• Published 10th Feb 2015
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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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True Love's Kiss

Upon arriving at the castle, Discord turned Spike into a dragon to sneak up near the gates. Spike looked around suspiciously and said, “There are no guards around.” Discord said, “That means he’s waiting for me in there.” The dragon gasped, “If we go inside those walls, we’ll never come out alive.” Discord turned to Spike and said, “Then stay here. It’s not your fight anyway.”

As Discord pulled Flash, still strapped in the car seat, by the leash, Spike looked at him in an irritated way. He walked behind Flash and growled, “Well, you can’t just leave me here. ‘I need you, Spike. I can’t do this without you, Spike. Pretty please with a cherry on top?’” Discord grumbled, “You know I can hear you.”

The guards marched into Twilight’s room with the Breezies following them. Before the guard could announce their arrival, the Breezies zipped in front of them. They all spoke at once, “It wasn’t our fault! We tried to save her! She wanted to…” The Breezies trailed off when they realized they weren’t talking to the king. They saw an unusual and startling pony leaning over Twilight’s bedside.

The pony waved her holed hoof and ordered, “Guards, leave. I wish to speak to these three alone.” The guards complied, shutting the doors behind them as the last one left. The Breezies hovered shakily as the pony walked around Twilight’s bed and towards them. Sweetie Belle timidly asked, “Who…who are you, and where’s King Shining Armor?”

The black pony dramatically put a hoof on her chest and explained, “The king, I regret to say, has passed away, along with his wife, the queen. I am her sister, Chrysalis.” Apple Bloom apologized, “We’re sorry about Twilight, you Highness! We tried to protect her, honest!” Chrysalis pondered at this and said, “Are you asking me to forgive you? I should be thanking you!”

The Breezies hovered in confusion as they said simultaneously, “Huh?” Chrysalis strode towards the bed, “You see, I knew Twilight would be Cadance’s only heir, so if she fell under the curse, I would be free to take the throne. If you three imbeciles hadn’t fouled up, she wouldn’t be here and Discord would still be in the forest. But instead, she’s now at my mercy and the monster’s on his way here to save her. Ha, ha! How amusing!

“I didn’t know he cared for her the way he cared for his dear, sweet Fluttershy. Thanks to you three, both Twilight and Discord are here, which puts them in my power. Those two birds will be doomed when I throw the fatal stone…” She laughed maniacally as Scootaloo said, “You won’t get away with it!” Chrysalis rolled her eyes and remarked, “Oh, but I am.”

She zapped a green light at the Breezies that made them fall to the ground. When the Breezies regained their senses, they looked up to see Chrysalis towering over them. She explained, “Now I have made you mute to all but yourselves and each other. Now if you excuse me, I have a certain ‘guardian of the forest’ to take care of.” Before the Breezies could fly after her, the queen locked the door behind her.

The hallway was littered with laboradite; the stones hung from the ceiling and hundreds were laid on the floor. They covered 25 feet in length, enough to make Spike and Discord gawk at the sight. The spirit mumbled, “Shining Armor, you are a cruel stallion.” Spike, who was holding on the leash connecting to Flash’s car seat, asked, “What are we going to do?” Discord smirked at him, “Dragons eat gems, remember?” Spike looked at him dubiously and asked, “But how can I…”

Before Spike could say another word, Discord grabbed him by the throat, stretched the dragon’s neck, and turned him into a vacuum. The draconequus used his aide-turned-appliance to suck in all of the laboradite. Once he cleared away part of the ceiling stones, Discord skated across the floor as he used Spike to vacuum up the gems. He ducked beneath the stones that still hung from the ceiling, but a few still touched him before he reached the end. He transformed Spike back into a dragon and cheered, “Huzzah! We made it through! And we did it with only a few minor burns.”

At that moment, Spike belched loudly. This startled Discord and he scolded, “Shush! Do you want to alert the entire castle?” Spike patted his stomach and said, “Sorry. Those stones tasted so good. I don’t understand why you can’t touch them.” Discord groaned as he levitated Flash towards him and walked on, “If only I knew, Spike. If only I knew.”

When they came upon a guard, the two ducked behind a curtain. Discord smiled mischievously and whispered, “Watch this.” The guard turned to see an orange Pegasus floating in mid-air. When he came closer to investigate, he was soon met by a stop sign. Spike emerged from the curtain and breathed, “Wow…I wish I could do that.”

