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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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The Final Battle

As the trio quietly made their way down the stairs, Discord whispered, “Are you sure you know where Fluttershy is?” Twilight nodded, “I’m certain. She’s in the dungeon.” Spike asked, “How do you know that?” The alicorn answered, “While I was under the curse, I had a vision. She was behind bars and, unfortunately, not looking too well.” Discord gasped and remarked, “Then we mustn’t waste any time!”

He marched forward in determination before stopping in front of the grand hall. Spike asked once he and Twilight caught up, “How come you didn’t try to rescue her before when you were at the castle?” Discord stood silent, and then sighed, “I didn’t know if she was even in the castle after the coronation…or still alive. Even if I knew where she was and if she was all right, I wouldn’t have been able to rescue her without my teleportation or flight. If I didn’t have all of my powers, I wouldn’t be able to get her to safety. Believe me, I’ve put her in enough danger. Without Twilight to help me, I don’t want to endanger her again.”

Twilight smiled, “I’ll help you, Discord…not as the princess...but as your goddaughter.” Discord found great comfort in her words and was touched by them. Before he let the moment get too mushy, he cleared his throat, “Well, come on. We’ve got a very special friend to rescue.”

In a white flash, he was in spy attire and made commando movements alongside the furniture in the hall. As he slithered across the floor, he heard a clinking sound and looked up, only to…


The heaviness of the metal links prevented him from rising from the floor. When he touched the links, his paw and claw were soon met by a burning sensation. He gave a yell as he retracted them from the only substance that could harm him: labradorite.

Twilight, in worry, rushed towards him with Spike trailing behind her. Before the princess could remove the gem-encrusted net of chains from Discord, shouts of the guards came from all directions. “We’ve got him!” one of them cried. The threesome was soon met by swarms of stallions and Twilight got caught in the crowd. One guard pushed her out of the way and said, “For your own safety, Your Highness.”

No matter how much Twilight protested, she could not break through the group of guards. Despite the clamor, Discord shouted towards her, “Twilight! Save her! Save her and take her to the Everfree Forest!” Twilight protested, “No, we’re not leaving you behind!” Discord grunted as he was continually poked by the guards’ staffs, “Well, I’m not sure if you have a choice!” Twilight thought for a moment before her eyes lit up and she whispered, “There is one.” She teleported herself away, leaving Discord both relieved and saddened.


After the raspberry flash died, Twilight opened her eyes and found herself in the dungeon. It was as dark and dismal as it was in her vision. She searched the moonlit cells and eventually found the one with a yellow Pegasus inside. The prisoner was facing toward the wall farthest from the bars. From her posture, Twilight surmised that the prisoner was downtrodden. When the princess looked on the mare’s body, she knew why.

A large shackle was locked around her wings so she wouldn’t fly away, and four smaller shackles were bound on her hooves. All of the shackles seemed connected to the wall on her right. Twilight couldn’t help but pity Fluttershy. She knew Discord’s heart would break and then be filled with anger if he saw his sweetheart like this. She cautiously stepped towards the bars and carefully said, “Hello.” Fluttershy yelped at Twilight’s greeting. She turned to face the princess, only for both to be surprised. To Twilight, Fluttershy was a shadow of her former self. To Fluttershy, she was surprised to see an alicorn. The Pegasus timidly asked, “Are…are you my guardian angel?” Twilight answered, “Well, not really. I’m Twilight Sparkle, and I’ve come to save you.”

Fluttershy gasped, “Twilight Sparkle? Shining Armor’s daughter? But that makes you…” Her eyes lit up in wonder, “…my niece.” Twilight shrugged, “I suppose so.” The Pegasus’s eyes then welled with tears and a smile spread across her face. She got up to embrace the alicorn from behind bars, but she was stopped by the chains that bound her in her cell. She slowly laid back on the ground in despair. Twilight asked, “Did my father do this to you?” Fluttershy shook her head, “After the battle at the Everfree Forest, King Sombra, your grandfather, came back wounded and dying. He said whoever defeated Discord would become king. I went to the forest to warn Discord. We decided to share one more night together before we departed ways. I don’t what came over him, but when he found out about Discord and me, your father threatened to kill him. ‘For the good of the kingdom’, he said.

