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Twilight Sparkle is no stranger to change. From being a closed off shut in to becoming the warm and friendly pony everyone knows today, to becoming a full fledged alicorn Princess. Despite all the adventures she's had and the amazing friends she's made, she now finds her adrift in her sparkly new castle.

Thankfully, there's one friend of hers that might just ground her and put her worries to rest.

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Commence read.

Looks like Applejack is happy to get that out of the house.

Twilight does have plenty of adaptability.

Plus the power of Friendship.

Nice one, this was a really sweet and fun read. Also this is one of the better uses of Smarty Pants so far that I've read. I know you've been busy with school, but it's good to see some more writing from you. Thanks for this man, and I look forward to seeing even more stories, time permitting of course.

A delightful read! Simple, yet relatable. Everyone needs something they can revisit that is some sort of constant in their life, because the torrents of life, be it subtle ripples or tumultuous tidal waves, are ever-changing. Er, at least that's what I got from it. Bravo, friend! ^^ :pinkiesmile:

in a bed entirely two big for a pony


Twilight outstretched her wings

I admit I'm not sure, but "outstretched" feels weird being placed there. Would "stretched out" be better perhaps?

Interesting territory though. You do a good job at it. There are some small typos here and there or odd sentence bits, but nothing huge.

I really like Twi and Aj's interaction, it feels really genuine, though I have to admit I was a bit shocked at Twi's comment about how AJ still has everything. It sort of felt like a slap in the face to say that with no irony considering she lost her parents so young. I applaud AJ for being more mature, but it still felt off.

Overall this is really sweet and you do a solid job of something you admit you've not done much of. Bravo.:twilightsmile:

This was a very nice character piece. The problem felt real, the interactions felt real ... you really nailed these two. Kudos!

It had only been two weeks since the infamous ‘Tirek incident’ and life was beginning to find its normalcy again.

"Incident"? Just goes to show how jaded Ponyville's gotten. The residents of any other town would more likely call it a "calamity" or a "brush with the End Times".

Again, in a bed entirely two big for a pony.

I realize this is probably a typo, but I kinda like it. How many ponies can fit in the bed? Two. Therefore, for a pony, it's Two Big.

“No offense but it’s easy for you to say that when little has changed for you. Like I said, you still got everything here that you had as a filly.”

Well... besides parents.

“My big brother was cuddling that thing for a while.”

:twilightsmile: "Still has that Sweet Apple Stallion musk, too... Mmmmm, it's like nutmeg and fresh sweat."
:ajbemused: "Twi, that's mah brother you're talkin' 'bout. At least wait 'til you're alone 'til ya start droolin'."

I really enjoyed reading that =)

I like a story that just sorta...fits with your mind, y'know? Like, you can get yourself into a comfortable position inside the mould of the words as you read it, and it is like a little sort of escape, a retreat, a reprieve =)

...S'nice, thanks for making it :scootangel:

It is ridiculous just how easily i can see this be an episode of the show. At least the concept of it. Twilight being able to use Smarty Pants as part of a way to recover from her losses is perfect. :twilightsmile:

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