Still carrying the stop sign, Discord turned to his assistant and chuckled, “It takes the element of surprise, dear Spike.” He pointed towards Flash and continued, “That and somepony as bait.” With the end of his tail, Discord held Flash by puppet strings. He snapped the Pegasus back into his car seat and went onwards. Spike followed, growling that he had to pull Flash again.

Back in Twilight’s bedroom, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom each sat at a door while Scootaloo flew back and forth as pacing. Sweetie Belle worriedly asked, “What are we going to do?” Scootaloo spread her arms out and said, “Well, we can’t have the Chrysalis creep take over Twilight’s kingdom!” Sweetie Belle remarked, “But the only one who can help us is Twilight!” Apple Bloom reminded her, “But she’s asleep! Only true love’s kiss can wake her!” Scootaloo scoffed, “Yeah, like true love can fall from trees.”

At that moment, Discord, who was at the side of the doors with Spike, woke Flash and dropped him in front of the doors. The Breezies heard the noise and pounded on the doors, shouting, “Hello?! Is anyone there?!” When Queen Chrysalis had cast her spell, it had one flaw: Discord. He was so powerful that he could override any spell. Even though the others couldn’t hear the Breezies, Discord could.

He groaned, “What are those three doing here?” Spike was confused and asked, “Errr…who?” Discord whispered in disgust, “Her aunts.” Flash, not noticing the car seat on him, heard the pounding and asked, “Hello? Who’s there?” He tried to open the doors, but to no avail.

Discord sensed the magic surrounding the locks and said, “Well, well, well. His Royal Highness decided to lock the doors so no one could get to Twilight. Very clever, Shiny. However, I’ve got the upper hoof.” He raised his claw to prepare snapping. He chuckled, “Or should I say…claw?”

He snapped his talon and the doors flew open. Right then, Flash was about to push them open until he fell into the room. The Breezies gasped as they saw the Pegasus rising from the floor. Flash strained as he tried to get up, “Who…put this…seat on me?” Sweetie Belle used her magic to unfasten the seat belt from his torso. He sighed, “Oh, many thanks…”

He was stunned when he saw three Breezies in front of him. He smiled, “Wow. I didn’t think you guys even exist.” Sweetie mentioned, “Oh, there are plenty of us in the Everfree Forest.” Flash looked confused, reminding her that they were mute to him. He looked around the room and asked, “Where am I?” His eyes soon caught Twilight sleeping in her bed.

He gasped as he trotted towards her, “Twilight!” The Breezies looked at each other and concluded, “He knows her.” Flash looked at Twilight and said, “What’s happened to you? I bet that monster Discord placed you under a spell.” Apple Bloom slowly answered, though no one but her small friends could hear her, “Well…yes and no.”

Scootaloo spread her arms out and cried, “Don’t you see?! He’s the answer to all of our problems. If we can get Flash to kiss Twilight, we can save the kingdom!” Discord was in total agreement, much to his dismay. He took Spike into the room and stealthily found a place to hide behind the changing screen.

Spike was in complete awe of the Breezies and whispered, “Whoaaaaa…I’ve never seen them in this form before. They’re so charming and cute! Why can’t you turn me into something like them?” Discord scowled at him and remarked, “Oh, don’t go there. I might just turn you into a Diamond Dog.” Spike immediately zipped his lips.

Scootaloo tapped Flash’s helmet and he looked up to see the Breezies making strange gestures. Apple Bloom was blowing a kiss and then pointing to Twilight. After several moments, Flash figured out what she was trying to say. He asked, “You think I should kiss her…to break the enchantment?” The Breezies nodded their heads excitedly. Flash, however, was unsure.

He said, “I’m not sure about this. I’ve only met her today. Well, if it helps Twilight…I’ll do it.” He leaned in towards Twilight’s face and Discord quietly urged on, “Go on…Go on…”

But just before his lips met hers, Flash looked up and asked, “Are you sure I’m the right one for this?” While Discord face-palmed and growled in agitation, the Breezies shouted, “KISS HER!” Though Flash couldn’t hear them, he took it as a “yes” and gave Twilight a kiss. In anticipation, Discord anxiously uttered under his breath, “Come on…Come on, Twilight.”