“Usually, he was so understanding, but I guess his loyalty to the crown was greater than my love for Discord. I had to turn myself in exchange for your father sparing Discord’s life. When I returned to the castle, I was thrown in the dungeon by the king’s guards. When he became king, Shining Armor felt that he couldn’t risk a riot by freeing me or visiting me here. It was your mother who was kind enough to visit me. Even after Discord put that terrible curse on you, we both knew that he didn’t do it out of spite, but out of hurt from losing me. I also wanted to forgive Shining Armor when I learned about what he did to Discord.

“Your mother Cadance was the only one he confided in, and then she told me. Before the wedding, your mother wasn’t happy with the idea of marrying a supposed murderer, so your father had to explain what happened that night. What he presented to King Sombra wasn’t Discord’s soul, but some of his magic.” Twilight remarked, “So that’s how his teleportation and flight were taken.” Fluttershy looked at her in confusion and said, “But I don’t understand. Cadance said that he had flown away after he cursed you.”

Twilight said, “Well, then he must have not flown very far. I think my father didn’t know what powers he had taken from him.” The alicorn angled her horn in front of the lock and used her magic to open the cell door. “Come on,” Twilight said as she used her magic again to unlock the shackles on Fluttershy’s body. She continued, “Discord’s in trouble and he needs your help.” Fluttershy gasped, Discord’s in trouble? Oh, my…”

Suddenly, there was a rumble that came from above. Twilight knew then that the situation had become dire. She took Fluttershy’s hoof and said, “Let’s go!” Within a second, the princess teleported the both of them away.

Just after Twilight disappeared from view, Spike tried to fend for his master. Discord caught sight of this and exclaimed, “Spike, what are you doing?! You’re not going to help me this way!” Just then, an idea came to him. He smiled slyly and said, “Spike, don’t move.” Spike just stood in confusion as he said, “Huh?”

Being continuously poked by the guards didn’t help Discord’s concentration much. He said before he snapped his fingers, “Into a house cat!” In a flash, Spike was turned into a cat. He scowled at Discord while the draconequus grunted, “No, that’s not it!” He snapped his fingers again when he said, “Into a tsetse fly!” This time, Spike transformed into a small fly. Spike retorted, “What now? Do I just buzz in their ears to overcome them?”

Discord asked, “Huh? What was that? Oh, never mind! Into a dragon!” When Discord snapped his fingers again, Spike reverted back to his dragon self. Discord face-palmed and said, “Oh, wait! You’re already a baby dragon! Into a full-grown dragon!”

Instead of snapping his fingers this time, he pointed to Spike and a beam of yellow light shot from his finger to the dragon. Spike was engulfed in the yellow aura and he steadily grew into a dragon the size of an adult. This, and his much scarier appearance, intimidated the guards…and Discord himself. The spirit said to himself, “Wow. I didn’t even know I had it in me.”

Spike roared ferociously and swung at the guards, sometimes succeeding in throwing them against the wall. Thanks to his large state, Spike was now able to lift the net of chains from his master. Discord gasped for air when he was finally able to lift himself up. However, he didn’t have time to gather his strength before many guards surrounded him with labradorite-lined shields. Uh-oh, he thought, this is bad. He conjured up a sphere of magic and threw it at one of the shields. Alas, the labradorite absorbed the magic and Discord cursed himself, remembering that the effect of labradorite on magical creatures extended to their magic.

When he tried to find a way out, something snapped at his bat wing and burned it! He gave out a cry and massaged his injured wing. When he turned to see who was responsible, he was met again by a long chain encrusted with the cursed gems. He couldn’t exactly see the assailant because he was repeatedly whipped by the baneful chain. Exhausted and bruised, he fell to the floor and panted. He heard sounds of chains again and turned to see the guards tying Spike in them. Discord looked on in horror as he saw his most trustful aide finally fall to the floor.

Just as the guards were rhythmically pounding their shields on the floor, Twilight and Fluttershy appeared at a place that overlooked the grand hall. They looked at the scene in horror as they saw their friends defeated.

“Spike…” Twilight gasped.

“Discord…” Fluttershy whispered.

At that moment, a tall, lean pony clad in full armor approached Discord. The figure raised a hoof to cease the rhythmic pounding. Discord looked at the strange pony and asked, “Shining Armor? You’ve certainly changed since I last saw you.” His eyes shrank when he heard the figure menacingly chuckle, “I am afraid you are mistaken, fool.”

