• Published 10th Feb 2015
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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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Curious Little Pony

Shining Armor woke from his fitful slumber and decided to take action. He went down to the castle gates and approached the ponies pulling carts of a forbidden kind of gem. “Is there any more in the mines?” he asked urgently. “Just a few more carts of these and the mines will be dry,” a pony answered. “Take them to the forge,” Shining Armor ordered. “I want those put on the armor of my soldiers when I send them out to the wall of vines. Discord must not reach my daughter before we stop him. Labradorite is the only way we can defeat this monster.”


Around Twilight’s 15th birthday, she decided to explore a forbidden area at dusk. Her aunts didn’t suspect a thing and assumed the unicorn was just finding new patches of flowers. However, Discord found out about her true intentions when she approached the wall of vines. He found it rather interesting that she would be so brave as to investigate what was on the other side. He remarked, “Curious little pony. Ironic how the fillies have tried to keep her from me, but she decides to come to me.”

Just then, he noticed a group of soldiers heading their way. They were about to find the princess, but not if Discord had anything to say about that. He ordered to his owl, “Spike, bring her to me. She must not be discovered by the king’s stallions.” With a snap of his fingers, Spike was surrounded in a ball of light.

When the king’s soldiers were getting closer to Twilight, they heard a bark. Out of the brush came a brown and white dog. It approached the soldiers and looked at them happily. “Awww!” the stallions said. “It’s so cute! I want to pet it!”

Twilight didn’t pay attention to what was happening, for she suddenly got caught by a thorny vine. “Wha-Hey! Let me go!” she cried. She tried to pull herself free, but eventually used a magic blast to repel the vine. The soldiers took noticed of a nearby light and decided to investigate.

Discord whispered, “No, no, no!” He leaped into action by parting the wall of vines. When he got to the other side, he blew a dust on Twilight that put her to sleep and levitated her. Just after he conjured up a cotton candy cloud for her to rest on, he heard the soldiers nearing. Mere seconds before they reached the princess, a burst of smoke appeared before the stallions. Out of the smoke came Discord, who taunted, “And just what are you doing out here? It’s getting late, and your mothers will certainly be cross with you if you miss your curfew.”

The soldiers weren’t intimidated in the least, and one of them shouted, “Get him!” As soon as they galloped towards him, Discord snapped his fingers confidently. Three of the front stallions soon went flying when they stepped on platforms of grass, each with a spring at the bottom. Discord took out a bubble bottle and dipped a wand in it. He blew into it and the bubble was large enough to enclose the soldiers.

As they hovered in mid-air, Discord tapped his goat leg on the ground three times. A large circle on the ground beneath the soldiers collapsed into a hole. Discord whipped up a pin and before popping the bubble, he uttered, “Oops!” After the bubble popped, the stallions fell into the hole. With a snap of his fingers, Discord shrunk the hole. He grabbed the edge of the now five-inch hole with his thumb and index finger and pulled it up to reveal a tin can. He swiped his paw across the top and conjured up a lid to seal the can.

He held it out to the dog and said, “Voila! Soldiers in a can! Nice ring to it, huh?” The dog gave him an irritated look and Discord said, “Oh, don’t look at me like that! I’ve turned you into a lot of animals before: a dragon, a snake, a cragadile, a cute little bunny…”

The dog still looked at him in annoyance. Discord sighed, “Oh, all right. I’ll turn you back.” He snapped his fingers and the dog reverted back to a dragon. Spike shot off, “A dog?! You turned me into a dog?!”

Discord said, “Would you rather I turned you into a bunny?” Spike grunted in frustration as his master turned to Twilight and parted the wall of vines. After a minute of Spike’s ranting, the draconequus finally grunted, “I’ve had just about enough of you!” He snapped his fingers and Spike turned into an owl. When Spike kept hooting on, Discord grumbled, “I should’ve just turned you into a bunny.”

Meanwhile, at the castle, the three soldiers that flew off the platforms of grass returned to the castle with the rest of their comrades in a can. They reported to King Shining Armor in defeat and the king could only express frustration. He grunted as he pushed the items off the table with one hoof. He sighed in defeat, “Now Discord has my daughter. There’s no telling what he might do to her. I don’t know how to break this to my wife. She’s already…”

When he stopped in mid-sentence, one of the soldiers asked hesitantly, “Um, Your Majesty…May we have a can opener?” Though the request was insensitive at the moment, Shining Armor obliged. Via his magic, he gave a can opener to the soldier and the latter used it to cut the lid off the can. When the lid was off, the trapped soldiers came gushing out like a geyser. After a few moments in mid-air, they came crashing down on their comrades. One of the freed soldiers groaned, “I think I broke my favorite tooth.”

At that moment, one of the servants rushed in the chambers. He told the king in a grave tone, “Your Majesty…I’m afraid the queen is not doing very well.” Shining Armor whispered in shock, “Cadance…”

Author's Note:

Yes, I mixed some of the scenes up because at the time I first published this, I hadn't seen the movie in a while.