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Flutters Is Shy


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First comment!

*gives you a hug*

Awww, to bad the main villan couldn't have been Starlight Glimmer or something. That would have been perfect!

Awesome, If not to much I already want to request a crossover...

I love it, and as I asked earlier, crossover? Maybe not this early into the story, but whenever you feel like it.

Comment posted by bioskyrim deleted Apr 26th, 2015

"I don't mind," Maud stated in a tone flatter than Rainbow Dash's chest

All of my YES!!! Definitely keeping track of this.

If it's not to much to ask... I want to work with you now!!

Well, some thing is missing. Don't get me wrong, this Chapter is great, but some thing is missing. I can feel it.

Looks good so far, never got around to watching kill la kill, but I think I will now

now i now what i miss here XD. It is the Insanietie of Kill la Kill XD
This is all to peace full. XD

Jeez, is school food really that bad at some places? I mean, I didn't go to a very glamorous high school, but the food was always good as hell. Anyway, great story so far! Gotta love Kill la Kill.


Trying to press the fact that Richard was a health nut. Even if something is just passable(eatable) he'll still liken it to evil solidified if its something that isn't healthy, or delicious as all get out.

i like this story never seen the show but i might watch it.


You totally should. Trigger knows what the hell they're doing.

Watch Gurren Lagaan after you're done~

Comment posted by Zakesteel deleted Apr 26th, 2015

I've only watched like the first three episodes of Kill La Kill. This makes me want to finish it.

This story is a riot. I look forward to more.

Edit: I wondered why the writing style looked so familiar. You also wrote Pinkie Pie Startles a Blind Filly, another story I loved.

5908108 ... I wanted to make a joke referencing drills and heaven and all. But it was weird. Instead, I decided to just say that both Kill la Kill and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are awesome, and I endorse both. Heartily. In as manly and hot blooded a fashion as possible, even.

DEFINITELY different than I thought this would be. I figured this would be an HIE Displaced, but NOPE! I get EQG! Not that that is a bad thing mind you.

Story's fucking gr8, m8.

Please sir, may I have another?

Trying to make each chapter 5k.

While working on other stuff.

5919614 Blast it all! I was really hoping for more...

Are you familiar with the series "Date A Live?" If I make a crossover one day I would like your help with it.

I had my doubts, but this is a very interesting scenario.

that wasn't enough, my clothes keep asking if I'm feeling okay...

talking clothes...ok cool

oho~this is gonna be GOOD~~:trixieshiftright::rainbowkiss:

Never heard of the show, but I found this in the "Also Liked" prtion of the bar next to my Displaced fic. Looks interesting even though I haven't read more than the description. I'll read it in the morning to see if I want a crossover.

....when's the next chapter...?

Whenever it gets finished and posted?~

As long as this story does not have the 'I am Mad Max the twenty second, to summon my aid in battle, blow the kazoo three times' displaced thing going on. A crossover with EQG and Kill La Kill is good, shoehorning in the Displaced-verse (Silent Hill, Overlord, Pokemon, etc) would almost certainly make this awful due to the majority of Displaced-verse being people on a power-trip bouncing around each other's Equestrias. It is what happens to any good idea; the Black and Red Alicorn Brigade comes in and makes everyone think the idea is badly written.

... Is this a bad time to mention that I've already finished a crossover between Misunderstood and Mutated and just have to finish up the chapter inbetween the current one and it to tie it in?

6034324 ...Depends on how well you do it, if it doesn't go 'lol so random' or 'Imma Godly badass' etc, because this seems to be a good Displaced and not one of the ones with people bouncing in and out of the story just to fill space or taking itself as an serious epic tale of legendary notability. (when did 'The Admins' appear as Godly Forces for Good against 'The Merchant'?(maybe when people started writing their characters as being equal/near equal in power to said multiverse Gods O' Goodness)) It seems like a good story that can stand on its own without Darth Awesome the chainsaw handed Sith Master coming along. I like the Displaced-verse, but feel it is getting flooded with fics that are going to be abandoned when the authors get bored of writing how they are more awesome than Celestia and Luna combined because of *Insert Character Here*'s Item that they got from the Merchant.

6034324 The Cosplaying and then turns into said character, ending up in Equestria has been around before Displaced-verse is another point I am getting at.

You are, easily, my favorite displaced writer


Ooooh, why thank you!

*gives you a hug*



Hello, Mister Popo.

This is awesome^-^ I can't wait for more.

6148250 ...DEAR LORD IT"S MISTER POPO!!!!!RUN FOR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

Too late...



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