The crooked horn glowed a brilliant green, the same color that engulfed the helmet as it was lifted from the head. Dark cerulean strands of mane spilled from the helmet onto the chest and moderate harlequin eyes with dark grayish opal pupils looked upon him. The tall pony said, “I am Queen Chrysalis, the successor to the throne.” Discord scowled, “You’ll never take Shining Armor’s throne, no matter if he wronged me!” Chrysalis only laughed evilly, “Wronged you? If he hadn’t wronged you in the first place, you wouldn’t have put the curse on his charming daughter. Thanks to you, she’s going to join her parents on the other side!”

Discord wanted to clarify that he broke the curse, but the revelation that Twilight’s parents were dead left him stunned. He only whispered “You don’t mean…?” Twilight was shocked at this as well. She never got to know her parents, and the last time she saw them was when she was only a foal. This left her in tears and Fluttershy hugged her in comfort. Discord was as devastated as Twilight was, for he knew that he was responsible for the misery that he heaped upon her parents and of which that may have ultimately killed them.

While Discord was still trying to make sense of the information, Chrysalis continued, “Yes, Discord, by putting Twilight out of the way, you have helped me reclaim the throne that should’ve been mine ages ago!” Discord snapped back to the current moment and asked skeptically, “What do you mean, ‘reclaim the throne’?” Chrysalis sighed as she rolled her eyes, “Must I share my quite tragic back-story with you? Then again, it could serve your memory. You might not remember me, but I remember you very clearly.”

Chrysalis was the first-born of the monarchs King Sombra and Queen Celestia. Back then, the land was happy and prosperous under the rule of its benevolent rulers. Sombra and Celestia had been so in love with each other that they brought forth a daughter with beauty to reflect their love. She had a coat as white as milk, a beryl mane that shone brilliantly in the sunlight, and clouded emerald eyes that were inherited from her dear father. She lived in content and played all around the castle. Unfortunately, her parents loved her so much that she became spoiled.

When their second daughter Cadance was born, Chrysalis grew to despise the young alicorn. Though their parents shared their attention between the two of them, Chrysalis felt that she should’ve had more. When Cadance began walking, her sister also began making trouble for her. The eldest blamed it on the younger, but her parents always saw through her façade. One day, they had enough and sent her to live with a farmer for a time to learn good behavior. Chrysalis, however, didn’t take kindly to her punishment and ran away into the Everfree Forest. There, her life would change forever.

When she found her way to a glade, she heard noise and assumed that the farmer was trying to find her. She ducked behind a log and stayed hidden until she heard…laughter. In curiosity, she looked up and saw a strange creature dancing with a pony. She was disgusted by the creature and wanted to take a closer look at the pony playing with him. She was surprised to find out that it was Fluttershy, the daughter of the farmer! She knew the filly was odd, but now she knew why.

She was about to leave the forest when a Breezie flew up to her. “Another pony?” it asked. It looked at Chrysalis’s wings and gasped, “A princess!” The alicorn’s cold heart did not let her admire the beauty of this simple creature. In spite, she smacked the Breezie to the ground. Her cruel act soon aroused the anger of another, more powerful, Breezie.

As soon as the hurt Breezie fell to the ground, a dark blue light glowed behind Chrysalis. She turned around and was awed by a more majestic and beautiful Breezie. Her flowing nighttime mane was so long that it almost touched the alicorn. The Breezie was significantly longer than most Breezies, for she stood out from them in her position. What stunned Chrysalis the most was her moderate cyan eyes, which cut through her in righteous fury.

In a loud booming voice, the Breezie declared, “I, Queen Luna of the Breezies, have seen your horrendous act! You have deliberately harmed an innocent creature that has not wronged you! You have a cold heart, so thus, it must be reflected. I hereby curse you to take the form of your innermost self and display the ugliness that your heart has possessed!” In horror, Chrysalis covered her eyes as Queen Luna surrounded her in blue light. When she opened her eyes again, they were not clouded emerald anymore.

When she looked at herself, she saw that she now had a very dark gray coat and holes on her hooves. Her beryl mane had now become dark cerulean and she had wings and a torso like that of an insect’s. Her horn became crooked and she had fangs jutting from her upper lip. She could not see her eyes, though they were now moderate harlequin with dark grayish opal pupils surrounding her new slits. Her new eyes suddenly welled up with tears as Chrysalis collapsed to the ground and sobbed.

