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200 years after zebra megaspells ravaged Equestria, a pony wakes up in an odd facility. The bad news is that he's confused, without memory, and hears voices in his head. The other bad news is that everything around him wants to kill him.

There is no good news.

Fallout: Equestria created by Kkat. Thanks for the great story!
Cover by Drawponies! Thanks for the amazing picture!

Chapters (2)
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Wasn't sure, and still am not sure, how I could see, given the fact that it was coming through my eyes.
That line seems kinda strangely written but it might be intentional.
pink clouds? Like from killing something with the magical energy weapons or some type of gas akin to sarin? Or the equivalent of radiation clouds?
Is LEONaRD based off of Gordon Freeman's suit from Half Life 2? It seems almost as annoying and almost as useful.
"Pay the toll or we'll shoot you" sounds like the Riften "guards" from Skyrim.
I really like that little filly-ghoul. I hope she comes back into the story at some point.
Secret projects with multiple dead subjects and a protagonist who knows nothing about themselves? Sounds like fun to me
Wouldn't the little filly-ghoul be worth it for the slavers to have taken captive? Fallout Equestria had the slavers take Derpy so they probably would take her too right? Also worth asking is does this take place before or after Fallout Equestria does?
Overall this seems like it might be interesting. I really want to see if this character plays into Littlepip's story in any way.
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I love this story already! Keep up the good work!

5719918 Wow, nice observations! I'm glad you like it so far!

I think this would be much more interesting in first-person.
But it is nevertheless extremely entertaining, good work. :pinkiesmile:

5720914 Well, it is in first person. Do you mean third person? :derpytongue2: Doesn't matter; thanks for the feedback! Glad you're enjoying it!

5720955 Any word on the date of the next chapter's release? I want to binge read your work. owo

5720955 :facehoof: I'm sorry, I meant present tense! :twilightsheepish:

5721506 You're too kind! :twilightblush: As of now, ETA is sometime next week, possibly the weekend. Spring break starts next week for me, so I'll be able to write a LOT more.

5721531 I entertained that idea, but quickly discovered I can't write fiction in the present tense. Sorry to disappoint, hopefully you like it anyway! :twilightsmile:

5721536 Its ok. :pinkiesmile:
Although this story would look good in Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons style. :scootangel:

5719918 Also, Pink Cloud is a megaspell in Fallout: Equestria. Read about it here- http://falloutequestria.wikia.com/wiki/Taint#Taint

5721532 Fuck yea! I will be giving you all the likes! I can't wait to see where this story goes. Also, is this tied in with the main stories, or does it deviate from them? P.s: We need to be best buds. P.P.S: Can I has hug? P.P.P.S: Brohoof! :D

5721587 It takes place before and during the early part of the main story. P.S. Yay friends! P.P.S. :pinkiehappy: P.P.P.S. Brohoof!

5721564 Guess I need to actually finish Fallout Equestria and then peruse the entirety of the wiki huh? The story never has the same impact as the first time you read it and i'm trying to go spoiler free.

Well written, very entertaining so far. Thumbs up for you sir, and a favorite so i don't lose track of this story.

Much impressed, very wow

5722396 Such thanks, very happy. Thanks for giving it a read, and your kind words!:twilightblush:

I haven't read too much of it at the moment, limited time and concentration when it comes to reading, But I'll provide some first-glance opinion on the writing. So don't take my opinion too seriously ^^
First thoughts, an interesting beginning I must say. The point of view of his confusion was a neat factor to consider, and gave a better feel to the (slightly cliched) idea of having no memories. But this is a good thing ^^
One thought I believe would enhance the writing would be a more professional style than a casual style. However, it could be the effect you wish to have in the story. If so, interesting take on it. But slightly unsure if this character would have such vivid opinion on things with the limited memory, but then again, I have yet to read on and discover why. Why is always the next thing to consider when doing your 5W's ^^

5722622 Well, thank you for your suggestions! I'll definitely take that into consideration, but there is, in fact, a reason he has vivid opinions!

5722644 Ah, well I'm beginning to think of a few things, but I shall have to see where it heads from here ^^ Keep it up!

5722666 Thank you! And thanks for the watch! :twilightblush:

looks fairly interesting, hope he can fix that cable seems rather important

also, I don't think applejack died in the war, IIRC she was the only one of the main 6 to make it to a stable, unless your doing things differently from the original FoE story

5723167 I know. I don't think I said she "died in the war", did I? I just said she died. And, yes, he may want to look into that :twilightsmile:

Found this because of Drawponies. I love it so far :3

5723449 I'm so glad to hear it! :pinkiehappy: Stay tuned; spring break is coming up, and I'll get two straight weeks to update the story. The goal will be to get another two chapters out over break!

This is very good. Even though the Fo:E scene has been witness to some rather old and tropey style fics, and I think it's nice to see something like this.

5724513 When I think about it, this reminds me of Terminator Salvation

5725780 Never watched that movie, so any parallels are circumstantial. :rainbowwild:

5725968 Actually yeah he's got it down, guy wakes up and wandersnaround before he finds out he's actually a robot. Good start to this, much better than most other PO:E stories on here.

5727599 Well, thank you! :rainbowkiss: Really glad you're enjoying it!

Very interesting story. I can't wait for more!

Aha... So that's what this is all about... Well, for my first dip into Fallout: Equestria's world, it's an intriguing start! Definitely wears its video game origins lovingly on its sleeve with the various tropes, such as the inventory, looting the corpses, taking ammunition stock, and of course a trusty combat-ready crowbar.

I especially enjoyed his interactions with Light Breeze and the origin of his name. looking forward to seeing what his goals ultimately are, should he regain enough memory to figure them out!

I don't normally like Fallout Equestria stories, but you've caught my eye. Let's see where this goes.

5999223 Aww, but procrastination is so much easier!! :scootangel:

5999299 maybe, but when you leave us on a cliffhanger, you tend to be sitting at the edge of your seat with anticipation. Although that just might be my thoughts. When I write, I don't like to leave my readers waiting and try to publish as soon as possible. They say such nice things about my stories and it makes want to give them the best as soon as I can.

5999318 Sarcasm. Of course, I'll get right on it! (But after finals week. I'll be back to writing a week from Friday!)

5999343 Okay. But you know, what you said in your previous comment sounded like something Discord would say.

5999343 Hey, if you get the time, I would appreciate it if you checked out what I've got and let me know how I'm doing. I know that sounds like some self promotion, but I could use the feedback.

5999352 Discord is my spirit animal. In all seriousness though, I'll get the next chapter out ASAP. :pinkiehappy:

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