• Published 10th Feb 2015
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My Little Maleficent - KidatHeart5

This is my ponified version of "Maleficent" starring Discord and Twilight Sparkle. Involves Fluttercord

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Prologue: First Meeting

Do you know the legend of Sleeping Pony? Let me tell you the story behind it.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land so very long ago, there were two feuding kingdoms. One that wanted to conquer and take lands as their own and another that was very peaceful and filled with magical creatures. A very special creature lived in this tranquil part of the land. His name was Discord. He loved his home very much and played with the creatures all the time. He even played pranks on them.

A preteen Discord hid in the bushes and giggled as he waited for his trap to spring. He laid a carrot on the path after he carefully set a net beneath the dirt. After he waited a few minutes, a jackalope hopped up and saw the carrot. He was new to Discord’s pranks, so thus least expected it. When he grabbed the carrot, the net beneath him sprung up and held him on the branch of a tree. Discord emerged from the brush, bursting with laughter.

The jackalope cried, “Discord! You tricked me!” Discord replied as he wiped a tear from his eye, “Well, you should know better than to pick up carrots in the middle of the path.” Just then, three Breezies whizzed up to him and chattered urgently in overlapping voices. Discord waved at them and said, “Girls, girls! I can’t understand a word you’re saying! Why don’t just one of you tell me what’s going on?”

The first Breezie, Sweetie Belle, began, “We have a huge…” Just then, the second Breezie, Apple Bloom, interrupted her, “Hey, I thought I was going to tell him!” The third Breezie, who was named Scootaloo, suggested, “Why don’t I save the both of you trouble and let me tell Discord?” Discord said, “I have an idea. Why don’t you all tell me what this is all about?” To that, the three Breezies agreed and told him simultaneously, “There’s a filly in the woods and she’s not from here!”

Discord was shocked and asked, “An intruder? Who would dare come here?” Suddenly, he realized that this could be a trick to get back at him. He asked suspiciously, “Are you sure this is not a prank?” The Breezies face-hoofed and then shouted, “YES!!!” Discord took their word for it and flew hurriedly to the edge of the woods.

When he arrived, two Minotaur guards were facing the dark woods with the spears pointed toward the darkness. Discord appeared before them in general attire and commanded, “At ease!” After the guards withdrew their spears, Discord popped out of his outfit and peered into the forest. “Hey, you!” he commanded. “Come out of there!”

A small, shy voice replied, “I…c-c-can’t. I’m too s-s-scared.” Discord then realized that he had to coax her out of hiding. He smiled, “Don’t be. If you’ll come out there, I promise I will be your friend.”

The voice asked, “But…w-what about them?” Discord looked back to the Minotaur guards and ordered, “Hey, guys, back up. You’re scaring the filly.” The guards did as he told him. The young draconequus turned back to the woods and coaxed, “It’s okay now. You can come out. Nobody’s going to hurt you.”

The filly whispered, “Are you sure?” Discord nodded, “I’m 100% positive. No harm will come to you here.” When the young filly timidly emerged from the woods, Discord had no idea that their first meeting would change his life forever. He was amazed when he saw the young filly’s yellow coat, pink mane, and blue-green eyes. He had never seen any pony like her. In truth, he had never seen a pony at all before he met her.

Discord said under his breath, “Oh, my…” He was so lost in his trance that one of the Minotaur guards had to nudge him to snap him out of it. When he regained his senses, Discord asked the filly, “So, what are you doing in this part of the Everfree Forest?” The filly turned her head and answered, “Forgive me. I was only following a cute bunny. It looked hungry, so I wanted to feed it.

“When I tried to give it food, it just ran away. I followed it here to give it some food.” Discord scoffed, for he knew how much trouble bunnies were; one in particular was named Angel Bunny. Discord had been around since he was born, but he didn’t see why he was given the name “Angel”. He was nothing but trouble ever since he could hop. He wondered if it was the same bunny that the filly followed here.

The Minotaur guards told him to take her out of the forest. Discord complied and led the filly to the outside edge of the Everfree Forest. The draconequus asked her, “Oh, I never got your name. I’m Discord, young spirit of pranks and disarray.” The filly said, “My, what a name you have. I’m Fluttershy, um…a young filly who’s lost her way.”

Discord chuckled at that and said, “That’s cute.” Fluttershy asked, “What? My name or what I am?” The draconequus answered, “Both, actually. Not that I think your name’s funny. Oh, did I say ‘funny’? I-I meant that it’s a…rather sweet name; suits you well.”

Fluttershy giggled, “Thank you.” Discord soon took notice of the necklace she was wearing. It had a grayish stone with a streak of rainbow in it. He pointed to it and said, “That’s a pretty necklace. May I see it?” When Fluttershy nodded, Discord held the stone in his claw.

It burned as soon as he touched it, so he withdrew his claw and cried, “Ouch! What did you do, put it in a fire?!” Fluttershy gasped, “No, I didn’t! It’s not hot, either!” Discord explained, “I think it’s one of those stones I was warned never to touch. It hurts creatures like me.”

Fluttershy said, “It was one of the last things my mother gave me. Well, if it hurts you, I’ll stop wearing it.” Discord was amazed by this sweet gesture and smiled, “That would be nice. Thank you.” The two of them shook hoof and paw as they promised to see each other again soon.

Author's Note:

To clear the air, Fluttershy is not the bad guy. You can also find this on FanFiction.net. If anyone wants to make a cover art for this, I'd appreciate it very much!