Discord and Fluttershy had been absent during the incident, but when Discord bade his friend farewell, he returned to the glade, only to hear crying. The preteen spirit turned to the log and wondered, “That’s odd. Why would a log be crying?” He hovered towards it, only for a blur to zip into the nearby trees. Discord shouted as he flew towards the blur, “Hey, come back! I won’t hurt you!”

He stopped at the tree line when a young voice cried, “Please! Don’t come any further! I’m ugly now, thanks to that cursed Queen Luna!” Discord chuckled, “Ooh…You must’ve done something to make Old Lulu mad. What did you do?” “None of your business!” the voice shouted.

Immediately after that, a beam of green light shot from the trees. Discord yelped and dodged it. He heard an explosion and turned to see the log charred and burnt. He turned towards the trees again and heard more crying. “Listen,” he comforted her, “I may not be able to undo the queen’s curse, but I can alter it to make it…easier for you.” He offered an uneasy smile, but it was enough for two glowing eyes to look at him through the trees. “You can?” she said in a tone that was half-hopeful and half-skeptical.

“Uh-huh.” he nodded. “After all…” he assumed a flashy pose, “…I can do just about anything.” “Oh, really…?” the eyes looked at him in wily interest. Discord flashed into a makeover artist’s outfit and hovered near the trees. “Hmmm….” he contemplated as he put a paw to his chin, “…I think you need a makeover. I can cast a spell that will allow you to change your looks voluntary. Unfortunately, the only form you can’t assume is your original self. I’m afraid Queen Luna’s curse overrides my powers.”

Chrysalis was disappointed that she couldn’t change back into her old self, but the more she thought about the prospect of changing into other forms, the more she realized that she could use it to her advantage. “All right,” she said. “Commence the makeover.” Discord flashed out of his attire and said, “Well, you need to come out first so I can see you.” A green light flashed above the eyes as she said, “I’d rather stay out of sight.” The preteen spirit groaned, “Ugh, fine. Have it your way.”

He grabbed a handful of dirt and smiled slyly, “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He opened his palm and blew the dust into the trees. It transformed into a cloud of purplish plaid and everything chaotic. It surrounded Chrysalis for a few moments and then disappeared completely. She decided to test it out by changing her appearance into that of a pony she came across a while back.

Discord called into the trees, “So, did it work?” “Yes!” she replied. “It worked magnificently.” She stepped out from the trees and Discord whistled, “Now this has got to be one of my finest work yet!” She giggled, “It is.” She turned to leave and smiled sinisterly out of his view, “It most certainly will.”

It took the host family a while to recognize Chrysalis, but when she explained the story, they sent her back to the castle. There, her family was shocked by her new appearance. They knew they could not undo a righteous curse, so the king and queen ordered for her to be kept out of sight. She used her new ability to cause trouble for Cadance by assuming her form. Her plan worked for a while until somepony noticed there were two Cadances. Their parents brought them forth and ordered for them to use their magic. The imposter Cadance faked having a headache while the real Cadance complied.

When they figured out who was who, they ordered Chrysalis to be banished. Before she could get sent away, however, she switched places with a maid and assumed other forms to stay at the castle. Celestia, heartbroken that her daughter had fallen so far from grace, became ill and eventually died. Sombra, unable to continue on without his wife, attempted to rid himself of any emotion. However, during the spell, he let his sadness slip into his mind and it gave rise to other negative emotions. When he emerged from the chamber, he was corrupt, twisted, and cruel.

Thus, he ruled the kingdom with an iron hoof and when he learned that Chrysalis still lived in the castle under various guises, he taught her the dark arts. Still, he knew he could not restore his eldest daughter as heir, for he feared that ponies might be repulsed by her ugliness and rebel against the family. Despite this, he enlisted her help in conquering lands. When he had come back from the Everfree Forest injured, he happened to mention Discord. As soon as Chrysalis saw Fluttershy’s reaction, she knew that it was the perfect opportunity to eliminate Discord as a threat to her future rule.

When Shining Armor was following Fluttershy, he was soon stopped by Lyra Heartstrings. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” she asked. Shining Armor answered, “I need to see what’s going on with Fluttershy. She left the room as soon as the king mentioned Discord.” Lyra retched, “Discord? What an awful name!”

