• Published 10th Feb 2015
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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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Secret Rendezvous

Word had spread throughout the kingdom that King Sombra was seriously injured in battle and possibly dying. As he lied on his bed, he heaved, “Discord…He was the one who…did this to me…Find him…and make him pay…I want him dead or alive…He has a weakness…the stones that line my armor…Use labradorite…to bring him down…”

He coughed and then continued in laborious breaths, “Whoever…defeats him or otherwise…will become king after I die…and marry my daughter…Princess Cadance.” Fluttershy, one of the servants who surrounded the king’s bed, knew that her dearest friend was in danger. Discreetly, she rushed out of the room and out to the Everfree Forest. Nopony suspected she was gone…except her brother.

Shining Armor was suspicious of her behavior and wanted to follow her. However, he was tempted by the chance to become king. He had started out in the castle as a squire and now was Captain of the Royal Guard. He dearly loved Princess Cadance; if this was a chance to win her hoof, he would gladly bring Discord down. He knew the draconequus had something to do with Fluttershy. He decided to follow her and see if she would lead him to the Everfree Forest.

Fluttershy flew out to the forest in the dead of night. She walked carefully in the woods and whispered, “Discord? Are you here? It’s me, Fluttershy. I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while, but I need to talk to you.”

Suddenly, he popped up from behind her and she gave a surprised cry. Discord put a paw to her mouth and shushed her, “Shh! Don’t let anyone know you’re here! There’s been a battle recently that involved ponies.” Fluttershy nodded, “I know. That’s why I’m here. I came to warn you.”

Discord knew this couldn’t be good, so he asked, “What is it, dear Fluttershy?” Fluttershy explained, “King Sombra knows about your weakness and wants you dead or alive. He’s offered to make the pony who could get rid of you king. It’s too tempting to pass up. Oh, Discord, what can we do?”

The draconequus contemplated this for a few moments and then suggested, “I have an idea. Let’s run away together and stay on the Horseshoe Islands for the rest of our lives.” Fluttershy said, “But, Discord…” Discord said, “Too much? How about this? We’ll go somewhere far away and live happily ever after.”

The Pegasus sighed, “Discord, I can’t go with you. As much as I really care for you, nopony can know that I’ve gone with you. If we run away together, that would mean putting both of our lives at risk.” Discord was saddened by the thought of being forever parted from Fluttershy, but he certainly didn’t want to put her life on the line. It was him they wanted, not her. He suggested, “All right. How about we spend one last night together before we part ways? I’m sure we’ll see each other again after the danger has passed.”

He smiled weakly, but it was enough for Fluttershy to kiss him on the cheek and say, “Thank you, Discord.” Although he wasn’t comfortable thinking it might be the last time he would ever see her, he knew that he wanted what was best for the pony he loved. Besides, there was something he had been meaning to give her. If he didn’t tonight, then when would he get another chance to confess his undying love for her?

They went to the most beautiful spot in the entire forest. It was near a waterfall and had a tree to sleep under. Nighttime flora dazzled in the glow of night. Though Discord and Fluttershy had been here many times before, it gave off a very special air tonight. They wanted to cherish every moment they had left together.

They eventually forgot about the dire situation at hand and relaxed to the various nighttime sounds. Fluttershy whispered, “I had forgotten how beautiful it was at night here. I surely won’t forget this for the rest of my life.” Discord told her, “You best make sure not to forget it.” He tickled her and after she began laughing, he did as well. They rolled around the grass and stopped near the water’s edge.

Then, Discord remembered his gift for Fluttershy. He said, “Fluttershy, I want you to close your eyes. I have something very special I wanted to give to you.” She closed her eyes and opened them when Discord told her to. She was a bit surprised to find that he was holding an oval-shaped rock. The draconequus held out his finger as if to say “wait” and tapped the rock against the edge of the pool. The rock split into two and revealed crystals inside it!

Fluttershy’s eyes lit up at the marvel of the geode. Discord snapped his fingers and in a flash of light, the geode turned into a heart-shaped pendant that contained the crystals. He smiled as he put it around her neck, “I want you to wear this as a symbol of my everlasting love and faithfulness to you. You have shown me kindness ever since we met. For me, this is the only way I can repay you for that. I can never compensate for all the thanks you deserve. You are very special to me, Fluttershy.

“This pendant is the only thing that can compare to your beauty.” Fluttershy, with eyes welling with tears, lunged forward and gave him a most passionate kiss. This filled Discord with glee and amazement. He was so dazed in love that he practically fainted from the kiss. Fluttershy couldn’t help but giggle. Alas, this moment was to end all too soon.

While they slept under the tree peacefully, a stallion walked around the brush in search of the draconequus. Shining Armor peered from behind the flora and was shocked to find his sister sleeping with Discord. Convinced that she was under the creature’s control, Shining Armor leapt out of the brush swiftly but silently. He stood over the two and walked closely to Fluttershy. Using his magic, he lifted her away from Discord and placed her near himself. The only thing he brought with him was a bag filled with labradorite stones. He took out some small stones and was about to place them near his nose when…

“Stop!” a small voice cried. Shining Armor turned to face his sister as she pleaded, “Don’t hurt him, please!” He warned, “Fluttershy, get away from him. He’s dangerous! Because of him, King Sombra is dying. Would you turn your back on the whole kingdom for this creature?”

Fluttershy said through tears, “No, but I wouldn’t turn my back on a friend. He’s very dear to me. He only hurt Sombra because he was protecting the Everfree Forest. Do you want to see this beautiful place destroyed by the kingdom you loyally serve?” Something in Shining Armor made him have mercy on Discord and he moved the labradorite stones away from the draconequus. He said to his sister, “If I spare his life, will you turn yourself in? I will have mercy on you when I’m king.”

The young Pegasus asked, “How are you going to become king if Sombra wanted you to bring Discord alive or otherwise?” Shining Armor explained, “I will take something of his, but not his life.” Fluttershy threw her arms around her brother in gratitude. She took off her pendant and said softly to Discord, “Please know that I’ll always love you and remember me by the gift you gave to me.” After she placed the pendant on the root next to Discord’s head and gave him a tearful kiss, she turned to Shining Armor and said, “All right. I’m ready to go back.”

As she walked into the forest, Shining Armor stayed behind to perform one last task. He sprinkled several labradorite stones on Discord’s wings and immediately, the stones began to glow. Shining Armor whispered as he collected the stones in another bag, “There. Now you cannot follow Fluttershy or me.” He disappeared into the brush. Discord was blissfully unaware of the horrendous act until the next morning.

Author's Note:

Aren't you glad I didn't cut his wings off?