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Twilight gets cuddled by an unexpected visitor. Spike is most amused, whereas she is most definitely not. And this begins a long and definitely not terrible string of similarly-themed disasters

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first to like and ahahaahaahahahahha spike you are in trouble


Oh come on, like we wouldn't cuddle them.

Oh Spike no....shoulda worded that better buddy

I wonder something.......

Never going to let you go never going to give you up.....

:rainbowlaugh: Random but funny.

So humans become so overwhelmed with the need to cuddle adorable ponies they loose all senses of personal space and social norms as well as their ability to intelligently speak... Yeah that would definantly happen, they're just that cute!

Not really the best time for it, Twilight. :facehoof:

...before turning to look at him with daggers in her eyes.

I just picture Twilight turning around with daggers stuck in her eye sockets...

Aah, Spike's tough. He'll survive long enough to point out that the 'eep' is entirely adorable and soft fluffy wings are much more huggable than a pointy horn, and her scientific training will kick in and make her acknowledge the validity of that logic.

5626389 Consentually and non sexually amirite?

Yeah, that sounds pretty spot on. Though I think I would stop once Twilight started trying to send me home, live to snuggle another day right? Also, Twilight and Fluttershy are equally adorable in different ways, about as comparable as apples to oranges.

5636143 Dang right! There shall be no cuddling without consent! :twilightsmile:


There are some situations where logic holds no influence.

It'll also make her think about how cuddly Fluttershy is, and who can be hostile after that? ;-D


Jealous women can't be reasoned with. Well, not technically true, but winning an argument with the significant other can cause even bigger problems.

Over the weekend, I gave a young lady a giant stuffed bear. Today, I had to run around looking for more of the damn things. Each of her friends wants one, and giving them what they want seems to be the only way to keep the peace.

On the plus side, the bears got way cheaper after VD was over with.


:moustache: I said cuter Twilight and I meant it.
:twilightangry2: How is she cuter than I am?!
:moustache: Do you want a list?
:moustache: Come on Twilight, it's not bad. I know I'm not as handsome as Big Mac but I also know I'm still pretty hunky. Relax.
:fluttershbad: Uhm, can we please get back to getting this ... creature off of me. Uhm, if you want to that is ...


Hold on...what do you mean CUTER

Spike held strong, forcing fear from his heart and steeling his nerves.
"Twilight, just look at her" spike said with conviction.
Twilight turned to look at Fluttershy and their new "friend". The creature holding Fluttershy close and burying his face into her mane while gently nuzzling her. Fluttershy began to calm down and became quite content for the time being, closing her eyes and humming a quiet song with a soft smile on her face.
"You play dirty, Spike" Twilight said while giving Spike a glare.

i got bored after laughing.so i did something..i cant write :pinkiehappy:

Good luck finding a pony cuter than Fluttershy to get her out of it.

Come on Twilight, everyone knows Fluttershy is the cutest of the mane six.

He is like a blood raven with a relic :3

5698382 Exactly right Herr Khorne flake.

I've always believed that cuddling them would be soft. :twilightsmile:

I don't know why, but this amuses me to no end

Literary cotton candy - utterly pointless and yet very amusing. My congratulations on a masterpiece of pure fluff.

Oh come on, Twilight, just look at yourself; you're such an adorable little pony, how can you not want to just wrap your arms around you and snuggle?

Yeeeessssssssss. :pinkiecrazy: Cuddlezes all the ponehss....


Ahem. :twilightblush:

This was like the Tartarus of cute and fluff. I enjoyed it thoroughly. :twilightsmile: Even though Twili didn't, heh.


I think you should still go ahead and write it. :twilightsmile: Fimfiction needs more mindless fluff stories like this, imo.

5635398 thanks for reminding me, now I feel like watching 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' again

Everybody hugs 'Shy, tis practically a prerequesite at this point. :twilightsmile:

Needless to say, Spike learned that day the meaning of "fear".


Dear god, this is hilarious!

All I want to know is; Who is making these plushies that come to life?? Sign my plot up!

Purple smart has a point.

"I suspected this guy just really likes hugging cute ponies, so I figured I'd just find a cuter pony to get him off you."

Damn, Spike, that's harsh. Poor Twi. :(

"I suspected this guy just really likes hugging cute ponies, so I figured I'd just find a cuter pony to get him off you."

"Hold on...what do you mean CUTER?!"


5704457 Point taken. Let me rephrase that: Good luck finding ADULT pony cuter than Fluttershy.

Heh. Quite cute.

Most Excellent.

RUN FOR IT SPIKE!!! Twilight's gonna kill you!

Yeash Spike! Never call a girl cute! That's danger with a capital D! :rainbowlaugh: Now to get Dash in on the huggies. That would be priceless!

Reading about Twilight's reaction to getting cuddled and Fluttershy getting cuddled was funny and adorable, but reading the last part with Twilight getting mad at Spike for saying that there's somepony's who's cuter than her was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Seems like we're gonna need a 'Humans are Hapists*' group soon.

*: Not a typo. Hape means 'hugging without consent'. Get your minds out of the gutter.

The random is strong with this one


What's with this guy anyways? He's got to at least speak intelligibly to these obviously sentient creatures.

Well written.
No errors encountered, smooth reading all the way.

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