Shining Armor nodded, “I know. He has a mismatched body to go with it.” Lyra quivered, “He sounds like a monster!” The stallion replied, “Yes, he is. He injured the king and now our leader is dying. If Fluttershy has any connections to Discord, she could lead me to him.”

Lyra said, “You know what I think?” Her gaze shifted left and right before whispering in Shining Armor’s ear, “I think she’s under mind control.” The stallion looked at her uneasily and asked, “Mind control?” Lyra explained while she was walking around him and doing creepy gestures, “Yeah! I hear that he turns ponies into the opposite of their true selves and maybe inanimate objects, and can hypnotize them to do his evil will!” Shining Armor stomped his hoof as he said, “Then he must be stopped!” The aquamarine unicorn said, “And I know how.”

She pulled out a bag from the pocket of her apron and said, “Take this.” Shining Armor used his magic to hold the bag and open it to find grayish stones. Lyra explained, “These are labradorite stones, the only known thing to relinquish powerful creatures like Discord.” He bowed his head and said, “Thank you kindly, dear maid.” When he left the hall, Lyra’s eyes turned into moderate harlequin with slits and she chuckled slyly, “I’m anything but…”

Discord then recognized the glowing eyes in the glade long ago. He couldn’t believe that he helped a potential enemy by giving her an ability that she used for evil purposes. Now his guilt doubled, not just because he helped Chrysalis, but also because he had blamed Shining Armor for everything. His guilt then turned into anger when he realized that he should’ve directed his wrath at Chrysalis all along. “Giving you disguising powers was my worst mistake,” he gritted. He then smiled slyly, “But that won’t stop me from taking them back.”

Chrysalis, unshaken by his words, merely chuckled, “If only you could, but as you see…my armor is lined with labradorite. You virtually have no way of revoking your ‘gift’ to me.” Bitterness filled Discord as he remembered when he couldn’t revoke his ‘gift’ to Twilight. Chrysalis continued, “You know, I really should thank you for getting me this far. Without you, I would be banished far, far away from here instead of being the next ruler of this land.”

Discord snapped, “You’ll never be queen for as long as I live!” Chrysalis mocked, “Oh? Says the mismatched creature who calls himself the guardian of the forest?” She laughed and then said, “Don’t make me laugh. You’re stuck here…” She raised the chain as she finished, “…in a world where you don’t belong!”

She then struck Discord and he fell onto the steps leading to the thrones. Chrysalis derided, “So tell me: how does it feel not having the powers to get you out of this mess? Face it: you’re trapped here…trapped like a caged mouse.” As the queen was laughing, Fluttershy remembered something. She nudged Twilight, “Twilight, Chrysalis has his powers in an orb. Can you teleport us to it?” The alicorn nodded and transported both of them in a flash.

They found themselves in the queen’s dark chambers. They looked all around, but only found nothing. Fluttershy whispered, “I don’t see it anywh-“ Just then, the girls heard a high-pitched shrill. They walked towards the source of the sound and pulled back the curtain to find a glowing yellow orb. They gasped and smiled pleasantly.

However, Fluttershy asked, “How are we going to get it out? I don’t see something to open the orb.” Twilight thought of an idea and levitated the orb with her magic. She warned Fluttershy, “You better duck.” Then, the alicorn spun the orb in circles over her head and she grunted as she thrust it toward the wall.


Once the girls were safe from falling glass, they looked just in time to see Discord’s magic racing out the chamber. “Let’s get back!” Twilight said as she held Fluttershy’s hoof again and teleported them back to the grand hall.

Discord suffered blow after blow from the gem-encrusted chain. He could hardly muster the strength to even stand up. He panted heavily when Chrysalis ceased whipping him. A brilliant green glow emanated from her belt and when Discord’s sight adjusted, he saw that it was a dagger. He hung his head low as he thought of how he fought valiantly for the girls, but never got the chance to apologize to Twilight. He also regretted that he would never see his beloved girls ever again. Chrysalis held the dagger in the air and said, “Good-bye, monstrosity.”

Before she could plunge it…


The queen was not the only one who heard it. Discord lifted his head to see where that sweet voice came from. Chrysalis’s heart dropped while Discord’s soared when they saw Fluttershy overlooking the grand hall. Seeing his beloved again made him feel lighter than air. It was almost like he was flying.

