good look at these things, one was a... pink horse, from what mom told me horses aren't usually pink so immediately that set of an alarm. She also had a funky looking, hair I mean mane.. I think thats what they're called. And lastly there was a strange mark on her backside, a few a balloons, weird. Then there was the purple one, She was pretty odd, just like the other horse she too had a mark on her butt, hers was a... firework? I didn't care that was the least of the strangest. The purple one had a horn... and a pair of wings. Well shit... either i'm knocked out from the crash landing or I'm dead, I hope its the latter. I think I'm in hell... thanks stupid space rock.

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