Scootaloo grunted, “Great! What are we going to do now?” Sweetie Belle said, “Well, if we can’t save Twilight…” Apple Bloom chimed in, “…then we’ll have to save her kingdom!” The Breezies dragged Flash out of the room as he asked, “Hey! Where are you taking me?! Look, I’m sorry the kiss didn’t work, but…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle closed the doors behind him. Discord hung his head low in defeat. Spike was stunned until he said, “I…I don’t understand it. Why didn’t it work?” Discord rose and answered him in a bitter tone, “Because true love doesn’t exist. That’s why.” Spike remarked angrily, “You’re just saying that because Fluttershy’s gone because of you, huh?”

Discord looked at the dragon in surprise. He wanted to admonish him for saying such a thing, but when he thought about it, he realized that what Spike said was true. Discord had always blamed Shining Armor for taking Fluttershy away, but deep within him, he knew that it was his fault for what happened to her. He blamed himself for putting her in danger, for not being able to save her…for falling in love with her. Instead of chiding the dragon’s claim like he originally intended, he found himself admitting, “Yes, Spike…yes…”

Discord slowly walked over to Twilight’s bedside and stared at the still princess. In his anger and resentment, he put the curse upon her to make Shining Armor pay for his misdeeds…to suffer the way Discord did. He took a deep breath and said sadly, “I’m not going to ask you to forgive me. What I did was wrong beyond all reason. You shouldn’t forgive me for what I did to you…what I did to your father. I was so lost in hatred and revenge because I lost Fluttershy not because of him, but rather…because of me. Your aunt stole my heart, but you took what pieces I had left after she was taken.

“But now…” His eyes began to well furiously with tears and he had to stifle his sobs as he choked out, “…now I’ve lost you forever.” Finally, he could take it no more and quickly ordered Spike, “Spike, look away. You don’t need to see this.” The dragon turned away and felt pity for the draconequus, for he knew Discord had his heart broken twice now.

Discord buried his face in Twilight’s pillow and let out the sobs he had kept in not only now, but also when Fluttershy was gone. After he had let most of his sorrow out, he lifted his head to face Twilight. Tears still streamed down his face as he looked at her in blurry vision. He sniffled, “I swear…with every fiber of my being, I won’t anything happen to you, not like with Fluttershy. For her and you, I will always watch over you. Not a single day shall pass when I don’t miss her and you.”

To avoid breaking down again, Discord gave her a fatherly kiss on the horn and whispered, “Good-bye, my dearest Twilight.” As he turned to depart, he heard a familiar voice say, “Hello, Godfather.” He knew that voice all too well, and when he and Spike turned to see who it was, they were delighted that Twilight was awake and smiling. Discord gasped and smiled, “Hello, pony.” Before the moment dragged on for too long, Discord spread his arms out and said, “Oh, what the hay…” He embraced her so gleefully and full of relief that he didn’t want to let her go.

Spike was the first to notice that something was different. He saw something peeking from the blankets and said to Discord while the dragon was pointing to Twilight, “Uh...Discord?” Discord was confused until he looked down and glimpsed at something that wasn’t there before. He said breathlessly, “Oh my…Is that…?” Twilight was about to ask until he pulled something from her side: a wing!

When Twilight gasped, Spike asked, “Are you an…” Discord put his paw and claw on his hips and said matter-of-factly, “Yep. She’s an alicorn, born and bred.” The now-alicorn was stunned and she asked, “But how…?” Discord pondered and then concluded, “I’ll bet that your body absorbed them when you were cursed. I didn’t know you had wings at your christening. You were under a blanket when I first saw you.”
Upon seeing her wings, Twilight was reminded of something. “Discord,” she said, “I think I know where Fluttershy is.”

Meanwhile, in the war room, Chrysalis was looking out the window, searching for her prey. She was in full armor decorated with laboradites to detain the biggest threat to her power. Just then, a guard appeared before her and reported, “He’s here, my lady.” Chrysalis turned to him and smiled.

Finally, she was about to make the final move and secure her place on the throne.

Author's Note:

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony! Aren't you glad I posted this chapter today? Unfortunately, I’m going to have to be cruel enough to leave off with a cliffhanger. I hope I got you hooked! Now, I need to ask: should Chrysalis be adopted or born into the royal family. Honestly, I'm trying to decide, but you can be the judge.
Till next time, this is KidatHeart5, out!