No, wait…It didn’t feel like that.

Discord looked at himself to see a yellow aura surrounding him and restoring his flight! Chrysalis caught sight of this, too, and turned back to see Twilight with Fluttershy. Chrysalis growled, “You traitor!” Discord said, “No. As I recall, you’re the traitor.” He quickly flew off as he said, “Catch me if you can!”

Chrysalis gritted her teeth and ordered, “GET HIM!” The guards did everything they could to capture Discord, but he proved to be too quick for them. The girls cheered on and that caught his attention. The draconequus flew up to them and said, “Want to see an encore? Wait till I unleash the beast!” In a flash, he had a huge pair of hedge clippers in his hands and flew back into the battle.

He evaded spears and arrows while taunting, “Ha, ha! Missed me! Missed me! Now you’re going to have to kiss this!” Using the clippers, he cut the chains supporting the chandeliers. One fell next to the guards and another fell on Spike’s chains. Spike soon freed himself and resumed attacking the guards.

Soon finding herself on her own, Chrysalis used her magic to throw the labradorite chain at Discord. When it caught his tail, Discord gave a cry and turned to Chrysalis saying, “Hey! It’s not nice to pull on others’ tails. Well, let’s see if I can teach you a lesson!” While he was rapidly flying around the room, Chrysalis had to hold on to the chain for dear life. When Discord pulled a few fast spins, she got tied in her chain.

Discord then made a gun gesture with his finger and shot a blast of light at the lock that held the window bars. The bars fell down and crushed the thrones, something he hoped would pain Chrysalis. He turned to her and shouted, “And now, the grand finale!” He spun towards the window while Chrysalis cried, “NOOOOO!!!” The moment he crashed through the window, he assumed a grande jete. Chrysalis responded in a deadpanned tone, “You’re unbelievable.”

She felt herself being pulled again as she was carried to the platform of one of the castle’s towers. As soon as she landed very hardly, Discord conjured up medical gloves for his hands and pulled the chain from his tail. He wiped his hands, now free of the gloves, and said, “I believe it’s time for some dirty business." Chrysalis hissed, “I couldn’t have said it better myself!” She shot a green ray at Discord, only for him to split his head in half to avoid the blast. She stood in shock of this as Discord used the moment to trip her with his tail.

She barely had time to look up before the spirit grabbed her crooked horn and looked her fiercely in the eye. There was silence for a moment until Discord warned, “Do not hurt my friends and family ever again. Turn over the crown to Twilight, or I will see to it that she won’t go so easy on you.” He was about to stand until he said, “Oh, wait. One more thing.” He returned his gaze towards her and added, “Stay out of the Everfree Forest. Got it?”

He didn’t let her respond before releasing her horn and letting her drop to the ground. He was about to fly off the platform until Chrysalis shouted, “NOOO!! I HAVE WON!” She blasted between Discord’s wings and he was about to fall until he looked back and smirked at her. He snapped his fingers just before he fell and Chrysalis looked down to see the now-bare chain wrapped around her holed hoof. She gave a yell as she was pulled down with him.

They fought in mid-air until Discord smirked again, this time showing the clippers. Chrysalis looked in horror as he pushed her down and clipped the chain binding their legs. As she fell, Discord broke the fourth wall, “What? You didn’t think I was going to let her die, did you? Oh, no. Something much worse.”

With another smirk, he snapped his fingers and a padded crate appeared on the bridge. It shook when it caught Chrysalis and Discord flew down to put the lid on. Chrysalis shouted in a muffled tone, “NO! I HAVE WON! I HAVE WON!!!” Discord chuckled, “’Won’? Oh, don’t make me laugh.”

He slapped a stamp on the crate and continued, “I’ll make sure that you’ll be taken good care of…in the Appaloosan Mountains.” He snapped up a rocket booster and pulled the lever, “Adios, bug queen!” The crate flew farther and farther away while Chrysalis cried, “NOOOoooooooo…!”

Author's Note:

It was originally intended to be a birthday present for my sister, but it was acting wonky. Thankfully, a person, who I will call "BH", helped me fix the glitch. I want to thank Inkquill for his/her description of beautiful Chrysalis. For both Inkquill and BH, I will always be grateful.