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Years ago, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody met. Their relationship began with a secret meeting and a single letter. Now in the final years of her life, Vinyl reminisces about the beginning, sharing the story with her grandfoal.

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I have a question!

How can two mares have grandchildrens, and therefore a children that came before and resulted of the union of a male and a female reproductive cell?

5619827 Adoption, artificial insemination, surrogate mother, or magic.

5619841 Okay, thanks. I do like clarifications.

5619909 It's just sad he didn't precise it in the fic. I guess Vinyl just passed over that in her retelling of her and Tavi's life. Meh, I don't blame her, I'd forget too.

5619919 I'm just making an educated guess. The author might well have a reason that I haven't thought of. It probably wasn't mentioned because it's only peripherally related to the fic's main focus.

I know that song…


I'm going to assume that they went to a clinic and had in vitro done. It would make sense, and I could see it happening.

I've always both loved and hated that song...but the story was just beautiful

I didnt come here to feel...but you made me...

This was the first story to actually bring me to tears. Thank you.

You're welcome, I guess.

Nicely written! A short simple heartfelt story :heart: least i have seen some your work draconis ^^

Thanks. I'll have to get around to yours at some point as soon as my schedule opens up some. It's a bit rushed and I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to bring this to a fine polish. All things considered, though, it turned out passable.

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