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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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Reunion and Coronation

Discord was still watching from the bridge when he heard, “Discord!” He turned to see two familiar mares trotting towards him. He was very happy to see them both, especially Fluttershy. He raced to hug them both and held them in his arms very happily. It was as if years hadn’t gone by since he last saw his sweetheart. It made him want to cherish the moment forever.

However, they were interrupted by a crash in the castle. They then heard a dragon’s roar and the girls turned to Discord. He was blushing furiously and chuckled nervously, “I suppose we better clean up the mess in there before it gets out of control.”

Discord brought down his wall of vines and took off his crown. He used the time off to teach Fluttershy how to fly again, since she had only been able to exercise her wings once a week until Chrysalis took over. Discord then invited her and Twilight to see how the Everfree Forest had been once, long ago, when Discord was but a child and his heart was bright. For now, it was again.

Fluttershy and Twilight walked around the forest around dawn and anticipated for something to happen. Just then, an arc of water appeared from the trees. Everything it watered bloomed and flourished, just as the forest had before Discord had darkened it. Discord then walked up to the mares with a hose in his hands. He decided to play with them by spraying water on them. Twilight and Fluttershy laughed and shrieked playfully as they got wet.

Just then, they heard a groan at a distance. They turned and saw a disgruntled Flash being led by three Breezies. Flash grunted, “I’ve walked for miles and I still don’t see what you’re trying to do…” He looked up to see the mares and whispered, “Twilight?” The three Breezies cried, “Twilight?!” Twilight exclaimed, “Flash!” She then squinted her eyes when she saw the Breezies and asked, “Aunts? Is that you?”

The Breezies chattered all at once, “Twilight! Thank goodness you’re awake! How did the curse break?” Twilight, however, was unable to hear them, so she turned to Discord in concern and said, “I can’t hear them, Discord!” Discord held up his paw and claw and said to the Breezies, “All right, all right. One at a time! Now, tell me what happened.”

The rest of the ponies couldn’t hear what the Breezies were saying, but Discord could hear them clear as a bell. As soon as they were done explaining, Discord said, “They said that Chrysalis put a mute spell on them and left them in the room with Twilight so they wouldn’t stop her.” Fluttershy boiled with anger and growled, “That big dumb meanie! That’s a horrible thing to do to a poor, innocent Breezie, let alone three!” Discord scoffed as he pointed to the Breezies, “I don’t know if I would call those three ‘innocent’.”

Twilight said, “Can you reverse the spell, Discord?” Discord dropped to his knees, clasped both hands, and pleaded, “Please, can we keep like this? I think it’s better this way. We won’t hear them chatter endlessly or fight needlessly…” When the two mare glared at him, he sighed, “Oh, fine. There’s no way to convince you otherwise.”


Some time later, Twilight walked across the newly-refreshed grass in a pink dress with white and yellow trimming. Discord, Fluttershy, Spike, and the Minotaur guards waited at the throne, where Twilight was to be coronated. Fluttershy gasped with tears in her eyes, “Doesn’t she look lovely?” Discord sniffled with pride, “Yes. She’s going to make us so proud.” Spike jabbed his elbow into Discord’s side and said, “Hey, don’t get sappy now.” Discord remarked, “I wasn’t planning to.”

Twilight stepped up towards the group and bowed. They waited for a few moments until Discord groaned, “Where are those troublesome Breezies? They should be here right about…” Just then, they heard whispering.

“Come on! We’re already late!” Scootaloo hissed.

“Hey, don’t fly so fast!” Sweetie Belle cried.

“Don’t drop the crown!” Apple Bloom said.

The three Breezies then flew up to the group and gave it to Discord. Apple Bloom said, “We present this crown to Twilight Sparkle, for whom we have sacrificed the best years of our lives.” Discord retorted, “You sacrificed the best years of your life! Ha! Think you took care of Twilight by yourself? I fed her, I changed her stinky diaper, I helped get her cutie mark, and I saved her from fa-“

He was cut short by Spike when the dragon jabbed him again and whispered, “Ix-nay.” Discord rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, fine.” Twilight bowed her head as Discord placed the crown on her head while saying, “I hereby name Twilight Sparkle princess of Canterlot and the Everfree Forest. Both kingdoms have been unified. You have your new princess!” The crowd roared into a cheer and Flash, who attended the coronation, merely smiled at her, to which she blushingly returned.

So you see, the story is not quite as you were told, and I should know, for I was the one they called ‘Sleeping Pony’. In the end, my kingdom was united not by a hero or a villain, as legend had predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain. And his name was Discord.

Twilight shrieked, “I don’t know if I can do this!”

The new princess was trying to fly alongside Discord, Fluttershy, Flash, and Spike in owl form. Discord scoffed, “Oh, pshaw! It’s easy! I haven’t had my wings for years now, and I’m doing great!” Flash said, “It’s not so hard. Just get with the wingbeat!”
Discord helped Twilight for a bit until she could fly on her own. She laughed gleefully, “Hey, I’m doing it! I’m really doing it!” The group then flew up towards the clouds and saw the setting sun from a high point.

Twilight gasped, “Wow. It’s as beautiful as you said it was.” Discord smiled, “Of course! Would I lie to you?” He then shouted, “Race you to the other side!” He then zipped just as Twilight cried, “Hey, no fair!” The five of them flew off towards the sunset and they lived happily ever after.

The End

Author's Note:

Sorry the ending took longer than desired. I had a bit of writer's block. I would like to thank CartoonNerd12 for suggesting Discord's retort of having to take care of Twilight. Thank you, everypony, for the incredible love this story has gotten. :heart:

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YAYY!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!1

6405467 Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Yay! Final chapter.... wait... aww manits over :fluttershysad: Oh well, all great fics must come to an end.

:heart::heart::heart: i loved it..this is to sweet...totally worth the wait

A good finish to this story I was wondering when you were going to complete it

Well done :pinkiehappy:

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Comment posted by DELETETHISACCOUNTPLZZZZZ deleted Jan 4th, 2016

Honestly, I really don't like the movie Maleficent. Honestly, I feel it betrays the original and as a movie on its own, it's really not good. I liked Angelina Jolie, the battle with the forest creatures and the costume designs. That being said, I loved this story!

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